Monday, March 29, 2010

Bag of Cthulhu

I received my Bag of Cthulhu in the mail today!

I'll share some pics of the Bag below. Basically, it contains 6 large tokens/statue and 24 small tokens/statues. I got it for USD $11.20. And i think its really a bargain as there are soooo many tokens in the bag alone.

The Bag of Cthulhu unopened.

Overall view of the Bag contents.

This is a pic of the larger statues, almost 2.2 inches tall.

The smaller identical ones are almost 1 inch in height.

I think they are great for use as tokens. But i would use them for terrain pieces and decorations. Maybe even one or two as a miniature/character for actual gaming :)

I had some fun with the tokens. This is a pic of the token taking a toilet break after traveling great distances in the cargo hold ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This mini is just hot off the paint desk. As usual, the base is not done, but the mini itself mostly is.

This beautiful mini is from Reaper's Chronoscope line and sculpted by Patrick Keith. The mini's Reaper name is Inferno.

I have renamed her Firestar as a tribute to the comic character Firestar by Marvel Comics. I first saw her on the cartoon series Spider-man and His Amazing Friends :)

View of Firestar zooming up into the skies :)

Front view

Back view

And her stats below using the WH40K system. Again just for fun and creativity ;)

Firestar has 4+ invulnerable save.

Fiery Charge (as per Furious Charge rule).

Firestar can fly and moves as if equipped with jump-pack.

Fire Blast
Firestar can shoot blasts of incidenary flames at her enemies.
She can shoot D6 small blast templates at St4 AP5 at D6 different targets OR a single flame template of Str5 Ap4.

Fire Lance
Firestar can concentrate mircrowaves into a focused beam of fire.
She can choose to shoot a Str9 AP2 beam instead of Fire Blast.

Fire Lance and Fire Blast are used in the Shooting phase but both cannot be fired in the same turn.

Firestar is immune to all Flamer based attacks. Melta attacks affect Firestar only at half strength.

Yup thats it. And finally a pic of the ladies below.

Enjoy! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


Painted up yet another mini for my Super Heroes Project :)

Seeing that as all the previous 3 heroes were guys, i shopped at the comics store and found a suitable female superhero.

The miniature is again from Reaper's Chronoscope range. This excellent mini is sculpted by Patrick Keith and her name is Torrent.

I have painted her according to the comic book character Fathom who was created by Michael Turner for Top Cow Productions in 1988. Fathom depicts a heroine with affinity for the oceans and has water based powers.

Fathom aka Aspen.

Front view.

Back view of miniature.

As in the usual fashion i have made up some fun stats for Fathom based on the WH40k system ;)

Fathom can fly. She moves as if equipped with jump-pack.

Fathom has 4+ invulnerable save.

Tidal Surge
Fathom can hurl a terrific blast of water at her enemies.
This is a shooting attack and uses the large blast template at strength 3 AP 5. The affected unit also has to take a pinning check.

Vehicles are spun about to face a random direction and moved D6 inches determined by scatter dice.

Water Shield
Fathom can choose to use Water Shield ability during the opponent's shooting and any close combat phase. She must make a successful Ld test for each Shield.

Water Shield halves the Strength of all attacks made against her and confers a 5+ cover save.
Fathom can nominate any ONE friendly unit instead of herself to benefit from Water Shield.
This ability also affects any unit Fathom is attached to.

Water Lash
Fathom can use the power and fluidity of water to attack her enemies.
In game terms, Fathom has D6 close combat attacks.

Fathom moves over all water based terrain with no penalty. However, she does not confer this to the unit she joins.

And for the next post another Heroine...Firestar!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

CoC updates and Warmachine

The Call of Cthulhu (CoC) fever continues...

I have finished reading three of H.P. Lovecrafts's stories thus far. They are as follows: The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow over Innsmouth and the Mountains of Madness. I enjoyed all the stories, especially the mood and setting of the Mythos.

I have purchased the CoC roleplay book for a good read and more importantly background for my 40k army :)

This is one hefty book with lots of background and info on roleplaying. The publisher is Chaosium Inc. and the excellent tome is very well written by Sandy Petersen and Lynn Willis et al.

