Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scourge of the Xenos

I had always wanted to fight the alien and the monstrous. They are foes easily identified by their inhuman features and vicious dispositions. The Tyranids and their bio-diversity personify the horror of a monstrous alien perfectly. Kinda like St George and his nemesis the Dragon.

Which may also explain why a majority of my 40k armies are also all from the Forces of Order in the 40K universe. However, with all the heroes in readiness, there were not many 'dragons' to slay.

The games i could get against the Tyranids have been few and far between. I had the most fun battling the alien horror in Brisbane, where there was a regular Tyranid player at the local GW store.

I had been inspired to form an Ultramarines army back then because of the promise of battles against the Tyranids. To this end, nothing could have been more apt than the Ultramarines 3rd Company. Also known as The Scourge of the Xenos.

I've been re-inspired to paint up that Ultramarines army once again, after getting a few games in with enrgie's Tyranids. I also had fun from playing the alien horrors meself! If you can't beat 'em...

I will be attempting to pit the army I formed almost 2 years ago against the alien horror. I just love the image of few lone marines surrounded by a sea of Tyranids, shouting defiant taunts at the beasts as they go down in suitably heroic fashion. 

The list is as follows. 

1 Captain Airidas xxxpts
(Pedro Kantor counts as)

1 Librarian Beltan xxxpts

9 Sternguard Vets 285pts
Sgt Glaidus w/ Power Axe, 3 Combi-plasma, 2 Lascannons (aka Magmaburn Cannon)

9 Sternguard Vets 285pts
Sgt Vaeran w/ Power Axe, 3 Combi-melta, 2
Lascannons (aka Magmaburn Cannon)

Avengers of Prandium
10 Terminators 460pts
Sgt Calidus w/ Power sword
2 Cyclone Missile Launchers

10 Tactical Marines 235pts
Missile Launcher, Flamer, Sgt Ixion w/ Power Axe & Teleport Homer
Drop Pod

5 Scouts 110pts
Sgt Remus
Sniper Rifles+Camo Cloaks, 1 Heavy Bolter (Hellfire Rounds)

Heavy Support
1 Thunderfire Cannon xxxpts
Techmarine Paxius

Total: 1750pts

I have another list that has all Assault Terminators as counter assault. But I kinda like the shooty list better as it contributes firepower in the first few turns of the game. However, I did use the assault termis to good effect in my games in Brisbane as there were Mawlocs appearing in my backlines. I did lose most of the games, but they were a blast!

How will it do in 6th Ed? Well I'm not too worried, as long as its fun, AND gives me those heroic last stands! The stuff of legend :)

WIP: Some Pics of the 3rd Company
Above are some Ultramarine Sternguard Veterans I converted a few years ago. I had included a Tyranid skull on top of each Veteran. The fluff, if I remember correctly, was that each Marine has to slay a Genestealer in close combat to complete the rite of becoming a Sternguard Veteran.
Above pics are the Sternguard Veterans wielding some heavy support. I converted the above to be Lascannon equivalents in game. I call them my Magmaburn Cannons, specially designed to slay monstrous creatures, Eldar Avatars included hehe!
A group shop of the WIP Sternguard Veterans. I had to do some repairs as a few were damaged on the way home from Brisbane.

WIP: Techmarine Paxius
The WIP Techmarine i made at about the same time. He's made from a combination of bitz from different Space Marine kits. And a plastic toothpick.
The head is from the Dark Angel Ravenwing box set. The axe is from the old Space Wolves Grey Hunters sprue. The torso and shoulder pads are from the Space Marine driver that comes with the Rhino kit.
The backpack is the bit from the Devastators box set, as is the small servo arm. The servitor skull as well.
A clearer view of the backpack. As for the Thunderfire Cannon, I had been using a proxy. But I am now considering the Mantic Warpath Jotunn Hailstorm Cannon. Its way more affordable, at least for me.

And finally, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, Good Health and Joy in Every Day!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tyranid Revamp WIP: Corporaptor Primus

Otherwise known as the Brood Lord. I've been working on converting my Xenomorph Broodlords from the normal Genestealer box set. Am doing this as I find the actual Broodlord model to a tad expensive.
I cut the leg off the standard Genestealer  at the hip area. Also cut off the tail end. I just re-glued the tail facing the back. For the leg, I repositioned until it was standing in a more upright position.
I then adjusted the other leg and attached the arms and signature xenomorph head. The xenomorph heads are from Chapterhouse Studios. I really like them the product as its well sculpted and light weight. Its also resin and easy to drill holes to pin on any torso of choice ;)
Back view. I also used the carapace to add bulk and differentiate the Brood Lords further from the standard Genestealer. This strangely reminds me of ballet dancing...
The Broodlord on the right appears to be doing the moonwalk hehe! Jeeeann-stealerrr~
I managed to put on the base colors. The base is Screamer Pink from GW. I then added a wash of Leviathan Purple to deepen the recesses. They are now ready for layering and highlights.
The Broodlord on the right is again the cheeky one. He is seen here asking his buddy on the left a High-Five (or Three). I just hope don't rend each other by accident!

Below are the Corporaptor Hominis aka Genestealers (or Jean-stealers). They are mostly basecoasted and ready for highlights as well.

The Broodlords Posse
The newer version of the Genestealers are bigger than their earlier brethren. Also helps heaps for me to tell the groups apart if they are clustered into a single melee.

Oh! And its 22.12.2012 as I post this. The world has not ended and continues to turn. And I for one am glad we are all still here. That is until the Genestealer Invasion in 2017 hehehe!

And on that note, I wish a Very Merry Christmas to All!

Battle At Riemnas

The ice world of Riemnas is located somewhere in the galactic south. The planet is valued by the Imperium for its rich reservoirs of metallic ores and frozen gases. The once pristine white surface of the planet was now marred by alien organisms. A dark stain spreading like an infection around the primary Hive City. The spoor of the xenos Tyranids had begun to embed themselves into the very bedrock of the continent.

Riemnas had sent a distress beacon early in the invasion. It was answered only by Marshal Hadrian of the Black Templars Twin Swords Crusade. That the message was even received in itself was a miracle, as the Black Templars Battlecruiser Baptism was in close promixity having completed a purge of heretics at a nearby system.

The defenders of Riemnas had given a good account of themselves and had largely blunted the space borne tendril of the Tyranid fleet codenamed Leviathan. However, thousands of spores still managed to rain and disgorge thenselves onto the ice world. The battle would be decided on the surface of Riemnas.

Marshal Hadrian and the Emperor's Champion Esymond readied themselves to repel the xenos. Their goal is to slay the leader beasts of this invasion. The Hive Tyrants. The Crusade company's Sword Brethren were making their own preparations for planetfall. Three squads of Sword Brethren were called to duty. The leader beasts were formidable opponents and were surely to be surrounded by much protection.

Reclusiarch Gavel blessed the chosen swords in the name of the Emperor. They have always taken to the field with two of the twelve legendary relic swords in a tradition particular to their Crusade. The sword Dyrnwyn wielded by Hadrian and the blade Courtain, carried by Esymond.

Riemnas WILL be cleansed!!

As can be seen from the above fluff/drama, I had a really good battle with my Crusade's ancient foes, the dreaded Tyranids. Like Dragonslayers of Old, my Templars seek to slay the most powerful of the beasts. I was fortunate to play against Ray's Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan. I myself own a small Tyranid army (Splinter Fleet Mandasar) as well, honored to be a splinter of the great Leviathan.

The battle started with much trepidation as I was facing no less than 6 monstrous creatures. A fitting challenge for the Black Templars!

Sweet footage and account of the battle can be found at Ray's blog at Anything But Ones.

Deployment & Movement
I deployed with 3 of my 5 man Initiate Squads near and on my Objective Marker. They were small squads and multiples helped the chances at least one would survive to hold the objective. My fourth Initiate Squad was placed behind the Shooty Termis. All Initiate Squads armed with 1 Lascannon and 1 Plasmagun.

I spread the Sword Brethren Terminators in a middle right-ish fashion to hold the centre. I placed the Land Raider Crusader on my right to distract my opponent to move towards it if possible.

I then shifted the Land Raider back to the centre-ish line and prepared to bottle neck the beasts. It was now down to fortune to see if my opponent would move towards me through the centre.

I moved the Assaulty Sword Brethren (2 Lightning Claws, 5 TH/SS) ready to converge as many units as possible into the middle next on my turn. He did, but not without me losing almost one squad of Shooty Sword Brethren. At close range his Tyranids were really shoot-ier and weight of fire always down's terminators. My shooty termis squads had 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers each.

With the centre in sight, I unloaded my Assault Terminators and smashed into the oncoming wave of claw and chitin in true BT fashion. Haha!

I basically hung back and shot what I could see, targeting monstrous creatures where possible. I mostly shot the closest units first to thin them down. As the monstrous creatures emerged further afield I laid into them with as much long range firepower as I could.

I was confident in the assault given that my assault termis were mostly intact. Plus I had lots of Thunderhammer attacks and Storm Shield saves still available. Though wounded, the Emperor's Champion Esymond's bravery and prowress were of special note as he brought down the Hive Tyrant in single combat. I rolled better than my opponent hehe!

My Assault Termis went into the front lines by themselves as the Shooty Termis (still pretty handy with multiple Powerfists) both hung back as they had to deal with a Flying Hive Tyrant that landed in my back lines and other oncoming monstrous creatures.

The Templars were fortunate that terrain was in their favour from the beginning, and the enemy moved through the centre as hoped. The leader beasts were slain. For now.

But I have a dread that feeling the Hive Mind has learnt of Black Templar tactics employed this battle. And that victory, if at all possible, will come at a higher price in the next encounter.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tyranid Revamp: The D.O.M.

I'm moving on to my next creature in the Tyranid Army Revamp! This one needs no introduction, being the Doom of Malan'tai. Unfortunately, there is no model out for the DOM yet. So I looked to the Venomthrope and the occupant of a toy that I use as a Mycetic Spore pod to create the Doom.
Me and enrgie (Ray) got a bunch of these egg toys from a Toy Fair some time ago. The toy is made by Mega Bloks and its from their Plasma Hatcher series. Its a great find and the toy is of really good quality. I would definitely encourage others in getting some, if they can get their hands on any still available.

The Conversion
I cut the hatchling toy from the egg at an angle to get the head off. Used a small saw for that. I then cut off the front part of the Venonthrope's head so I could mount the big brain on the body.
I sculpted the brain using greenstuff and some plastic to provide the structure beneath. A fully greenstuffed brain with solid interior would have been far too heavy otherwise.
I did not use the lash whips. Those will be going to my Old Hive Tyrant and Tyranid Prime :) The small claws and arms on the conversion are parts from the Tervigon kit.
He was a bit difficult to balance at the start. I finally solved the issue (hopefully) by adding a metal weight to the back. I also heated up the tail end so it bends behind lower to support the weight. I then included an additional stabilizer using paperclip to pin the model in position.
After priming it black, I was ready to get to painting. Its likeness is not same as the Doom in the Tyranid Codex. Mine has a different backstory and name, but it is a 'counts as' version.

So here is my very own take of the D.O.M....

 Ok just kidding! Not this D.O.M.

This one:
Here is my version of the famous creature, mostly finished except for highlights. I call it the Soulfeeder of Saphene. Will post the backstory at the end ;)
A view of its brainy details. I painted it to look fleshy to give it a more organic feel.
I used it in a few games and it has always provided lots of entertainment on the field of battle. Its really good at distracting the enemy. But left unchecked, it can be quite a pain. I recently picked Biomancy for it, and it rolled the Iron Arm power. I had wanted the Haemorrage power, but Iron Arm really was more effective in the end! It just would not die lol!
I also plan to model an Eldar or human soldier on the base, with a soul coming out of it. I think it'll give the character an even better representation of its Spirit Leech ability.

The Fluff: The Soulfeeder of Saphene

The Soulfeeder is a bio-organism that has brought much terror and ruin to the Shrine World of Saphene. It was first encountered in the Coronis Harbour District, where its mycetic pod must have descended into the coastal waters.

The first sign that something was amiss was when the fish merchants noted incoming vessels all devoid of any attempts at communications. No response came from vox channels when hailed. When the first fishing vessel finally drifted listlessly into the docks, the crew were found lifeless, with nary a scratch on them. 

The ensuing weeks saw more vessels discovered in similar eerie conditions, until one night when the creature finally reached the shores of Coronis Harbour. It rose from the waters on a shimmering field of energy radiating dread and horror. Death had arrived.

Hope all who read this has been duly intrigued.

Have a great week ahead everyone! And Happy Holidays to All :)

Imperial Guard WIP: Lord Commissar

I've been lucky to get a miniature as fine as the Lord Commissar to paint, courtesy of my gaming buddy JaeRoler. The Lord Commissar is supposed to be mainly red and black, but I was given some artistic license to the colors.

As my friend mainly runs his army as to Chaos/Traitor Guard, I was inspired to paint him to some likeness to the baddest and most diabolical character from the Street Fighter universe ;) 
The Lord Commissar who will one day take over the world! Already he leads a powerful Traitor Guard army, bristling with melta, plasma and much ordnance.
I kept his cloak dark out of practicality of the battlefield, and cos' black makes him a little more sinister looking.
He does make quite a dashing figure, especially atop a tank bellowing orders.

Hope to see more of his exploits on the battlefield in games to come!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tyranids Army Revamp: Tyranicus Praefactor

AKA The Hive Tyrant.

As can be seen from my previous few posts, I've caught the Tyranid bug (pun intended) and am repainting my old Tyranids. My old Hive Fleet, Mandasar awakens to of the fleet's bio-alarm clock to a hearty breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner, supper in 6th Edtion :)

Thus, I decided to repaint my metal Hive Tyrant. Had to mount him on a bigger base too.

He or she, or it, is still a work in progress. I kinda used the Tyrant as a test model for the final color scheme. Not a very good thing to do in hindsight. But the Tyrant came through it relatively ok. I think I'll stick with the scheme.

