Monday, May 30, 2011

An Olde Sarge

I stumbled across this old metal Blood Angel miniature in my collection. I think I got it 7 years ago when i was doing me studies in Perth. I decided to paint him up quick to complete the 9 man Flesh Tearers Tactical Squad that has been patiently or impatiently awaiting their sergeant ;P

"Looky there! Charge!" Gotta do up his banner soon. Still workin' on a design.

Side view of the Vet Sarge. He's sending a message to aspiring Scouts of the chapter.

Other side view of chapter symbol.

Back view. Kinda reminds me of John Travolta dancing in Saturday Night Fever haha!

Monday's almost to a close as is the last minute online orders for GW toys. I can just imagine generals across the galaxy calling in vital reinforcements before the mother of all Warpstorm erupts..

Well here's to the good times! And never stop gaming ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Nothing much happening today, just a lazy Sunday weekend. I was encouraged by the draw result of my Flesh Tearer's army during a fun battle on Saturday. This inspired me to finish up the touches on the Flesh Tearers, specifically their chapter symbol.

Managed to find an easy way to do the Flesh Tearer's symbol.

Firstly i painted on a circle using Codex Grey on the shoulder pad. Then another layer of Codex Grey+Skull White. And finally pure Skull White.

I painted the blood drop in the middle using Red Gore.

For the saw blade effect, i just painted outward lines with a fine brush. I painted 3 lines per facing of the circle using north, south, east, west direction. It was not equal all the time but it did the job.

The Veteran Sgt's power weapon is from the blade I cut off the Reaper Miniature i used to convert into my Wood Elf Banner Bearer. I decided to make the blade look like it has some organic bits.

I named the blade Razorthorn. The fluff surrounding Razorthorn is that the teeth are from a Miral Land Shark from the Deathworld of Miral. The Vet Sgt bested the creature in single combat and used its razor sharp teeth to fashion into a brutal power weapon.

Have a great start to the week all!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Festivities

I went down to the local GW today for the launch of their Finecast minis. Also managed to get a game of 40K in! Nice!

Seriously Brief Batrep
I was using a Flesh Tearers list versus a Blood Angels list. It was closely fought.

His list as i remembered:


10 man Tac
Multimelta, Sgt with Power fist Plasmagun

10 man Tac Plasmagun, Missile launcher, Sgt with Power sword

10 man Assault (Jump pack) Infernus, Sgt with Power weapon

Storm Raven Hurricane Bolters, Plasmacannon, Multimelta

Mine was:
Chief Librarian Phoston 2**pts
(counts as Mephiston)

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought 175pts
Smoke launchers, Storm Bolter

Assault Squad 260pts

10 Marines (1 Meltagun, 1 Flamer, Sgt w/Powerfist)
Rhino (Extra Armor/ Smoke Launchers)

Tactical Squad 205pts
10 Marines
(1 Plasmagun, 1 Missile Launcher)
Sgt with Powerfist

Tactical Squad 110pts

5 Marines
(1 Meltagun)
Sgt with Power weapon

Grand Total: 1000pts

I wasn't allowed to use the cool converted Mephiston counts as in store, and my opponent graciously loaned me his for the game haha!

The game setup was table quarters with 3 objectives.

Mephiston killed his 10 man Assault Squad and managed to wound the Sanguinor twice before going down. I also lost the 10 man Tac to shooting and assault.

I managed to luckily wreck his Storm Raven on Turn 3 and my Furioso Dreadnaught tied up/ got tied up with the Sanguinor who was on his last wound.

We both held an objective each and we contested the remaining one. My 5 man Tac squad held one objective in the open while opponent held his in a building. The contested objective had his 10 man Tac vs my 10 man Assault Squad. The game ended there with a roll of a 2 on Turn 5.

It was a really fun game and we had quite a few laughs. Really enjoyed the game!
I later realized he was using his tourney 1250 point list. I could have added my Death Company guys, they may have made the difference....or not ;P

New Stuff!
After being caught up in the excitement, I bought a Wood Elf Lord with Great Weapon made from the new resin materiel. I must say I'm really impressed by the quality of the resin. Was kinda skeptical at first, but now I'm sold :)

I'll be using him as he is, i.e. a Wood Elf Lord. The clean crispness of the mini allows me to clean up the model better as I can see where the extra bits I'll need to trim off.

The packaging is also sealed in, so you would need scissors or hobby knife to cut it open.

A closer view of the fine miniature. I'm pretty happy that it will not chip the paint once its on, and its really really light as well.

