Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flesh Tearers Chief Librarian

The Dark Prince
It was on a rainy Friday evening that i made my way to the local comic shop to pick up some paints before heading for games at GW. That was when i spotted a miniature i thought would be perfect for my Flesh Tearers. I was quite inspired by some players who wrote their own fluff for their own Flesh Tearers armies namely Amas Nagol from Flesh Tearers Blog.

The Chief Librarian fluff was appealing as this meant i could field the king of cheese, the amazing Mephiston. Got excited at being able to use Mephiston as a counts as haha!

The mini i selected is from Privateer Press, specifically Vladimir Tzepesci The Dark Prince of Umbrey. Its really an excellent mini with lots of character and worth the buy.

I felt the Vladimir mini really depicted the unique look of Mephiston's battlegear. I made some minor modifications to the model and made my own Flesh Tearers Chief Librarian :)

Here are some WIP shots:

Added the Librarian scrolls to the front and sides. Also added frag n' krak grenades, a plasma pistol and a normal Space Marine power pack.

Had to cut the backpack into 2 parts to give the illusion that the cloak is placed around it ;)

Side shot of mini. Plasma pistol was mounted on his wrist.

Repositioned the arm and added some pouches to the lower back area.

He's got a really long cloak.

Flesh Tearers Chief Librarian Auraen Phoston
I could not resist painting him up after priming and here he is. Most of the work is done. Just need to attend to cleaning up the really small details.

Front view.

Side view showing Force weapon.

Other side view of plasma pistol.

Back view.

Top view. I'm still doing some work on the cloak and intend to add more freehand details.

Ready to rumble!

I also named his armor the Glory of Blood just cos it looks really unique and also it sounds cool. I really like the idea of the Blood Angels determination not to give up on finding a cure or to control their flaws. Its quite inspirational in a way ;)

Well its a holiday tomorrow. Take care all and have a restful, fun Labor Day!

Before I sign off, I would like to share a quote which i think will inspire even a Blood Angel.

"No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible."
by George Chakiris


  1. I see you have gone over to the dark side and use Mephiston hahaha.

    Nicely painted dark prince, he looks more fierce than the actual Lord of cheese.

  2. Yeah manz, i could not resist his transfixing gaze lol! I may give him a try at this Friday night's gaming session.

    And he's a ready and convenient point package to bring the army to 1750 with juz one model ;)

  3. Hey man! WOW thats a really nice Dark Prince. I love what you have done to his cloak man! :)
    and thats some wicked cool wrist-mounted plasma pistol!! haha! there anyway i can chat with you? via msn? since you dont always get on facebook.

  4. *look into my eyes , look into my eyes* LOL

    once you try mep, you will nv turn back.

  5. @Rongster
    Thanks dude!
    Hmm...i'm not on MSN though and i log onto facebook like once a month or! U can msg me and i'll try to go on re account ;)

    Hehe! Reminds me of the Little Britain's hypnotist character Kenny Craig played by the hilarious Matt Lucas:

    "Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes but in the eyes, 3,2,1 and you're under."