Sunday, August 11, 2013

WIP: Tau Commander Burning Fist

The short weekend was great and I spent lots of time with the missus :) It's been great reconnecting again. I also found time to paint up my Tau Commander Burning Fist!
I painted him with more white than my other Crisis Suits to represent his status as overall commander of my Tau force.
Side view. He was definitely faster to paint up than the green and yellow version. Most of the base colors are already painted on. Still got a ton of highlights to do.
A view here of the Onager Gauntlet that earned him the name Burning Fist. the gauntlet had overheated during the battle with a Chaos Dreadnought and although it burst into flames, it was more than up to the task of destroying the foul monstrosity!
Back view of the Shield Generator. I added the back vanes for a homage towards the Gundam which provided inspiration for his name ;)
A more frontal shot of the Commander. I'm planning to paint up his fist as if it were glowing red hot. Should be fun!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

WIP: Tau Commander Fire Eye

Moving on to painting one of my Crisis Suits a good rest and using my Commander in Crisis Suit as a test model ;) I really liked how the turquoise came out on the Fire Warrior mini.
He's not done yet, just the main highlights on the chest and arms are done. The turquoise looks a bit darker than the pic. I'm liking the effect and this pretty much confirms the scheme for the rest of the army. Hooray!!
Side view. the jump pack is layered but not highlighted yet. The plan is to have a simple color scheme with some accents using bone white.
This makes painting much faster as there are not too many details and parts to highlight.

Really need to start painting more stuff.

Hope things at work improve and I don't feel so tired too often.
For the Greater Good eh? The irony of my job ahaha!

Have a great weekend all! Press on through the blanket of jello :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


It was back to the drawing board with my Tau. I finally got why the previous colors looked so familiar. It looked like the Jamaican army heheh! But the colors were really nice, fruity and tropical.

I decided to go for simpler color scheme and went with the Turquoise as it was a color none of my armies have :)
I used the new Turquoise colors from GW, namely Sotek Green as a base. And then a mix of Sotek Green and Temple Guard Blue for the layer. Pure Temple Guard Blue for the highlights.
For the rifle, it was a basecoat of Khemri Brown, then a layer of Dheneb Stone. I put mix of Dheneb Stone and Ceramite White as a layer and highlight. The final step was lining the crevices with Gryphonne Sepia wash.
I left the inner clothing of the Fire Warrior Sotek Green, and washed it with Asurmen Blue.
Have not highlighted the back pack yet. But it'll probably be Sotek Green with some white mixed in.
The Shas'sui and Commanders will be painted in a very similar way, but I'll keep their helmets bone white to denote their status.

More Aliens!
I got this Independence Day Alien kit from Comet Miniatures. Good price of 7.5 GBP. Its got lots of pieces and the plastic is nice and light. It was easy to put together. I could see a Tyranid player making good use of all the different parts. Sweet lookin' base too!
It stands at almost 10 inches tall when fully assembled. But you can adjust its height if you assemble the feet differently. This alien can proxy as a Wraithknight if needed in an alternative themed army ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone!