Monday, April 28, 2014

WIP: Tempestor Prime & Tokens

The last week was a really long one. Didn't get much sleep in, and it feels weird. Like the colors are too bright haha! I was reading through the new IG codex in planning for a campaign and decided to add more to the dramatis personae. Decided to use a Reaper Miniature I got a while back to represent a Scion Tempestor Prime, aka Storm Trooper Command Squad Sgt.
I painted him in the red and black of the Inquisition. The miniature is from Reaper's Chronoscope Range. His name is Nick Stone, IMEF Squad Leader sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
Its a really handsome model with a nice pose. Cool yet somewhat aggressive.
He's got a big ass gun that I'm going to take as a counts as a Plasma Pistol.
Back view. The miniature has really nice lines and clean cut details that were just a joy to pick out.
Another shot of the handsome devil in a heroic pose. He would make a fine Tempestor Prime counts as model.

WIP:Tokens (Fragments of Power)
I'm still working on the props for the upcoming 3 turn campaign in May. Not sure if its gonna take off. But i'll keep plugging at it anyways. I got these beads from a really awesome beads shop in Chinatown. The base is from numerous Reaper mins which I have not been using, so I got a lot of those.
I placed some matchsticks in the middle to fill up the gap and just glued the triangle bead pieces on top. I did add some green stuff to the base of each triangle bead for weight.
I based them in some Talus and they are mostly done. I may not even need to add color or paint them. These tokens represent the pieces of arcane power fragments. I like the alien yet beautiful design on the triangle pieces.

Well that's all I gots for now. Going to catch some Zs.

Have a great week ahead everyone. Here's to the next holidays :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

WIP: Inquisitorial Stormtrooper

It has been a quiet weekend so far. And I'm quite excited to prepare for a Narrative Campaign in May. Not sure if it'll eventually pan out but its a fun exercise haha! I'll be including the Inquisition in the narrative, hence the Storm Troopers. There'll be aliens and other xenos stuff as well :)
I found about 20 of the metal Storm Troopers, and it seemed such a waste for them to be unused. Decided to paint them up in the colors of the good ol' Inquisition.
This is one of the first test models. Mostly black carapace armor with dark red fatigues. I used the old Red Gore mixed with Black for the base. Then layered on pure Red Gore. Highlights done with Red Gore and Evil Sunz Scarlet mix.
I also gave him a little Inquisition shoulder pad to show his allegiance.
It was fun painting the miniature. It really reminds me how fast time has passed. We now have a new IG Codex already. I mean Astra Militarum codex heheh! I'm also preparing some terrain and Relics for the narrative. Hope it will be in time with the job demands.

Eldar WIP
Repainting some Dire Avengers as well and the dude above is my test model. I gave it a Regal Blue basecoat. Then I added Enchanted Blue to the Regal Blue (50:50 mix). Then Enchanted Blue and Regal Blue layer (70:30). Then watered down later of Enchanted Blue. The highlights were done with Enchanted Blue and White mix (30:70).

Have a great weekend all! And Blessed Easter :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

WIP: Guardians and Spectres

Been really busy lately once I started at my new job. Its still meaningful and exciting, but really tiring at the same time. To liven things up, I've been adding more of the living to my Iyanden Craftworld Eldar. I had only the one Eldar Guardian for the longest time, like 5 years! He definitely looked really lonely and despondent every time I glanced over at the shelves.
I decided to make him part of a complete squad of 10 :) It was difficult to paint when I get home each day, cos the energy levels are not high at all lol! So I base painted the major areas of the mini, like the armor during the weekend first.

And thereafter, every evening of the week, I painted just one area in the models. I painted the helmets blue on Monday (cos its Monday). And I painted the guns black on Tuesday. Then the basic shade for the gems on Wednesday. I painted just the eyes on Thursday. And on Friday, I did some highlights. The models themselves (sans the base) were kinda almost done on Saturday.
And here they are. Just need some basing to be done on the weekend! I didn't give them a Weapons Platform as its quite expensive (points wise) purchase. And the Guardians will probably be hiding in a Serpent or in backfield claiming objectives.

Colors Used:
For the basecoat I used Citadel Averland Sunset. Then I washed the models with Seraphim Sepia. I then layered on a mix of Averland Sunset and Yrie Yellow. Then more Yriel Yellow for the next layer. The highlights were a mix of Yriel Yellow and white. I'm currently using Game Color White Primer.

I basecoated Regal Blue. Then Regal Blue and Enchanted Blue mix. Highlighted with pure Enchanted Blue.

WIP: Eldar Shadow Spectres
I also finally rolled out the Shadow Spectres purchased almost 2 years ago. Did not start any paint work on them yet.

They do fit really well into the Iyanden scheme of things although their Phoenix Lord is from the Mymeara Craftworld. But the Spectres do take their place after death as Wratihguards, guarding the Shadow Spectre Shrine. Fighting on even after death.
They took quite a while to assemble! All those cloth bits that float in the wind lol!
I bought the squad and the Phoenix Lord. Decided not to get the Exarch as the Phoenix Lord model can be used to double up as an Exarch or an Autarch with Spectre wargear.
Although it took a while to put together, the amount of creativity allowed from the placement of the various cloth bits was quite fun. Good thing they are resin, so it was not too difficult. The Spectres are really cool looking and characterful models.

Hope to do more hobbying as I get back to the grind. Take care everyone!