Sunday, June 11, 2017

40K WIP: Khorne Berzerkers

I was looking through some Khorne Chaos Space Marines art from Google Images and found this really nice piece of art. I am as yet unsure of the artist but it is definitely a great piece! And made me divert from my Black Templars and Sylvaneth to paint up a Khorne Berzerker :)
I had some Khorne Berzerker miniatures from about 6 years back. And finally found them. I quickly primed one and painted him up.
I really like the warm and vivid, yet dark portrayal of the blood mad Khorne Berzerkers in the art, and tried to follow the art as much as I could.
I used Khorne Red as a base coat for the miniature. Then I layered on some Evil Sunz Scarlet to Khorne Red to create a brighter hue. I then used pure Evil Sunz Scarlet as a final layer for the armor.
However, I only layer on the Evil Sunz Scarlet after the gold details are painted so that the Khorne Red at the base can still be seen to create some depth and shadows.
For the bright brass or gold, I used a base of Jokaero Orange. Then I mixed Jokaero Orange with Averland Sunset. Then more Averland Sunset to the mix. Then just pure Averland Sunset. The highlights were done using Dorn Yellow mixed with Averland Sunset. Then Dorn Yellow for a final highlight to the raised areas only.
The highlights of the armor was done using Evil Sunz Scarlet with Jokaero Orange. The final highlights and scars on the armor were done using mostly Jokaero Orange with a bit of Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Got the mini mostly painted. Back to the Black Templars and Sylvaneth...I hope..

Have a great week ahead everyone. Keep hobbying, even if it means just painting something for a minute a day!