Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Tyranids Lists- Go Xenomorphs!

After writing my Tyrannic War Veterans list, I was also quite motivated to finally put down some lists for my Xenomorph Nids. I have read many opinions, reviews and even suggestions of lists on the interwebs. Many voices still say the Nids are crap.

But there is a growing number that are finding positive things to add to their lists. I personally feel the Nids are not overpowered, but rather fun instead :)

I'll start with my favourite unit, The Genestealers! I love these guys, more so after I have converted them using the Xenomorph heads from Chapterhouse.

I'll be going with the concept of FULL Infiltration on this one. All lists are at 1850 points which is what my gaming group is playing at.

(Deathleaper giving a Genestealer the Hive Five)
Genestealers List 1850

1 Deathleaper

The model I converted for Deathleaper above. I absolutely have to field him as I think he can still work very well especially against units using lots of Leadership
tests like IG Commanders with their Orders and Eldar Farseers with their Psychic Powers.


15 Genestealers

15 Genestealers

15 Genestealers

15 Genestealers

10 Genestealers

10 Genestealers

2 Broodlords

I will be uppgrading to add 2 Broodlords. I'm considering adding them to the smaller Genestealer units as this will make the opponent have to choose whether to whittle down the bigger broods,
or shoot the broods with the Broodlord. I will be giving them 2 Biomorph upgrades as well, namely Acid Blood (for my Xenomorph army fluff) and Regeneration. Expensive, but I feel they do
synergise well together. If he takes a wound, the Acid Blood can be a good source of reprisal if the enemy fails the Initiative test. And if the Broodlord Regens the wound lost, I can do it again!

2 Lictors

I'll be adding 2 more Lictors cos they are such great Infiltrators and distraction hehe! Plus as Nid players on the interwebs say, Licots really do synergise with Mawloc deep strikes. Opponents will
probably be shooting to get rid of them. But then they will not be shooting as much at the Genestealers.

Heavy Support
2 Mawlocs

The Mawlocs go well with the Infiltrating/ Deep Strike theme, and their Deep Strike effects can be hilarious.

And thats my 1850 points Genestealer list, with 10 points left over. This army does not do well against weaponary that ignores cover.

But at least it will prove to be a really fast game for me as my troops die ahaha...

Xenomorph Assault List
(The Screamer Killer flexing his muscles, Carniflexing!)

This version is a rush up there in the face list. I have been converting my stash of (LARGELY IGNORED) Hormagaunts or Gaunts. I guess Gants have been rising in popularity of usage since the last and also current edition due
to their synergy with Tervigons. But I am determined to use these guys (so that that conversion effort is not wasted....)

1 Flyrant (TL-Brain Leech Devourers)
Hive Commander

1 Flyrant (TL-Brain Leech Devourers)

I just auto include them first cos they are still so effective. So many high strength shots from a Flying monstrosity!

20 Gaunts
20 Gaunts
20 Gaunts

I spent quite a bit of time xenomorphing these as well. Plus their speed is great for the assault.

3 Venomthropes

I saw a battle report on Blue Table Painting and one of Shawn's opponents was using the Venomthropes. The Shrouded is just awesome!

2 Zoanthropes

For the Synapse I guess. Plus they are still one of the coolest looking models in the Tyranids army.

Fast Attack
1 Harpy

Cos I bought the model and have been wanting to field it for a while. It could provide the opponent more flying monstrous targets too.

Heavy Support
3 Carnifexes (2 with Twin Linked Brainleech Devourers, 1 with 2 Scything Talons)

I wanted to field my old Carnifex as well as the new ones. The old Carni with 2 scything talons will be in front absorbing enemy fire cos his the cheapest in points while the other 2 behind follow closely and shoot at anything in range.
They will be a unit the opponent will be hard pressed to ignore.

2 Mawlocs
Even more monstrous targets. Goes well with Flyrant's Hive Commander and Deep Strike hilarity.

I think this list comes up to 1850 exactly.

Xenomorph Breeder List
This is another list inspired by the people on the interwebs. There are many who feel the Tervigon is still very viable. I was glad to hear it as I converted 2 last year in Xenomorph style. It would have been sad not to include them on the battlefield.
("How did you get your figure back so soon? You look so slim!"- what one Tervigon said to the other)

1 Flyrant (TL-Brain Leech Devourers)

1 Flyrant (TL-Brain Leech Devourers)

Just the wings and the TL-BLD this time. Nothings in reserve so no need for Hive Commander. Lowers the points cost a bit.

3 Venomthropes

These will provide much needed cover to the large number of Gants and their newborn brothers as the battle progresses.

1 Tervigon

1 Tervigon

These ladies are naked, no upgrades at all.