There were alot of other miniatures I saw done resin as well. I saw the Farseer with Warlocks box set, the Marneus Calgar with Bodyguard, Chaos Raptors box set and Plague Marines box set as well as other Space Marine characters. They included The Emperor's Champion, Terminator Libby and Hive Guard.

Have a happy weekend all!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wood Elf Spellsinger

I selected another excellent miniature from Reaper's Pathfinder range to represent my Wood Elf Spellsinger. The mini is superbly sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick. I also got the really awesome Iconic version of Seoni sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.

Front view. She's wielding the Wand of the Wych Elm.

Side view. I'll be using her as a Spellsinger most of the time, but she is also doubling up at the moment as my Spellweaver.

Other side view. For the actual Spellweaver, I plan to use the Morvahna Autumnblade model from Privateer Press. Its another really nicely sculpted mini.

Back view.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :))

Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Special Feeling..

The weather over here is getting really chilly. Winter may have already come. But i'm glad for the Christmas in June, cos my package from Wayland Games has arrived!

There is nothing like the feeling of receiving your latest minis in the mail :)) Its a special kind of wonderful..

Tau Empire purchases: 5 Crisis Suits, a Battleforce, a Vespid box set (cos i like the look of the minis) and a Tau Commander from Direct Order.

Sadly these may be one of the last orders i get from Wayland Games due to the embargo by GW.

What last orders will everyone be getting in before the snack bar closes?

I'll probably go with more Tau stuff to round off the army, and some goodies from Maulifax and Warmachine.

Good shopping all ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Treekin Soldier

I really wanted to field some Treekin for my Wood Elves army. But the models are really expensive here ($37 per model) and they are also metal. Plus I did not really fancy their sculpt. So I decided to try to make my own.

Bought some toy soldiers for $2 at the Reject Shop.

They will form the base structure of the model.

Selected a test plastic soldier for my test model. He'll be losing his gun and radio pack soon heheh!

I superglued the dude to the base and added greenstuff.

Still a work in progress. I'm gonna try to add some leaves and more testure. Will also have to work on the 'face'. Added some extra plastic bits from Dryad box set. Will wait for the greenstuff to harden before i do more.

Its a nice change from painting :)

Monday, May 23, 2011


Fantasy Wood Elf Battle Standard Bearer

Or Back Street Boy as Ray calls it hehe! This is my conversion using a Reaper Miniature. Added Wood Elf banner, bow and some arrows. I found that the Wood Elves benefit from a brighter color scheme. Tried darker greens like Catachan Green and Dark Angels Green and they were not too good.

Back view. I did not fancy sculpting leaves on his cloak , so I just painted them on :)

Stop! Don't run away!

Ready to re-roll those morale checks :))

Have a successful and vibrant week ahead everyone!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

LOTR: Wood Elf Banner Bearer

This be my first time painting a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) miniature. The mini belongs to Silas. He's another nice dude I met GW. He's also from Singapore and but is now living in sunny Brissie :)

I must say the LOTR minis are smaller than the usual WH 40K and Fantasy ones. But still interesting to paint with nice details.

Side view. Did some basing and still waiting for the sand to dry.

Back view. Last highlights to be added after paint is dry.

If I was to collect a LOTR army, it would definitely be the Riders of Rohan. I am still very much enthralled by the inspiring charge of the Rohirrim at the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Also Theoden's battle speech just before the mass cavalry charge really stokes the fires of battle :)

"Arise! Arise! Rid­ers of Théo­den!
Spears shall be shak­en, shields shall be splin­tered!
A sword-​day! A red day, ere the sun ris­es!
Ride now, ride now, ride! Ride for ru­in and the world's end­ing!
Death! Death!
Forth Eor­lin­gas!"

And on that note, I'm glad all of us are still around and the world has not ended hahaha!

May we all have many more weekends of joy and laughter to come ;)


Friday, May 20, 2011


Some Progress Made...

It is a huge model and my brushes were now gettin' frayed. I'm gonna to have to get new ones soon :) Still got highlights to do and some cleanup work.

Side view.

Other side view.

Back view.

Top-front view.

Back view from the top.

Am also going to have to hand the Mawloc back to the owner soon, like today haha! Will do the best i can in the next few hours ;)

The internet connection really sucks with Vodafone...and i'm living in the heart of the city! Can't seem to type much these days before the connection goes to heaven lol!

Have a good Friday and a great weekend ahead everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP: Of Tyranids and Elves


The Mawloc is still in the early stages of painting. I just managed to put the major colors onto the model, mainly Catachan Green and Khemri Brown.

I estimate most of the detail work to be done on the carapace and bone areas. My plan for the green fleshy areas will be mostly be drybrushing, and in some areas layered.

Some of the interior areas of the carapace were a bit difficult to reach as the model came fully assembled.