Interestingly, I also found a pic for my DoC 40k HQ. I shall call him a starspawn as described in the book ha!

Thats him above posing with his entry in the CoC book ;)

Deep Ones updates..

Managed to do a batch of ten Deep Ones with spears.

They will be my counts as Plaguebearers Troop choice. I have 30 more to go lol! More sushi to come. Just have to await the minis on order.


I managed to get me hands on a box of Retribution of Scyrah Houseguard Riflemen. I really liked the sculpt as they reminded me of cute little white mice. Specifically the Pinky and the Brain cartoons lol!

Side View of RoS Rifleman grunt.

Front view.

Back view.

I painted him up as a test model, and tried to follow the color scheme on the box as closely as i could. I really like the all poses given.

Am still contemplating whether to use 5 of the 10 Riflemen for my Eldar Iyanden Army. I reckon they would look great as Rangers or Pathfinders, all painted in golden yellow and blue of Iyanden.

Righty o, thats all for now :))

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something Fishy is Afoot.....

Deep Ones WIP

I have started on converting some WH Fantasy Lizardmen Skinks to the Deep Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos. Deep Ones are basically fish men from the ocean depths.

Got a test model done in about 10minutes. I'm ok with the results haha!

No cutting or filing needed to be done. The green stuff was just sculpted onto the Skink's face :)

Other profile of Deep One test mini. He is sporting a primitive spear. I'm still deciding how to do the tail though.

Next up...

Paintbrush Care Purchases.

I think i saw on YC's blog Fantasy Games intro or link to a good brush cleaner. I was accompanying me wife to look at some art shops and i saw The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver. I bought it for a try...and it works really great!!

I would highly recommend this as well. I used it on a really worn brush, and after 4 washes it looked markedly 'newer' :))


Tally Ho!

I have painted up a test model from Wargames Factory. He's a British soldier from the Zulu War 1879 series.

I didn't paint him in his traditional regiment colors, instead opting for a more muted browns and khakis. He will be an adventurer/ investigator in my Cthulhu universe ;)

I shall name him James Worthington. A retired nobleman of martial experience and a steady shot with the rifle. He is an man of imperious mien, yet resolute in his course to track down the evil that has befallen his comrades.

James seen from the back, sporting a small canteen of drink, tea no doubt ;p

There are 19 more miniatures in the box and all are of good quality. Shall look forward to painting more in the future.

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Purchases

I made some purchases and they have arrived against all odds!
Also received Tyranids and 40k Demons codex.

Much joy and celebration thus ensues :)))

Pictured above are the purchases.

The 5 miniatures from Infinity are from the PanOceania faction. They include 4 Knight Hospitallers and their leader Jeanne D'Arc. I plan to use them as counts as Grey Knight Terminators ;) Also included is an Armored Calvary box set from Infinity also from PanOceania faction.

The single mini at the top left is a Light Elf Mage from Avatars of War. I will probably convert her to be the Spiritseer Iyanna Arienal of the Eldar Craftworld of Iyanden.

The bottom right are plastic minis from Wargames Factory. This box is from the Wars Of Empire Zulu War series and features the British riflemen. Really cool minis with nice detail. I plan to use some of them for my hunting the minions of Cthulhu party.

All the above goodness were purchased through Simply Miniatures online shop

Will post pics of completed and WIP stuff as they come along ;))

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here is the third and probably last hero for my Lightning Trio :)

Also known as The Big Red Cheese, i present Shazam! Interestingly, Shazam! also came to be known later as Captain Marvel.

This mini is also from Reaper's Chronoscope range. The Reaper mini is called Captain Griffon and was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.

Shazam! from the front. I did the lightning symbol smaller as compared to the comics as i did not want to obscure the abs hehe!

View from the back, where his cloak takes up most of the mini.

According to the back story, Shazam! was granted his powers by five different entities or deities. To have all of the powers in gameplay would be a bit unfair. So i have included an element of luck to determine his powers, listed in the table below.