30 Gants

30 Gants

The 30 gants are needed to field Tervigons as Troops. Plus they do fill up the board with their presence. I also Xenomorphed these guys.

Fast Attack
1 Harpy

Again cos I bought the model haha!

Heavy Support
3 Carnifexes (all with TL-BLD)

A powerful shooting unit with good toughness. High threat :)

I got 40 points leftover from 1850 limit. May throw in Regen, or even Old Adversary one of the Flyrants.

So there we have it. March on Xenomorphs!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP Project: Tyrannic War Veterans

(Pic taken from Google Images)
I had started an Ultramarines army based on the Tyrannic War Veterans on my blog last year. I got most of the models assembled and primed. I even painted a few test models, but was distracted again by work and other new releases. I'm hoping that with the current Tyrannic War Veterans Dataslate, it would help me to make further progress in completing this themed army :)

I have also increased the army composition from 1750 points to 1850 points as this appears to be the current points level my gaming group are playing at. More goodies to field then.

Here is the Tyrannic War Veterans army list:

1 Chaplain Cassius xxxpts

10 Tyrannic Veterans 2xxpts

9 Tyrannic Veterans 2xxpts
Dedicated Transport: 1 Land Raider (Multi-melta) 2xxpts

5 Assault Terminators 2xxpts
(Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield)

10 Tactical Marines 1xxpts
Vet Sgt w/ Power weapon, 1 Flamer, 1 Missile Launcher
Dedicated Transport: Rhino xxpts

5 Tactical Marines xxpts
1 Missile Launcher
Dedicated Transport: Rhino xxpts

6 Scouts xxpts
6 Camo cloaks, 5 Sniper Rifles, 1 Heavy Bolter w/Hellfire Shells

1 Storm Talon 1xxpts
(Skyhammer missile launcher)

1 Storm Talon 1xxpts
(Skyhammer missile launcher)

1 Thunderfire Cannon xxxpts
1 Techmarine

Total: 1838 points

I will give a brief explanation for the units I have chosen for the list below.

Chaplain Cassius
I'm using this model as my Chaplain Cassius as I'm not too fond of the current model. I just have to swap his bolt pistol for Infernus. Cassius is auto include as he is DA MAN for hunting the bugs.

Tyrannic War Veterans (TWV)
First Squad of  TWVs. A full 10 man squad. I have begun to basecoat them in Macragge Blue, very apt me thinks.
The second squad of TMVs. This is a 9 man squad. Likely to be joined by Cassius himself.

I could only give one squad of TMVs the dedicated transport of a mighty Land Raider due to points. They also embody the tactics mentioned in the fluff of the Vets traveling in a Land Raider and then charging out to blast the bugs at the opportune moment. Their Hellfire shells will force many saves even on the monstrous creatures.
Above is the Land Raider that used to belong to my Deathwing army. Its going to be painted blue. I'm planning for my Deathwing to be a pure Terminators only force. Plus the Land Raider also provides good armor and awesome firepower for my TWVs.

Assault Terminators
 I wanted to include 3 units of TMV, but had to give some of the honor to the First Company brothers in terminator armor. They would be a solid combat unit against the Tyranid monstrous creatures. Most of the heads are taken from the new Sternguard Veterans sprue. The helmeted head with the crest is a special order from Puppets War miniatures. He will be my Sergeant and sports the Valour Crest, a hard earned badge of honor that Captain Sicarius also has on his helmet.

Next I added a small unit of Scouts for Troops. This represents the influence of Cassius anti-bug doctrine which has also found supporters amongst the newer brethren. I also had one Scout carry a Heavy Bolter upgraded with choice Hellfire rounds to fit the fluff.

Tactical Marines
I also included a 10 man Tactical Squad. More of Cassius supporters. They are learning from battlefield experience in combating the bugs. I gave the squad a Flamer for clearing smaller organisms, and the Missile Launcher as its such a flexible weapon. The squad also has a Rhino transport (not shown in pic). I may combat squad them depending on the situation. Cassius is often counsels a change in tactics to outwit the Hive Mind. They will load up the Rhino and surge forwards to cleanse the xenos, emulating their TMV brothers style.
I also included a small 5 man Tactical to sit on my backfield objective. I gave them a Missile Launcher so they can still contribute some firepower to the battle. I'll have also give them a Rhino to ride in as well as for protection.

Storm Talons
Next to be included are 2 Storm Talons (just assembled) equipped with Skyhammer Missiles as described in the fluff. Being Flyers with Strafing Run, they can take on ground troops and also threaten Flying MCs. Their formation rule of helping TMVs ignoring cover on a bug unit also synergizes well.

