Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Mythos

I managed to get me hands on a copy of the Call of Cthulhu PC game just a few days ago. I had been waiting for it for a while and had totally no idea it was already released for some time haha!

I've just started the game and am thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere. Have just arrived by rickety bus to Innsmouth. The storyline follows quite closely to the tale by H.P. Lovecraft The Shadow Over Innsmouth. I'm looking forward to meeting some pure strain Deep Ones and maybe a glimpse of the Shoggoth. Already i have seen the Great Race of Yith and it is lookin' promising thus far :)

I also had a great time catching up with my gaming buddies at the Battle Bunker today. I managed to get a game of 40K in as well with my Flesh Tearers. I was just happy to be rolling dice and seeing everyone again!

Not much happening on the painting end of things. But i did receive a new miniature from a friend to paint up. The model is called Misaki and she is from the Malifaux range and i can't wait to get started. It was also a good excuse to quickly finished up the Bretonnian Prophetess, most of it anyways lol!

Front view.

Rear view. There is potential here for a shampoo ad with all that hair hehe!

Dispel Scroll! Where are the words?!

Side view. She's hoping not to slide off once the Knights make their charge.

Back to work tomorrow. Full speed ahead to the end of the week ;)

Hi-ho Friday!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enchantress (WIP)

Again not much hobbying this week due to work and a trip to Malaysia this Saturday. My department celebrated Social Work Assistant(SWA) Day and we all went on a trip to Johor for snacks shopping and some nice meals :)

I did manage to assemble, prime and start to paint my Enchantress. I'm pretty sure she's a Damsel on Horse from Gamezone Miniatures. She was to be my Prophetess in my Bretonian army.

I found most of the facial features a tad obscured after applying the black primer. Think i sprayed it too close. Still managed to pick out the eyes and pouty lips.

I really liked this model the moment i saw it. The horse is most handsome and the damsel seated atop looking quite regal. I only had some issues with assembling the 2 halves of the horse as there were some gaps a party of ants could have fallen into.

I like how she sits with one side on the horse like the GW Damsel. However, i do feel this pose puts quite a strain on the waist and lower back, and may be distracting to one's efforts at casting magical spells.

She's holding a scroll in her right hand. I'll definitely be treating it as a Dispel Scroll. And i do hope she can read really really fast when i need that crucial dispel, because its quite a long scroll.

Back view of the Damsel. Nice long golden flowing locks there.

Work beckons as the new week heralds the arrival with Sir Monday on the morrow.

Good tidings to all! And i wish everyone a fantastic week ahead ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I got up a bit early this morning and managed to paint up my Wood Elf Scout Noble. It was a quick paint job and i already got a majority of the colors and even shading up before noon.

He is known to his Scout Kindred as Greensleeves because of his green arm bands and the green flash of deadly arrows when he fires his bow.

I'm still planning to do work on the base, fur and swords. The twin swords will be counts as Rageth's Wildfire Blades. Either that or just two hand weapons.

Green Fate
Also popped by the LGS this afternoon and picked up a Fate Deck for future Malifaux games.

The art is quite nice and in some cases surreal. Not too sure if i can find any sleeves to match the size of the cards though. Some green sleeves would be nice ;)

Back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a fruitful weekend.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Japanese Ghosts

Was supposed to join my friends for some wargaming today and visit me parents. Unfortunately both did not happen as i was not feeling a bit under the weather (which incidentally was quite warm). However, i did manage to get some modelling and painting done ;)

Above pic from the box art of the Kirai set. I think the orange gold shiny robe looks really cool.

Anyways, I stuck all the minis onto the bases I had earlier added some greenstuff on. I also included a mini from the Privateer Press range (extreme left) to represent the Lost Love miniature. I'll begin the Malifaux adventure with painting the leader of the pack...Kirai.

Some WIP work of Kirai. I also primed the rest of her crew with a black undercoat.

The painting of Kirai continues....

I did not go for the blood soaked look on the back of the box, but opted for a 'cleaner' look.

I painted the robes starting with a basecoat of Dark Flesh. Then a Dark Flesh with Blazing Orange mix of 50:50. I then layered on the next coat with increasing amount of Blazing Orange into the mix. The highlights were done using a mix of Blazing Orange and Sunburst Yellow (30:70).

Above is the classic Kirai side-view look on the box cover. The bluish parts of the robes, i used a mix of Goblin Green and Hawk Turquoise (30:70). I then highlighted it by adding some Skull White to the mix.

I added some skulls to the bottom of the base using Warhammer Fantasy bitz. The floor of the model i painted green to simulate bamboo flooring.

She sure has got a haunting silhouette, even from the back. Just got to do some fine highlights and touch ups and she'll be ready for the tabletop.

As of this time, I have absolutely no idea what else i need to play the game. I just downloaded the manual from Wyrd Miniatures website. I also heard the game requires no dice?!

Well thats all from me today. Hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable day ;)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I dropped by the LGS at Midpoint Orchard today. Saw the Malifaux Kirai box set and bought it on impulse haha!

I like the Japanese theme and thought the models looked cool.

The miniatures are really well sculpted too, and the cards are real nice and detailed. Unfortunately, i am missing one Seishin model that should have came with the box. I'll probably check to see if i the LGS can offer me a replacement...

But all is not lost ;)

I have some nice Japanese ghosts look-alikes! Courtesy of the Ben 10 range LOL!

I think that after basecoating and paintjob, they would well be on their way to represent my Seishins.

I got lots of bases exactly like those that Malifaux minis use. All are from the Reaper Miniatures that i bought in Brisbane. I fit my Reaper minis on GW's bases, so i got alot of spares.

I greenstuffed 8 bases in the bamboo floor fashion following the Japanese theme. After the greenstuff hardens, i'll be placing the Malifaux models on them for priming.

Can't wait to get started actually haha!

A new week begins and its National Day on the 9th! Looking forward to the day off :))


Friday, August 5, 2011

Raging Heroes

Friday at last!

Dryad No. 17 above has been painted. And its the only thing i've probably painted this week haha! I gotta remember the techniques again.

Forest Reinforcements
I received my Raging Heroes Miniatures just a day ago. The packaging is simple but still quite nice.

I'll be using the Tree Warriors as Treekin and Syl-Iriah can be a Spellweaver. The plan is to treat her as my counts as Ariel, Queen of the Forest. There are no rules for her in the current Wood Elves Codex. Maybe next time there will be and i can field her. For now she'll hopefully be painted up and keep Orion company :)

She comes neatly packed in 4 different plastic pouches. The wings will be a challenge to shape, but fortunately there appears to be a tutorial on how to bend the wings on the Raging Heroes website.

I assembled and pinned the Tree Warriors. I must say that i'm really impressed by the sculpt and how natural and organic the Tree Warriors look.

Just a size comparison to the GW Treekin. The Raging Heroes Tree Warrior can represent the Treekin Elder. Nice!

I would definitely recommend checking out the other minis at Raging Heroes. I'm sorely tempted to get the Vampire Lord mini. They will also be releasing a Dragon and a Phoenix. Am real looking forward to the Phoenix as i've never seen one before in miniature :))

Have a peaceful finish to the week and a joyous weekend ahead everyone!