Sunday, December 28, 2014

WIP: Deathwing Terminator Army

Its the end of the year again and my favorite time as its Christmas! I decided to revisit my Deathwing Termis during this festive season. They were what got me into 40K after playing the old Space Hulk game on PC many years ago.
I decided to go with an all foot pure Deathwing list. Pictured above are the main squads without the HQ choices, which will be Master of Deathwing and a Librarian in terminator armor. I managed to re-pose most of them and primed them white.
Also did some conversions using the termis from the Dark Vengeance box set.

And I also got some reinforcements in the form of the legendary Deathwing Knights. I will add the 10 of them above if I am playing in Apoc games to bring the army to 2500 points.

I decided to paint up a test model again as I had forgotten how to paint Deathwing lol! I went with the Terminator Sgt from Dark Vengeance. I also reposed him with bitz from the new Deathwing Command Squad box set.
I went with the classic bone white armor, green robes ad gold trimmings. I decided to go with a red sword as a homage to the old pc game where the weapons were all colored red.
I played around with the new paints for my current Deathwing models. I used a base of Banelade Brown for the model. Then a 50:50 mix of Baneblade Brown and Rakarth Flesh. I then used Rakarth Flesh as a layer. Then Rakarth Flesh mixed with white till I get the desired bone color. The armor on my Deathwing is towards more white-ish in color, again like the ones in the PC game haha!
Armor highlights were done using white at the very edges. For the robes, I used a base of Caliban Green. The successive highlights were done simply by adding Moot Green to Caliban Green.

The Deathwing termi colors remind me a bit of Christmas colors with the white, red and green lol! Maybe that's why I like it so much.

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year! May the coming year bring all of you more joy, time to wargame, time for family and loved ones, and last but not least, more epic moments on the tabletop :)


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flesh Tearers WIP: Vanguard Veterans

Its the weekend again and more Flesh Tearer action on the painting front. It has been an ongoing project through the year and picked up speed as there is possibility of another Apocalypse game with my gaming group. Hope I will be able to attend some upcoming battles.

I under coated and basecoated my 5 Vanguard Veterans today. They are made from different bitzs from the standard Tactical Marines, Death Company and Sanguinary Guard. I could not resist and started work on one of them already.
I decided to go for the standard colors of the Flesh Tearers with the traditional white helmet of all Vanguard Veterans. I went for a more pale bone color for the helmet.
The bitz from the different kits really makes him stand out from an ordinary Assault Marine. He's not done yet. Still got gems to paint and none of the armor is highlighted yet.
Freehanded the Flesh Tearers symbols as per standard practice.
I painted Dante for a friend a while back and remembered painting the glow on the jetpacks. It came out really well and I'm going to repeat this on all my jetpack models.
I decided to at least go for a unit of each available in the Codex for my Flesh Tearers army. Hope that the Vanguard Veterans will also be in the new dex :)

WIP: Death Company
I also managed to assemble and prime the rest of my Death Company Marines.
These are some of the older metal Space Marines I got at the local flea market a couple months back. Some are already pre-based. I assembled them with the old close combat weapon knifes. This unit I will name The Flensers.
They are contrasted by this other unit comprising of a majority of the newer DC models. The Black Rage is on!

Well, that may be all the hobby progress I can muster for this weekend haha!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Flesh Tearers!

I've been working on putting paint to the 2nd Furioso Dreadnought for my Flesh Tearers army. Had some time again this sunny Sunday and it was go time for Red Gore!
I painted the main areas of the model first. So reds,blacks and metals. Did manage to do some detail work on the lenses as well.
Painted on the Flesh Tearers chapter symbol with a bit of freehand. I don't think GW have the Flesh Tearers transfers yet.
Other side of the Furioso's arm. I'm still deciding on the ranged weapon for his arm. I'm leaning more towards the under slung Meltagun.
I also did a bit of freehand on the Furioso's combat arm. Gave it the standard blood drops and grail cup iconography.