Thunderfire Cannon
Lastly, I added a Thunderfire Cannon and its Techmarine. I had converted and painted the models last year. This Thunderfire itself has the potential to clear Gants and Gaunts by the handful. The Techmarine's fortify ability is also a nice counter to one of the Tyranid warlord traits affecting terrain cover save. Plus the improved cover will also complement the Scouts who are equipped with those sweet Camo cloaks very nicely.

I hope to have at least done some justice to the TWV fluff with the list. It looks fun to play too with some newer units included. The army is very, very WIP, but hopefully that will change soon ;)

I would like to wish all my friends and family a very Happy Chinese New Year!

And a great long weekend ^_^


Monday, January 27, 2014

WIP: Deathwatch Space Marines

Its been an eventful last week, but I'm back to hobbying once again. I've spent the previous week sorting out my bitz and miniatures. I came across 5 unique shoulder pads with the sigil of the Inquisition. I've got a few Space Marine armies and have also always wanted to field some tasty Sternguard Veterans. But its a difficult choice of what colors to paint them. If I paint them the colors of my Dark Angels, then the Flesh Tearers would not have Sternguard...
I decided a great compromise would be to paint my limited Sternguard Vets as the Deathwatch. the Deathwatch are flexible in that they can join any chapter in aiding them to defeat an alien menace. I used the precious new Sternguard models for this project.
The new Sternguard miniatures are really detailed and the box has lots of additional bits to embellish these marines as befits their veteran status.

Brother Aetius
I tried to follow as closely to the original Deathwatch colors of red and black as much as possible.
Brother Aetius pictured above is from the Ultramarines Chapter, currently serving in the Deathwatch.
He proudly wears the icon of the Deathwatch on his left pauldron. The marine wields a Boltgun with Special Ammunition. I find the ability to fire off different types of ammunition to be tactically flexible on the field of battle.
I think they would also prove to be very suited for Kill Team games. The Deathwatch have been an icon of Kill Team games in the past, and I am happy for them to reprise their role. I'll probably add in some Scouts as well to bring it up to 200 points.

Have a great week ahead all!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Eldar WIP: Rangers

I've flitted back to the Eldar again. I've re-painted some old miniatures again, and this time its the Rangers! I used to play an Alaitoc Eldar army in the past when the Craftworld Eldar book was out. I really enjoyed the Ranger Disruption Table. Alas, it is no longer usable.
I repainted them in the Iyanden Eldar scheme. The one on the right is the test model. They will be my only squishy troops choice in my Iyanden list.
I think the new Ranger miniatures are much better looking. But the older ones do have their charm as well.
I used Khemri Brown as the base, and washed it with Gryphonne Sepia. The patterns on the Rangers cloaks were painted on using the new paint Zandri Dust. The yellow armor was painted with a base of Tausept Ochre and then layered with Yriel Yellow.
The leather was done using a Scorched Brown base. Then I mixed Scorched Brown with Bestial Brown for the next layer. Bestial Brown was used as a highlight.

Historically, I have quite poor experiences with Rangers and Pathfinders as they do not seem to do much damage at all. I'll probably be using them as objective campers. They fit well into my Iyanden army as they have low points costs. They are also from outside Iyanden during the battle with Hive Fleet Kraken, and will be the only few living units in the army ;)

It's Monday again, and I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Blood Angels WIP: Brother Corbulo

I've had the Brother Corbulo miniature for a couple of years. He has been through 4 previous paintjobs, and this will be the fifth, and hopefully will last for some time to come. I collected a Blood Angels army back in 2001. They were later converted to battle brothers of other chapters, equally illustrious.

I decided to give ol' Brother Corbulo a new coat of paint for the year 2014. And plan to use him more in games ;)
My current Blood Angels army is done in the style and fluff of the Flesh Tearers. I had initially wanted to paint Corbulo up in Flesh Tearer colors and just give him a different name. But in the end I decided to paint him up as a Blood Angel that he is. This is because he does travel to other founding chapters and even other chapters to search for the cure for The Flaw.
I went with bone white this time for the Red Grail as I had ran out of metallic gold paint.
"Drink up my brothers! Kanbei!"
Being a metal figure, the backpack was a bit difficult to re-pin as it kept falling off. Maybe because of the heavy paint of past paintjobs haha!

The week is at its end. Hope everyone has had a great week and a fun filled weekend ahead :)


Monday, January 6, 2014

Eldar WIP: Spiritseer Iyanna Arienal

Today another miniature has called out to me to be painted. It was none other than a conversion for the famed Eldar Spiriseer Iyanna Arienal. I did the conversion based on a Light Elf Mage from Avatars of War. It looked really nice on the website when I ordered it. When I received it, it looked great, but there were a great many details that were really fine, and would prove difficult to paint.
I'm glad I went ahead anyways. With the new Eldar Codex, my Iyanden army would need their Spiritseer on the field of battle.
I used Tausept Ochre as a base paint and then worked it up by adding successive layers of Yriel Yellow.
The fins on her back are from the helm of another Farseer which I converted for my Ulthwe army.
The cloak was from the Templar Knights plastic kit from Fireforge Games. The spear I think is from the Wood Elves Glade Guard sprue.

