Thursday, August 26, 2010

Projected Projects

Necron Army

I am at the tail end of my Necron Army project. Its been a fun experience and the process brought about many questions for me about mortality and the price of vengeance. A lot of food for thought there as well(and i'm not referring to the creations of the Old Ones hehe).

This is however merely the beginning, as the followers of Mephet'ran will still be taking to the field of battle ;) I have also posted up my Army Profile for the Necrons at Anything But Ones blog.


I've just finished reading the novel Helsreach. I would recommend it as its a great read. I am thusly inspired to work on my Black Templars again :))

The Ravenor Project

Today also sees me receiving my orders from Reaper Miniatures. This brings Ravenor's team to near completion. I'm only lacking the mini to represent Wystan Frauka (aka The Psychic Blank/ Untouchable).

The minis i received from Reaper this week were Reggie Van Zandt and Nick Stone, both sculpted by the talented B. Jackson. Reggie is the dude with the big a$$ Rotator cannon gun. He will be a good representation of Zeph Mathuin. I just have to sculpt him some dreadlocks. The other mini directly behind Ravenor's chair is Nick Stone, and he will be representing Harlon Nayl. The gun he's holding can be a counts as Hercutar pistol.

Will post updates again as they happen ;)

The weekend is around the corner. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Harvest Begins...

Managed to get in a game at the LGS yesterday :)

I had planned to use my Destroyer Lord, but a challenge was laid out by my opponent to the Deceiver, who responded with much mirth.

It was a battle for the Necrons against the Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapters.

Crimson Fist List

Pedro Cantor

Librarian in Terminator Armor
Might of Ancients, Gate (Teleport power)

Venerable Dreadnaught
Multimelta, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor

5 Terminators:
1 with Lightning Claw
4 with Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

Tactical Squad 1 (Cantor joins this Squad)
6 Marines
Sgt with Powerfist, 1 Marine with Plasmagun

Tactical Squad 2
6 Marines: Plasmacannon, Plasmagun

5 Scouts
1 Heavy Bolter
3 Sniper Rifles
Sgt with Bolt Pistol/ CCW

Not sure of opponent’s exact points cost.

Necrons List:


10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Warriors

3 Necron Destroyers
3 Necron Destroyers
3 Scarab Swarms

Total: 996 points

Opponent won first turn and deployed everything. I kept both Necron Warrior squads in reserve. Objectives were placed. I tried to seize initiative and rolled a 1.

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead

The following BatRep is a bit of a read be prepared ;)
Crimson Fist Turn 1

Tac Sqd 1 with Pedro Cantor move forward towards the Aegis Line for cover.
Librarian and Terminators do the Gate of Infinity and after some scattering land up near the Necron objective.
Ven. Dread moves forward towards Ruins 1, readying its Multimelta.
Scouts stay put and train whisper the Rites of Firing.
Tac Sqd 2 does not move and guards the Crimson Fist Objective.
Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 Run towards the Statue.
Termis and Libby also Run, now even closer to Necron objective.
Ven. Dread shoots Multimelta and takes down a Destroyer.


Necrons Turn 1

Deceiver moves through Ruins 1 and smiles at Libby and Termis.
Scarabs move forward to speed bump Ven Dread.
Destroyers 1 move up and train their guns on Ven Dread.
Destroyers 2 move out and train their guns on Termis.

Destroyers 1 shoot at Ven Dread, only manage to cause it to be Shaken. Ven Dread can still move.
Deceiver uses Deceive power on Termis and they pass morale easily. Deceiver stands right in front of Termis and Libby.
Destroyer 2 shoot at Termis and do 5 wounds, all saved on 2+.


Crimson Fists Turn 2

Ven Dread. moves towards Scarabs and stops 1 inch away.
Termis and Libby move towards Deceiver.
Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 move forwards Aegis Line nearest to Necron quarter.
Scouts do not move.
Tac Sqd 2 does not move.

Scouts shoot at Deceiver and do 1 wound, which was saved.
Ven Dread shoots Scarabs and misses.

Ven Dread charges Scarabs and wounds them 3 times. All Scarabs instant killed.
Termis and Libby charge Deceiver who uses Misdirect ability and gleefully floats away. Termis and Libby consolidate.

Necrons Turn 2

Reserve Rolls made. Only one Necron Warrior Squad come in behind the crater.

Deceiver moves up near. Termis and Libby. Deceiver looks at Pedro Cantor with interest.
Destroyers 2 move behind Necron Warriors.

Deceiver uses Deceive on Pedro’s squad but he passes morale easily.
Necron Warriors and Destroyers 2 shoot Termis and Libby. 1 Termi fails his 2+ save and dies.
Destroyers 1 shoot at Ven Dread, but to no effect.

Crimson Fist Turn 3

Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 surge forwards towards Necron Warriors.
Ven Dread moves towards Destroyers 1.
Termi and Libby moves charges Deceiver again.
Pedro Cantor, Tac Sqd 1 and Scouts shoot at Necron Warriors accounting for 2 casualties. WBB rolls to be made next turn.
Ven Dread assaults Destroyer Sqd 1 and wipes them out.
Termis and Libby assault Deceiver who again Misdirects and opponent consolidates 1 inch from him again.

NecronsTurn 3

Reserve Rolls made and my last Necron Warrior Sqd turns up.
WBB: I fail my WBB rolls for the 2 Necron Warriors downed last turn.

Deceiver looks irritated at Termis and Libby.
Both Necron Warrior Squads stays put.
Destroyers do not move as well.

Both Warrior squads and Destroyers shoot at Pedro Cantor and Tac Sqd 1, inflicitng 3 casualties. Pedro passes moral.

Deceiver charges Termis and Libby. Libby and 1 Termi are killed, their invulnerable saves no protection at all.

