Friday, May 6, 2011

WIP: Flesh Tearers Assault Squad

Not much happening lately, but i did manage to paint up the main colors of the Assault Squad. Their Rhino was painted a week before and they are looking forward to riding in it to battle :)

Have not included the special weapons yet which will be a Flamer and a Meltagun. The Sgt is in the front-middle wielding a power weapon. Next up will be some highlights on the armor and basing.

Another pic of the guys with the camera flash working this time.

And the reason for my painting lag these days...

Warriors Orochi!!

I bought this soon as i saw it. I enjoyed Dynasty Warriors 2 tremendously and Warriors has twice the fun. The Samurai warriors are also a love of mine and its great reading their fluff as well as their historical inspiration online. I've been reading a bit on Japanese feudal history of late. Interesting stuff.

I bought both games for cheap as they were pre-owned. Got Dynasty Warriors for 14 bucks and Orochi for 13 bucks :))

I'll try to get more painting done, but it doesn't seem too likely LOL!

Have a splendid end to the week eveyone! And have a great weekend ahead :)


  1. LOL! I also used to like hack and slash games, played dynasty warrior 1 in ps 1 to dynasty warrior 5 in ps 2. After so many series, finally got bored of it hahaha. but saw in ps 3 theres a gundam version of dynasty warrior, same game but different skins, look interesting.

    More mehreenz!!! I must start painting 24/7 also hahaha

  2. Yeah manz, the hack n' slash plus rtk warriors make a very addictive combo :)

    I might consider the Gundam one, sounds interesting leh!

    Haha! I hardly paint as much now, too much PSP distractions. What are u painting at the moment?

  3. airbrushing my grey knights hahaha, details to be done by hand :(

    pictures will be up once I complete the purifiers.