I've decided to split my Eldar army into half, with the majority of the units going to Ulthwe. The remaining Wraith models will be for my Iyanden Army.

The army list will look something like this at 1750 points:

1 Spiritseer
Faolchu's Wing

6 Wraithguard
1 Wave Serpent

6 Wraithguard
1 Wave Serpent

5 Rangers (more if I can squeeze in)

1 Helmlock Wraithfighter

3 Wraithkingihts
(1 Scatterlasers each)

Yup, that should be it. Small, Elite and themed. And sporting some nice firepower. How will it play out? I'm not sure. Probably not too well as it does have far too few units. But its a fluffy force I envision an Eldar Spirit Stone Hunt would consist of.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

WIP: Cypher, Lord of the Fallen

I found my old metal Cypher miniature! I think I purchased him almost 8 years ago! Wow, how time flies! He is still a pretty cool looking mini and with one of the most mysterious and intriguing fluff in the 40K universe.
My Cypher was pretty much caked with paint and primer. He was also converted to holding the sword as he was representing another character. But I re-glued everything to its original place and just painted right on top of all the previous paint. Still a work in progress, but I just had to post him up with the basic colors on.
I also had a read of the new rules regarding Cypher, and I must say I do like how his skills with his pistols are represented in game. He also makes taking Chaos Chosen viable again with Infiltrate.

I still find the material and surface of his armaments and regalias abit awkward to paint. Its as if they do not match, or have too many spiky bits. Especially the sword.
I decided to give some parts of the metals on his armor an old metallic verdigris filled look, with the exception of his weapons of course.
I am really curious as to whether the sword he carries is indeed the famed Lion Sword :)
(Picture from Google Images)
I really need to mention Gun-kata as well as this is what Cypher's insane skills with his pistols remind me of. Christian Bale gives an intense performance in Equilibrium. I would definitely recommend giving it a watch.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Catachan Jungle Fighters WIP: Sly Marbo (A Conversion)

I had made a conversion for my version of Sly Marbo a few years back. I have seen many really good conversions by other modelers on the internet. My conversion is of a female jungle fighter that possessed very similar fighting abilities as the legendary Marbo. I have since renamed her Lila 'Calamity" Jane ;)

And I've finally got her painted up in most of the base colors. As per usual, the mini will still need basing and highlights.
The miniature I based Jane on is from Reaper Miniatures called Peaches Biker Girl. She is sculpted by the very talented Mr Patrick Keith. I gave her a faded greenish color scheme on her fatigues for that Vietnam jungle look. The Ripper pistol is made from a bolt pistol with a round plastic attached below as the magazine.
The Demo-Charge was made from another GW bit from my bitz box. I think it may have been from an IG signal pack, and a lamp bit from the Black Templars sprue attached. I pinned the Demo-Charge to the base so its removable once it had been used in-game.
The knife is from the Space Marines tactical squad sprue, while the tree stump is a bit from the Bretonnians Men at Arms sprue.
Back view of the model. I had fun painting the mini. And I feel it's got a lot of the character I was looking for to represent a fiesty, devil may care attitude from a one woman army lol!

Some Fluff!
I also wrote a bit of hastily put together fluff for some backstory on Jane.
Guardsman Lila Jane was not a native to the Deathworld of Catachan.  She was however a survivor an equally hostile environment, the cargo ship Sarenko. Unknown to the crew, the Sarenko had been infected with a Tyranid organism known as a Genestealer.

The crew was slowly eliminated one by one. When the captain realised the extent of the threat, it was too late. They made a last stand on the cargo ship's bridge. Lila's parents were part of the crew who valiantly fought the Genestealers. Miraculously, Lila did not die. As the ship drifted through space, Lila somehow not only survived, but she managed to over the years cleanse the ship of every genestealer. The Sarenko eventually limped its way towards the system where Catachan was located. The Imperial waystation immediately quarantined the ship. Lila snuck on board the station and stole a vessel which crash landed on Catachan itself. 

When she was finally cornered by the Catachans themselves, her fighting prowress so impressed them that they let her go. Over the years, she demonstrated her adaptability as well as skill in jungle warfare. The Catachans accepted her as one of their own. She was responsible for countering many ambushes on the Catachans by native wildlife and saved many lives. She eventually joined the Catachans and became part of their fighting force, albeit a rather independent one.

The Catachans themselves had reported the occupant of the crashed vessel as deceased, the remains burnt beyond recognition during the landing.

Hope you had a fun read, and that it has inspired you to convert your own Sly Marbos as well.