Before the start of the game, the player rolls a D6. The number of powers the player can choose for Shazam! would be the result rolled. The player must shout Shazam! as he rolls the D6 for it to count ;P

Okie doke! Now for his uber stats haha!


Shazam! can fly and moves as if he has a jump pack.

Shazam! has the Eternal Warrior rule.

And thats it. His rules are pretty straightforward. Again no points cost, as he is not legal in 40k hahaha! Unless your opponent doesn't mind letting you use it for a bit of fun and laughter ;)

Well, last but not least, a group pic of my Superheroes and a hint of back story to playing them in the 40k universe.

The Lightning Trio

From Left to Right 'The Flash', 'Shazam!' and 'Thor'.

Unbelievable Back Story (hehehe!)

So in short, three xenos excavators dug up a box containing 3 artifacts. The artifacts are identical and each is a golden metal plate shaped like a lightning bolt. Each can be carried easily and no bigger than the palm of one's hand.

Each piece of artifact is imbued with the power of a unique entity (superhero). When activated, the individual will be able to transform to a Hero with abilities and powers to match. Their identities are kept secret as per all superheroes ;)

Since their marvelous discovery, the three dudes have been fighting crime on their planet. And beloved by the people in their community.

Their acts of bravery have caught the attention of a secret organization who have been fighting Chaos and all forms of evil since the times of Ancient Terra. Soon they will be approached to bring their powers for justice to the wider universe.

Yup! Thats all folks. I'm writing up the background, but that might take a while haha!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thor Miniature Tribute

The Mighty Thor

...And here he is!

A very fun miniature to paint and convert :) This is also one muscular mini haha!

His appearance is loosely based on the Thor Earth-311 series. He represents the character Donal/Thor. I didn't do a cloak as yet bit will probably try to add one on at a later stage.

Front view of Thor and the legendary Mjolnir.

Side view of Thor charging into the fray.

Back and alternate side view. The sword would have been a hassle to remove. But i felt it kinda has its place here as Donal was a member of the Templars, and probably wielded a sword as his primary weapon.

Below are the stats for the character, again based on WH40k system. Its also meant for giggles and not real play ;P

Thor Odinson

Living god
Thor ignores instant death. If his wounds reaches zero, he will stand back up on a roll of 5+ with 1 wound.

Thor has a special affinity towards thunder and lightning and thus can call down lightning to strike his foes.
Thor is able to make a large blast template attack at strength 4 AP5 during his shooting phase.

Mjolnir, Legendary Hammer

Mjolnir is the wondrous hammer gifted to Thor by his father Odin on his birth. It has miraculous powers and abilities that are bestowed on its wielder. Mjolnir confers +1A, +1 S and +1 I to Thor.
Mjolnir has the Rending special rule.

Thor is able to fly through the air by holding on to Mjolnir and directing its flight.
In game terms, Thor moves as if equipped with a jump pack.

Mjolnir can be thrown at Thor's enemies and return to Thor after striking his opponent.
In game terms, Mjolnir is able to make a ranged attack of up to 24 inches in the shooting phase. This is a strength 8 attack at AP3. Against vehicles, Mjolnir rolls 2d6 for armor penetration.

And thats all for Thor!

I may tweak a few of his abilities later though, overpowered (and rightly so) as he already is :)

I'll be doing another mini of a superhero. Am still deciding between Superman or Shazam! (or Captain Marvel).

More to come ;)


Friday, March 12, 2010

Zippity Zoom!


The Flash is near completion. Just a teeny bit more highlighting and basing (which i will prolly never do) haha!

My miniature version of The Flash from the front.

Side view of greased lightning man!

The back view. His enemies eat his dust :D

So I've come up with some stats loosely using the 40k system. This is just for fun and laughter ;P

I'm not sure if the stats will line up, depending on browsers. here goes.

The Flash

Can't Touch This
The Flash always has 3+ re-rollable special armor save against all attacks. He can only be hit by opponents on 5+ regardless of WS and BS.

Lightning Reflexes
The Flash always strikes first. If both The Flash and his opponent has the same initiative, The Flash will always count as having +1 initiative higher than his opponent.

