Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Special Feeling..

The weather over here is getting really chilly. Winter may have already come. But i'm glad for the Christmas in June, cos my package from Wayland Games has arrived!

There is nothing like the feeling of receiving your latest minis in the mail :)) Its a special kind of wonderful..

Tau Empire purchases: 5 Crisis Suits, a Battleforce, a Vespid box set (cos i like the look of the minis) and a Tau Commander from Direct Order.

Sadly these may be one of the last orders i get from Wayland Games due to the embargo by GW.

What last orders will everyone be getting in before the snack bar closes?

I'll probably go with more Tau stuff to round off the army, and some goodies from Maulifax and Warmachine.

Good shopping all ;)


  1. Opening the parcel with the shiny stuffs inside always a wonderful feeling, I would miss it after the embargo.

    I am getting lots of new DE stuffs including some Fine cast and starting a new TK army! Though my TK purchase would be severely limited due to budget.

  2. Wow! Steady! Tomb Kings lah! The models are sweet :) I'm sticking to my WE for now. Will look forward to being massacred lol!

    I just placed orders with Wayland. Decided to go all GW products since the other ranges i can get at my leisure.

    I bought:

    1 Tau Battleforce

    2 Tau XV8 Crisis Suit

    2 Pirahnas

    3 Tau XV88 Broadside Battle Suit

    2 Tau Hammerhead

    2 blisters Tau Pathfinders

    1 Tau Empire Codex

    1 Land Raider Crusader

    2 boxes Assault Terminators

    Thats my last burst in a Blaze of Glory :P

  3. POWER!!!! Thats like 300+ pounds? I didnt expect the embargo rumour to be true and ordered miniatures from other game system... decreasing my power level...

    GW stuffs
    1 DE razorwing jetfighter
    2 DE wracks (fine cast)
    2 venom
    2 scourges
    1 talos
    1 shadowsword
    1 TK army book
    1 TK magic cards
    1 Usabti (fine cast)
    1 orc warboss
    2 GKSS
    1 BA DC
    1 vindicator

    non GW stuffs
    1 AOW small house
    1 The Guild Lucius, Governor's Secretary
    1 vallejo black primer

    "loan buy" stuffs
    1 necropolis knights
    1 necrosphinx

    That should be my last burst haiz...

  4. Steady manz!! Got Shadowsword! Its a niece piece right there :)))

    Yay Tomb Kings! There are fine models there too, especially the Necrosphinx. Look forward to see those on the battlefield.

    I'll get me Maulifax set later. I got minis from other ranges to proxy for now.

    Yar manz, its about SG$600 bucks hehe! Going for gold ;P