Wood Elf Noble: Battle Standard Bearer

This is my recent conversion of a Wood Elf BSB. Still WIP, waiting for the glue and greenstuff to dry.

The miniature is from Reaper Miniature's Pathfinder range. The name of the model is The Scribbler. Not sure why he's called that. But I was drawn to the model's feral look and he also kinda reminds me of a Waywatcher.

After snipping off the two swords, I placed a banner in his left hand and a bow in his right. Tucked in the interior of the cape at his waist is also a bunch of arrows. In game terms, he will be armed with a Battle Standard and the Hail of Doom Arrow (represented by the arrows) if points allow. Also Asyendi's Bane (a magical bow) to shoot the arrows.

A Dryad-a-Day
I'm also planning to paint a Dryad everyday. Hope i can maintain it.
Anyway, here's today's Dryad :)

If i can paint another 12 i'll have another unit ready. Then i'll do the details and basing all at once.

Also watched a historical drama of Emperor Nero of ancient Rome on TV today. It was quite interesting. The film ended with him declared Emperor. I guess it was a happy ending for the film. It was not until i did some research and found that he didn't do very well after that. What is it with Emperors that they don't usually make it haha! I guess running a country ain't that easy.

Right! Thats all for today.

Will be giving the Mawloc a wash of Thraka Green to kick start the paintjob.

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Dryads WIP

The Handmaidens of the Forest
Managed to finish the primary colors and majority of the shading for the Dryads. I also did some basic basing with some sand. The sand was still drying at the time the pic was taken. I'll add on the oregano leaves after the sand has dried.

I am quite enamoured with my Dryads at the moment. Finding a color scheme that i liked and able to paint was a huge factor. Above pic is of a group of 12 Dryads.

First rank of the Dryads below:

The brownish Dryad can represent the unit champion if i do field one.

Second rank of 6 Dryads in below pic:

They are ready to Skirmish!

All the Dryads were painted with GW paints.

First layer was a foundation paint called Knarloc Green.
After the foundation has dried I gave the ladies a Thraka Green wash. When dry, this was followed by a wash of Thraka Green+Badab Black (60/40 ratio).

I then mixed Knarloc Green with Gretchin Green (60/40) for the first layer on most raised areas of the model. This is followed by a layer of Gretchin Green.

Highlights follows next. I added Bleached Bone+Gretchin Green (70:30 ratio) and layered it on. This was followed by Gretchin Green+Bleached Bone again (30:70 ratio). The last layer of highlight was just adding a bit of Skull White to the previous mix.

For the eyes and inner mouth, i wanted to go for a bluish glow. I used Regal Blue for the base of the eye. Then a dot of Enchanted Blue on the eyes. This was followed by a highlight of Enchanted Blue+Skull White (20:80 ratio) dotted onto the centre of each eye.

Blast from the Past
Below are some pics of my Glade Guard archers. These guys are from the older range of Wood Elves minis from GW.

They were painted 5 or more years ago. Don't think i'll be re-painting them haha! I got 20 painted here and 5 more lying around.

Side view.

Back view.


The above mini is from Reaper Miniatures. Her name is Seoni. I plan to use her as my Spellweaver. She's an excellent mini. There is an excellently painted version of the mini on the Reaper website with tribal tattoos. I'm holding off painting her at the moment till some inspiration strikes :)

Hope everyone had a good Monday. All the best for the rest of the week!

Edit: Added Glade Guard Archers and Spellweaver

Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Green Hobbying

Some Updates
Hmm..I'm not sure what happened to the comments of my previous posts. Seems to be gone lol!

Anyways, I'm glad to report that the guy whom i painted the Tyranids for loved them! Which was a huge relief :)

More Dryads
I painted up another 'test' Dryad for consistency. And its kinda there. Not much difference from the second Dryad from the first.

Above is the most recent repaint of my forest ladies. They were all brown and bleached bone before their makeover.


I managed to do some basing as well, which is rare as I don't usually base my models.

I used the basic sand for the base. Also added something additional to make the leaves on the forest floor. And the secret ingredient is...

Oregano Leaves!

They smell great and they make a really neat forest/ leaves basing. And its just $3 for a huge bag! I got mine from Mick's Nut Shop from the West End ;) They looked a bit like weed from the outset haha! Not too sure whether to paint over the base or just leave it. The effect is quite natural looking as is.

Coming Up (of the ground)

I also received this Tyranid Mawloc from the same guy to paint. I have not handled or painted a Mawloc before, just saw it in the White Dwarf magazines and other people's games. Its quite the large model and looks really fearsome! Its gonna be fun painting this.

Thats all for the day ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!