Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tyranid Biovore

I got to painting the Biovore today.

It was a pretty quick job, lots of drybrushing and some washes. I think it was a faster paint job as i did not really like the model haha! I find the older version with the knuckles down and silly grin cuter and more affable, in a weird way.

There's still some fine detail work to be done on highlights and of course basing, but its pretty much done as it is.

Here it is, the Tyranicus patris-boletus:

Front view. Model looks more menacing now. Gone is the silly grin of olde.

Side view. The bio-cannon that is its claim to fame.

Other side view. I was not given any Spore Mines to paint, which i do love :) Spore mines are cute and very organic looking, that is, until they explode lol!

Back view.

Nothing much else to say for this one. I enjoyed painting the detail on the back, especially the "eye" on the bio-cannon. I seldom see the Biovore used in games. I think they still have their role against lightly armored foes.

Thats all for today :)



  1. I always thought only 1 biovore model, did a search and really have the happy biovore hahaa

  2. Yup, i really like the happy biovore model. Got 2 actually back home :) Been a while since i saw them though lol!

  3. A walking Mortar Monster! hahaha :) Looks good man! i love his long cannon back on his back.
    And i agree that spore mines are really cute. hahaha! :)