Here he is with Twin Linked Brainleech Devourers. The Devourers are all pinned so I can swap them out for scything talons or Bone swords & Lash Whips.
This old Tyrant is probably much smaller than the newer ones, but I've got a special attachment to this Tyrant as its head reminds me fondly of the xenomorph queen from Aliens. The devourers are made from the Termagant Devourer arms.
Another shot of the Hive Tyrant. The 12 twin linked strength 6 shots are going to be awesome! Its also looking fashionable as I heard Devourers are the preferred accessories of the Tyranid upper class these days.
But that also means I have to decide if I want to shoot the Devourers, or fire off Paroxysm instead. A tough choice, and may depend on the situation at hand I guess.
A close up look at them Brainleech Devourers. I greenstuffed some eyes on them guns. I hope they hit more often now that they are able to see their target heheh!

Parting Shot
This Tyranid WIP also possible because of the new Citadel Screamer Pink (base color) and Game Color Warlord Purple (for highlights).

Hope all had a good weekend. I just recovered again from the sniffles. Looking forward to next gaming session with me buddies as I missed out on this weekend's games.

I wish everyone the pink of health :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tyranids WIP: Tyranicus Chameleo

"Gimme a Kisssss"
Its a brand new week and we are in the first week of the Christmas month :)

I'm currently still working on some of my old Tyranid models for 6th edition. I've been doing mainly head swaps for my 'Nids. The latest 'victim' is the old metal Lictor model.

I've used him in a couple of games and although he does not kill much, he is a worthy distraction for my opponent hehe! I've painted him using the old Citadel Warlock Purple, which is sadly now no longer in production.

The basecoat was Chaos Black with Warlock Purple mix (1:1). I then layered on pure Warlock Purple. The main carapace I painted black, as well as its claws and the other sharp hook like stuff. Highlights were done with Bleached Bone and Warlock Purple mix of 1:1, adding progressively more Bleached Bone with each subsequent highlight.
I painted the flesh hooks a slight purple to give it a third contrasting color. I only Gloss Varnished the head carapace to give it the shiny Alien xenomorph look.
I'm going to be using Warlock Purple only for the bigger and more elite Tyranid organisms as I don't have much of the ol' Warlock Purple paint left.
I usually use the Lictor to represent Deathleaper. This Tyranid special character is really useful. I especially like his Leadership reducing ability as well as being able to reappear anywhere on the board from Reserves.

Moar Genestealers!
A slight variation in the skin tone here as these were done using the 'new' Warlock Purple" otherwise known as Screamer Pink. Its a tad darker than Warlock Purple but still kinda in the same shade..
The one on the green base had a white undercoat, while the one of the right had a black undercoat. Not much significant difference in the shade though haha!

Hope to get more of these guys re-painted soon...but there's a lot going on in personal life with both job and family so it might take while.

Have a great start to the week everyone! And for those on holidays, have a splendid time ;)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tyranids WIPs

I had great fun playing the Tyranids in 6th Edition. I started a Tyranid army many years ago with the aim of making an epic game of aliens vs heroes of the Imperium. Sadly I was more into the heroism of humanity and the alien menace fell into neglect.

I collected many armies from the Imperium to fight the alien menace, but sadly I do not do much battle with Tyranids. Well, I've decided to restart my Tyranid army so I can see the Imperium's battles against them. Except this time, I'm playing the Tyranids, and secretly cheering for the good guys lol!

When I paint up another army, I try to make sure its a color that is different from my existing armies. I decided on Warlock Purple Nids as I have not really seen them before ;)

Above is an Alien Xenomorph from the Alien vs Predator Arcade game that inspired it all.

I did some conversion to add on the Xenomorph heads from Chapterhouse Studios.
I cut the back of the Xenomorph head give the Genestealer and more dog like, bulky look in the front.
Greenstuffed the neck area...
And he's done!

So here's a test model of my converted Alien inspired Genestealer!

I used a basecoat of Abadon Black with Warlock Purple as a base. Then I layered on the Warlock Purple.
Back view of the Genomorph.

I applied the Gloss Varnish to the top of the head for the organic smooth alien feel.
Comin' at cha!

Hive Tyrant WIP
Also did some work on the olde Hive Tyrant. He's seen some battles in the past and is recovering from rubber claw syndrome. He did not hit or wound much during his recent battles lol!

I'll repaint him in the same Warlock Purple scheme.
I modified the lower arms to for weapon options.
 So here he is pretending to be the Swarmlord.
Here he is with Twin Linked Devourers.
A closer pic of the converted Twin Linked Devourers, made from the Termagant Devourer arms.

That's all I got for now :)

Have a good start to the week everyone!