Assault Squads!
Also managed to paint up the basic reds and blacks for the Assault Squads. Some of the models are the older metal ones. Even the jump packs are metal. Brings me back to 3rd Edition haha!
Well the work week approaches on the morrow. Have a super week ahead everyone. Looking forward to the next weekend man haha!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flesh Tearers WIP: Furioso Dreadnought

I'm continuing with my Flesh Tearers army units. Was abit under the weather on the Saturday and only made it back up on the Sunday. A day gone, but I still had some time to do some painting. Furious painting hehe!
I was going to paint the Furioso Dread's front armor a year or two back, but never got round to it. It was great to finally see it done. I used the Flesh Tearers color scheme of a deep red and black.
I decided to go with the frag cannon for its awesome template damage. I decided to also give a red glow to the tip of the cannon.
I swapped the usual Blood Claw with the chainsaw attachment in true Flesh Tearers style of liking chain weapons.
I've also started work on a the 2nd Furioso Dreadnought, using the model of an Ironclad Dread.

I'll be working more on my Flesh Tearers in the coming days. Hope to have more time to paint up some highlights and shading.

Have a great week ahead all! Good health to everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WIP: Sanguinary Guard Sarge

I've started working on the Sanguinary Guard once again. This one is inspired partly by Flesh Tearers fluff as well as the anime Attack on Titan. The Flesh Tearers are known for the flensing of their enemies. I decided to paint up a Sanguinary Guard "sergeant" uniquely to represent his squad leader status, although the squad itself does not have a sergeant in-game.
I also drew inspiration from the muscle titan from the anime as well as Mephiston and Astorath's organic looking armor. This would not be too far fetched from Flesh Tearers tactics of striking fear into their enemies. Imagine a flayed corpse like giant screaming towards you from the skies :)
Still very much a work in progress. Lots of highlighting and painting left to be done. But the flensed flesh paint on the armor is coming along nicely. I mainly used a basecoat of Red Gore with Abaddon Black (50:50). Then I layered on Red Gore. The muscle bands were done using Red Gore mixed with increasing amounts of Ushabti Bone. Then I gave it a wash of watered down Red Gore.
He will be in my Sanguinary Guard heavy list in my previous post. Can't wait to get it the rest of the guys painted up.

Have a great rest of the week ahead everyone! Take care and keep rolling those dice ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Flesh Tearers Lists

My Flesh Tearers will my army focus this month as I assemble and paint up some old and new miniatures for 3 lists that I came up with during my one week break.

Assault is the name of the game as Flesh Tearers are known for their lust of close combat to get up close and personal to the enemy.

My first list will be based on my existing Sanguinary Guard.

Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Assault 1850pts
1 Counts as Dante 2xx
5 Honor Guard 205
(4 Meltaguns, 1 Sang Nov)
5 Sanguinary Guard 250
(5 Plasma pistols)
5 Sanguinary Guard 210
(1 Powerfist)
5 Sanguinary Guard 210
(1 Powerfist)
5 Sanguinary Guard 210
(1 Powerfist)
5 Vanguard Veterans 200
(4 Meltabombs, 1 Thunder hammer)
2 Attack Bikes 100
(2 Multimelta)
1 Stormraven Gunship 225
(1 TL-Lascanon,1 Typhoon missile launcher)

I'm using all my available models to maximize their time on the board. They have been collecting dust too
long instead of collecting battle trophies haha!

The 2nd list is a Death Company one. I wanted to make up at least one Death Company lost given that there are a high number of brothers who fall to the Black Rage especially in the Flesh Tearers chapter.

Flesh Tearers Death Company
1 Counts as Astorath
5 Honor Guard
(Jump packs, 4 Meltaguns)
Upgrade: Chaplain Lemartes
8 Death Company Marines
(1 Powerfist, 1 Power weapon)
8 Death Company Marines
(1 Powerfist, 1 Power weapon)
1 Death Company Dreadnought
1 Land Raider
1 Land Raider
1 Stormraven gunship
(Typhoon missile launcher)

I'll probably convert a counts as Astorath to represent the Flesh Tearer's High Chaplain Carnavorn.
This is another assault list. I was not too keen on the Land Raiders, but they are the only reliable transport for the DC to assault out of and not have to wait a turn after disembarking.

The last list is one inspired by the Flesh Tearers assault on the hives of Stromark where the chapter's Dreadnoughts took out the enemy's high command.

