Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ravenwing Sarge (WIP)

Its been a really short weekend as I had to work on Saturday. But it was enjoyable and I learnt some interesting stuff at work. Hobbying wise, I was distracted yet again after reading the new Dark Angels Codex. Can't say I was surprised..
I did wake up feeling more rested today and painted up a Ravenwing Sarge. Still lots of highlights to do, but the main colors are on target.
Ravenwing Bikers are so much more cooler than normal bikers from other chapters. They have so much individuality in terms of chapter icons and assorted bling! The sarge is armed with a power sword.
Even the headlights of the bike have their chapter symbol! Sometimes I just wonder if their undies also have the winged sword symbol hehehe! It was fun painting the bike model. It helps lots that most of the model is black in color, thus faster to paint. Or rather, appears painted quicker ;)

WIP: Sableclaw
I was looking at my old metal Sammael on Jetbike model longingly the other say. But alas, I felt like it was too much of a hassle to assemble, pin and pin and pin and prime then paint lol!

I decided to go for the Land Speeder version of Sammael instead. Hence Sableclaw. It was an easy conversion from another landspeeder I had primed a while back.
I would have very much preferred the jetbike model as the Sammael appears much more survivable and able to contribute to close combat with his AP2 sword. But convenience eventually outweighed my tactical preference..
Armed with twin linked assault cannons and twin linked heavy bolters with a BS of 6, he will not be missing what he's shooting at. Should be interesting to see how he does in games though, cos he has only 2 hull points.

Well, the work week beckons and so does my Ultramarines. Time to get back to it them!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ravenwing Stash (Plus Army List)

Distracted yet again! No painting done today as I spent time digging out my entire collection of bikers, mainly the scattered contents of 3 Ravenwing battleforces I got roughly 2, maybe 3 years ago. GW plastics are like stocks that just keep appreciating man! Lol! The box sets would be quite expensive to get now...

Here's the Ravenwing Army that I put together mainly from the battleforce sets. Sammael is the old metal model and yes, he is still in the box. The Deathwing squad behind were added as I had no more Ravenwing unit models. Plus their presence is fluffy :) Some of the bikers themselves are metals, from quite a while back.

Click the pic for a larger view.

Below is the list that I came up with using the models available, in accordance to the new unit costs from the just released Dark Angels Codex.

So here it is:
Ravenwing 1750 point list

1 Master of Ravenwing XXXpts
on Jetbike

6 Deathwing Terminators 284pts
3 Thunderhammer /Stormshield, 2 Lightning Claws, 1 Storm Bolter/Chainfist

Troops (Fast Attack)
6 Ravenwing Bikers 206pts
Sgt w/Power fist, 2 Bikers w/ Flamers
6 Ravenwing Bikers 276pts
Sgt w/Power weapon, meltabomb, 2 Bikers w/ Plasmagun
1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta

6 Ravenwing Bikers 276pts
Sgt w/Power weapon, meltabomb, 2 Bikers w/ Plasmagun
1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta

6 Ravenwing Bikers 271pts
Sgt w/Power fist, 2 Bikers w/meltagun
1 Attack Bike w/Multi-melta

3 Land Speeder Typhoons 225pts (Selected as part of Ravenwing Attack Squadron)
Typhoon Missile Launchers

Total: 1738pts

So lots of maneuverability which I'll need it to survive the game. It'll probably be challenging to play. But it sure sounds fun zooming around! Many thanks to crazyrat for providing some of the new Ravenwing bikers from the Dark Vengeance starter set ;)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ultramarines Terminator (WIP)

Its the beginning of the work week, but I've also found time to do some hobbying. I selected the most paint encrusted Terminator and set to painting meself an Ultramarine!
I tried my best to follow as closely to the old Ultramarine Codex colors from 3rd Ed. The old metal Termis do have a certain charm and air of nostalgia about them. I got some Mordian Blue paint and it works better than Regal Blue as a base. I added on a mix of Ultramarines Blue+Mordian Blue mix of (40:60) as a layer.
I then highlighted the edges Ultramarines Blue. This was followed by an highlight mix of Ultramarines Blue+Space Wolves Gray (40:60). The final highlight was one of Space Wolves Gray+Ultramarines Blue (60:40).
I really like the old chevron motifs on the power fist. They add that bit of character and color to the otherwise blue armor.
Back view. Well, not much to say here. I just wonder if they are issued with any thermal!

Oh, and I'm also reading this:
For the Lion!! I'm thinking of finally putting together and playing a Ravenwing Army! And it looks viable without any further miniature purchases ;)

Have a great week ahead all!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

WIP: Techmarine Paxius

Its a really rainy weekend. Plus I was hovering around the edge of falling ill. Good thing the purity seals held hehe! I added on most of the base colors for my converted Techmarine. Above is the Tyranid trophy skull mounted on his power axe, painted in the colors of Hive Fleet Behemoth.

Here he is, mostly done but with need of lots of highlighting and some touching up to the armor. I painted washed Red Gore over a white undercoat. It took about 4 washes and then I layered on some Red Gore. The armor was highlighted with Fiery Orange and Red Gore mix.
Side view of the Mechanicus symbol on his shoulder pad. The servo skull and the Tyranid head appear to be talkin' to each other!
Techmarine Paxius scanning the horizon for more 'Nids to add on his power axe. I really like the servo skull peeking out of his backpack. Also a bit for the Space Marine Devastator box set.
Back view. His backpack is from the Missile Launcher Devastator Marine. I added on a signum/ scanner thingy to it.
Paxius is pictured here with his beloved Thunderfire Cannon. I'm certain they have had many conversations together in complex  binary ;)

Next week appears to be a busy one, with two Saturdays having to be at work.

