Sunday, May 29, 2011


Nothing much happening today, just a lazy Sunday weekend. I was encouraged by the draw result of my Flesh Tearer's army during a fun battle on Saturday. This inspired me to finish up the touches on the Flesh Tearers, specifically their chapter symbol.

Managed to find an easy way to do the Flesh Tearer's symbol.

Firstly i painted on a circle using Codex Grey on the shoulder pad. Then another layer of Codex Grey+Skull White. And finally pure Skull White.

I painted the blood drop in the middle using Red Gore.

For the saw blade effect, i just painted outward lines with a fine brush. I painted 3 lines per facing of the circle using north, south, east, west direction. It was not equal all the time but it did the job.

The Veteran Sgt's power weapon is from the blade I cut off the Reaper Miniature i used to convert into my Wood Elf Banner Bearer. I decided to make the blade look like it has some organic bits.

I named the blade Razorthorn. The fluff surrounding Razorthorn is that the teeth are from a Miral Land Shark from the Deathworld of Miral. The Vet Sgt bested the creature in single combat and used its razor sharp teeth to fashion into a brutal power weapon.

Have a great start to the week all!


  1. Fierce PW! Its almost at huge as the SM.

  2. I hope he is able to hit and wound with it most of the time haha!