Flesh Tearers Stromark Pattern List 1850pts
1 Reclusiarch 135
(melta bomb)
1 Corbulo 1xx
1 Furioso with Frag Cannon 125
-Magna-grapple 15
(1 Drop Pod) 35
1 Furioso with Frag Cannon 125
-Magna-grapple 15
(1 Drop Pod) 35
1 DC Dreadnought 125
-Magna-grapple 15
8 DC Marines with Bolter 210
(2 Powerfist)
10 Assault Marines 225
(2 Meltaguns, 1 Power weapon)
10 Assault Marines 225
(2 Meltaguns, 1 Power weapon)
5 Vanguard Veterans 200
(4 Meltabombs, 1 Thunder hammer)
1 Stormraven Gunship 225
(TL-Typhoon missile launcher)

It was really fun coming up with the lists and re-reading alot of the fluff.

The Stormraven gunship needed to be included as its an expensive model and I wanted to get as much mileage from my dollar as possible lol! Also its the only reliable anti-air I have. And Blood Angels and their successors are considered master of aerial battle.

I decided to make the list able to Deep Strike most or all of its units. Was also keen to make use of the Descent of Angels rule. This almost guarantees fast and furious battles :)

Well, I heard the new Blood Angels codex is probably just around the corner.
Hope it will be a characterful one.

Monday, October 27, 2014

40K WIP: Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Guard

I'm taking a break for the week but will be going with the wife on an overseas holiday :) I did manage to squeeze in a work in progress mini before I leave. I'm consolidating certain armies to give each army more miniatures as this comes in really handy during Apocalypse games.

I got inspired by a guy who did a similar paint scheme for the Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Guard on the interwebs. Will link credits here later. I'm heading off in a couple of minutes.
I still got lots of highlights to do, especially on the wings and jump pack. But this is the general color scheme. I really dig the combination of colors. Simple yet effective.
The pale bone mask did spook me a bit, which is probably why I like the paint scheme haha!
I'll be focusing on beefing up and really finish painting (including basing) my Flesh Tearers army for the year's end.
I'll be painting the pipes a Bolgun Metal coat and do some afterburner highlights as well for the jet pack.

Take care and have a great week ahead everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Empire: Templars

It's a holiday today and I managed to get some painting done. Thus the happy looking soldier's face above haha! I wanted to get some work done today, but I'm really tired and decided to finally pick up the ol' paint brush again.

I was wondering what to paint and had just received my Templar miniatures from Fireforge Games.

I only had a day and decided to assemble at least and put paint to 1 each of the available troops of the Crusade.

This is a Crusader from the Deus Vult range. He can definitely be used to represent an Empire Swordsman.
I decided to go with the color scheme of the Knights Hospitallers. The backstory would be the protection of a mysterious pilgrim to unknown lands. Warhammer lands!
This is my sleepy looking Crossbowman. The sun must be in his eyes.
I really like the realistic pose of the miniatures so far. Above, the soldier firing the crossbow using his other arm to steady his aim.
I painted the Templar cross on the back of his surcoat as well.
A Spearman this time. I decided to pay the points and add the shield as it allows me to do some freehand work to enhance the look of the model.
I'm quite happy with the poses. The torso and legs come as a single piece. So I'm saving time on gluing.
I'm using this model as a Greatsword. There are other weapons like longswords, axes and maces in the mix as well. I assembled the one above with a morning star.
I painted his inner coat red to give a bit of contrast. Also historically, I think they later wore red surcoats over their armor.
I kept the cloak black and also freehanded the templar cross on it.
This one is the model of a Knight on horse. I did not manage to paint it fully as it was already evening. But the pose is pretty dynamic and have really nice details to it.
Above is the size comparison to a GW Wood Elf Archer to the left. If mounted on bases the Templars would be about the same height.

Well, not the online company but the mythical race of warrior women ;)

I had a bit of time in the morning and assembled this sexy miniature from Wargames Factory.

I did a quick paint of the miniature just to see its details and its been quite fun to see the model come alive. The sculpt of the miniature is really nice and detailed as well. I had planned to use the models from this line for a High Elves army. It will probably be years in the making lol!

And on this note, its back to work on the morrow. I have made my exit plan from my current line of work and am looking forward to some rest.

Have a great rest of the week ahead everyone!