Take care everyone, and I wish you all pockets of happiness and relaxation even through the storms of life.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thunderfire Cannon (WIP)

Had some time off tonight and did some of the main highlights and colors on the Hailstorm...I mean Thunderfire Cannon ;)
Front view, or rather, the enemy's perspective of the cannon. I painted it as if the cannon is charging up and getting ready for a shot, or shots! Good thing there is no mishaps on the roll like in WH Fantasy.
Side view of the contraption. I painted the armor with Regal Blue as a base. Then Regal Blue and Ultramarines Blue mix for the second layer. The highlights/edging are Ultramarines Blue. Will be adding white to the mix for sharper highlights.
I must say I appreciate the design of the cannon. It looks quite natural in a 40K environment and army.
It was pretty quick to paint up with the model mostly painted Boltgun Metal and then washed with Badab Black.
Can't wait to see how it does in games man! It's really a bargain for its points cost.

Tomorrow's the mid week people! Pressing on towards the weekend!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back on Track

Been doing some more Ultramarines painting and assembly. Successfully resisted against the lure of Chaos...for now. I am sprucing up some old Terminators and just painted up an old Termi Sergeant.
For the armor, I gave him a basecoat of Regal Blue under a white undercoat. Then I layered on the model a mix of Regal Blue and Ultramarines Blue (70:30 ratio). Then I highlighted the edges of the armor with a mix of Ultramarines Blue and Regal Blue (30:70). Then lines of pure Ultramarines Blue at the edges. The final highlights were done using Ultramarines Blue and the new Ceramite White (40:60).
I painted him as closely as I could to the old paint Ultramarines scheme. Him being the sarge means he has the honor of taking one for his squad. Usually he does not survive the heroic act, hehe!
View of side of the terminator sarge. The crux terminatus was much obscured due to many layers of previous paintjobs. I had to highlight the details by re-drawing them with pain. Lol!
Back view of the tactical dreadnought armor. I must say the back sculpt of the mini has stood the test of time. Nothing much of its design has changed as compared to the newer termis.

WIP: "Thunderfire" Cannon
Well..not really. but its close! Here is the Hailstorm Cannon from Mantic Games Warpath that I will use as a 'counts as' Thunderfire Cannon. It made of good quality resin and the assembly was a dream. Assembled this in a bout 5 to 6 minutes. The parts just go together in slots.

Its also way easier on  my Treasury than the cost of the original model. I got 3 of these Hailstorm Cannons for under $60 SGD. I think the cost of the actual Thunderfire in SGD is about $110 to$120 maybe. But to be fair, the actual model does include a Techmarine mini.
Still very much WIP, its just undercoated black. I did some simple conversion and switched the front plating  to the rear. And added a searchlight on the top just for aesthetics.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Full re-charge in progress for me for the coming week ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tzeentchian Chaos Sorceror WIP

Ahh yes...sidetracked again...ahaha! I came across an old aquisition from the past. Its basically just the body of the Ahriman miniature, minus the head, staff and backpack. I got the body cheap from a mini shop in Perth many years ago. I think I paid only 5 bucks for it.

Anyways, I looked at the poor mini with some compassion and decided it was time to spruce it up. I modified a head from the Chaos Space Marine tactical squad. Got a back pack from the Chaos Possessed sprue and some Tzzentch icons from the Chaos vehicle sprue. I think he turned out ok. At least he's got some semblance of a sorceror once again :)

He's still a work in progress. And I'm in the process of putting down the base colors. Some parts like the white front robe is mostly done. The helmet faceplate is also complete, but not the horns.

I had forgotten to take some raw conversion pics, so this WIP pic would have to do. The top half of the staff is made from a plastic toothpick. I plan to paint the staff pinkish and bluish to make it seem more eldritch and shifting in colors. I gave the mini a base coat of Regal Blue. Then I added increasing amounts of Enchanted Blue to it for layers and highlights.
For the back/outer robes, I added Hawk Turquoise to the mix of Regal Blue and Enchanted Blue. Then added the new Ceramite White base to the previous mix for highlights.
Side view. Not too clear here as the horn areas are still unpainted.
The Sorceror accompanied by some Tzeentch-themed Terminators I painted a year ago.

Painting up this mini has tempted me to start a Chaos Tzeentch army, but I WILL resist the lure of Chaos!
But even now the whispers grow stronger. I shall complete this mini with the aid of purity seals, heheh!

Have a great week ahead all!

Hope everyone is doing well thus far into the new year. Stay positive, and always keep the flame of hope burnin'. Change will surely come ;)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

WIP: Ultramarines Tactical Squad

Its 2013!! And a new year for more miniature goodness :)

I actually passed the new year feeling a bit under the weather over last weekend. But I did manage to sack up and painted a couple of Ultramarines from the 3rd Company.

I had a few hours of painting stamina left before the purity seals failed, and got all base colors onto some re-used Space Marines. These are some of my hardcore Space Marine miniatures. Not the uncoated marines from the previous post. They were under their current Ultramarines Blue previously bearing the colors of Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Celestial Lions and Angels of Absolution. 5 hefty coats of paint under the current one!

They are currently well deserving of their 3+ armor save through paint alone lol!
I'm probably not likely to improve on the current paintjob except for some highlights as I want to get this army done quickly.

Courage and Honor!

Have a Super start to the year 2013 everyone! Game on!