The Flash always hits opponents on a 3+ regardless of WS. Additionally, all of The Flash's To Hit are re-rollable.

Greased Lightning
The Flash can move up to 24 inches and assault. The Flash may move another 12 inches after his initial move, but he may not assault if he uses this additional move.

The Flash may not end his move in impassable terrain. He may not pass through impassable terrain. The Flash however can ignore all difficult and dangerous terrain tests.

The Speed Force
The Flash will have to take a Leadership test to use Speed Force. If successful, The Flash gets +2 Strength and 2D6 attacks for the turn.
The Flash may also choose to make a single attack at Strength 10 AP 1 if he forgoes his 2D6 attacks.
Against Vehicles, The Flash rolls a D6 for each successful hit. On a 3-4, he scores a glancing hit, on a 5-6, a penetrating hit.

Due to the nature of Speed Force, The Flash experiences difficulties in maintaining his physical molecular form. He will have to roll a 5+ at the start of each player's turn. If he fails the save, he will be put in reserve and will only come in on 5+ thereafter.

Hit and Run.

Lol! Hope everyone who stumbled upon this was entertained by the above rules. No points cost for him as he'll never be played.

Next Up! Mighty Thor! (who is still being painted)

Cheers :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super Heroes

I'm going to be taking a break from the Cthulhu project for a bit. Still awaiting for my order of the Lizardmen Skinks, which will probably take a while haha! Sigh....

So on to the next project.

I'll be doing me some Super Heroes!

They will largely be based on painting individual miniatures, largely from Reaper, as they have really characterful and detailed minis.

I'll be using the WH40K stats and rules for my Superheroes. They will probably never be used in a game of real 40K Battles haha! But i'm doing it just for fun and the excuse to do up some superheroes.

I'll be painting two of my favorite heroes next. I have done some slight conversions and greenstuffing.

So first up will be The Flash (DC Comics). And the second will be The Mighty Thor (Marvel Comics)!

Some WIP pics of the minis...

My version of The Flash was based on the miniature Zenith, Superhero from the Reaper Miniature's Chronoscope line. I loved the sculpt by James Van Schaik as its very dynamic and characterful. I could really see the Flash zipping along at top speed when i beheld the mini :D

The Flash seen from the side.

The Flash from the front.

Some greenstuff was done to add the face mask and the lightning symbol on the front of the costume. I'll really want to include the Speed Force concept in his stats later.

Next up...

The Mighty Thor!

My version of Thor was inspired by Thor (Earth-311) series.

This mini is also from Reaper Miniatures and again done by talented sculptor James Van Schaik. I have done some conversion work with help from some bits from the WH Fantasy Dwarf range. This mini was originally the Viking Warrior Amon.

Front view. I replaced the axe wielding arm with a hammer, which would be representing the Legendary Mjolnir!

Back view. Some more greenstuff to buld up the base and fill in the gaps in the mini.

Hope to post the painted minis up soon with my home made stats ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Herald


I managed to finish up the little Herald of Cthulhu. It took much faster than anticipated, i think cos he was so small haha!

Below is a pic of him. The lighting was quite bad due to overcast skies (again). I have affectionately named him Inky.

Inky looking quite murderous despite his size ;P

Inky's back view.

And finally...

Portrait of a Cephalopod Family.
From the Left is Slim Tim, Big Bad Squeed (Middle) and Little Inky (Right).

This would also mean that my DoC Pure Nurgle army's Lord and Heroes list is now complete. Now to move on to the Deep Ones. Hope to get the Lizardmen Skinks soon for conversion and painting up.

Soon they will be able to go pillagin' in da fishin' villagez! Muahaha!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Herald of Cthulhu

And as promised here he is. The base is still not done, as is my fashion. I have yet to make my foray into decorating bases nicely haha!

So here he is, the latest offering from the sea ;) While he's no fisherman's catch, he was really fun to paint.

Haven't got a name for him/it yet. I can't see how he can move fast with so many legs/tentacles. I also laughed when i imagined it spitting out black ink when failing a moral check hahaha!

The Herald viewed from the back. He's got a wicked assortment of rusted blades for raiding unsuspecting human villages ;)