Crimson Fist Turn 4

Pedro and Tac Sqd 1 move towards Necron Warriors directly in front of them.
Ven Dread moves up and around Ruins 1.

Tac Sqd 1 and Pedro Cantor shoot at Necron Warriors. Plasmagun taking one Warrior down.
Scouts shoot Destroyers and one falls to Rending shot from a sniper rifle.
Deceiver kills off Termis and consolidates towards Pedro Cantor.
Pedro Cantor and Tac Sqd 1 assaults Necron Warriors. Pedro and Sgt’s Powerfists take out 3 Warriors. Warriors hit back and surprisingly down one Marine.
Warriors pass morale check.

Necrons Turn 4

Deceiver moves towards Pedro Cantor and Tac Sqd 1.
Warrior Sqd 1 still in combat with Pedro and gang.
Warrior Sqd 2 moves up towards Necron objective.
Destroyers move toward Scouts in Bastion.

Destroyers shoot Scouts and despite their improved cover save, 3 go down. Scouts pass morale check.

Deceiver charges Pedro and remnants of Tac Sqd 1 wiping them out.

Crimson Fists Turn 5

Ven Dread moves towards Necron Objective.

Ven Dread fires Multimelta at Deceiver but Deceiver makes his Invuln save.


Necrons Turn 5

Deceiver and both Necron Warrior Squads move towards Necron Objective.
Destroyers move towards direction of Dreadnaught.
Deceiver runs 1 inch.
Necron Warriors and Destroyers shoot at Ven Dread. Although Destroyers cause 2 Imobolised results, the Ven Dread rule for rerolls only cause him to be shaken.


Turn 6 ensues as a 5 is rolled! Again I lengthen my games lol!

Crimson Fists Turn 6

Ven Dread moves towards Necron Warriors 2.

Ven Dread fire Multimelta and a Warrior dies with no WBB.
Plasma cannon from Tac Sqd 2 fires and Hits! 4 Warriors go down.

Ven Dread assaults and only kills one more Warrior. No WBB for warrior.
Next turn only 4 Warriors can do WBB.

Necrons Turn 6

All 4 Warriors make WBB rolls!

Deceiver moves towards Ven Dread.
Destroyers turbo boost to Crimson Fist objective.

No Shooting.

Deceiver destroys Ven Dread despite opponent making me re-roll for all the Pen. Results. Ven Dread explodes but cause no wounds to Necrons. Deceiver consolidates 6 inches towards remaining Space Marines.

Crimson Fists Turn 7


Plasma cannon, Plasmagun and rapid fire bolters kill off the Destroyers. I had to make 8 saves and failed 2.


Necrons Turn 7

Warrior Squads surround home objective.
Deceiver moves forward.
Deceiver uses Deceive on Tac Sqd 2 but they pass on an D6 roll of 8.


Game Ends and the result is a DRAW.

The Deceiver has yet again single handedly helped me to a draw. He's an awesome miniature and a beast in combat. I did forget to use the Grand Illusion power again. I could have redeployed at the other side of the table and his Ven Dread would have to walk a lot further to get to me.

Not sure if leaving my Necron Warriors in Reserve was a good idea. I could have used the extra firepower in Turn 2.

Note: Necron graphics used without permission from Forum Necron. No challenge intended to original artiste. I will gladly remove the graphics upon request.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Reaper Lord

My Necron Destroyer Lord is almost done! :))

Got him painted up fast as he will be following me tomorrow for a game. I will hopefully be able to get a game in to playtest how he works. Will swap the Deceiver for him and also adding 1 Tomb Spyder and 2 Destroyers to my 1K list.

Front View.

Side view.

Back View.

A lot of details on this one. I made it easier to paint by spamming Boltgun Metal and washes ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Something Fantasy...

I have not painted anything Fantasy in a while. So here's the first test model for my Bretonnian Peasant Archers.

I did some research on the colors on the clothing of medieval peasants. Turns out they mostly dress in russet browns and linen. Some greens, yellows and maybe blues were also present, taken from plant dyes. Only the Nobility wore black, red, gold and had silk.

The yellow and red shield trinkets denote his allegiance to Duke Bohemond of Bastonne.

The colors look subdued and not too flashy, but i thought it was fitting for a lowly peasant heheh!

Something 40K...

Something for the Inquisition...

Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor (inside)

This is Ravenor's grav-chair.

I added some bitz and primed it black. Put a coat of Chaos Black on it as well. Its also test mounted on a Terminator base. I'm going to be adding more details and highlights :)

Will also be dreaming up some stats for him. Still a work in progress.

Thats it for today. The sun is setting and i'll rest me brush for the day ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The 4 Necron Destroyers below are from a very recent purchase. Just have some detailing work to be done. They are however good to go as they are for the gaming table. This will bring my Destroyer models to 10.

The gang of 4 on their wobbly flyin' bases. The one Destroyer in the rear is poseable as he is pinned from the chest to the skimmer body.

Another view. All the green rods are glued with PVA on the ends. I've seen better versions of the Gauss weaponary using paper clips to substitute the rods. But i'm too lazy to try it haha!

Destroyer Lord Assembly

The poseable Destroyer will also double up as a Destroyer Lord if needed.

The Destroyer Lord combination. Will still have to paint up the lord's body. He was ok to pin together, not too much hassle. I'll have to find another base though as its being a tad unstable.

Thats all for today ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomb Spyders

I also just had my Tomb Spyders done up :)

Their first Tomb awakening in a long long time.

Side view of the Spyders. Probably on their way to the men's room after a decade of slumber lol!

They were like their Necron brethren quick to paint up. I added some gold on the legs to tie them in with their leader, The Deceiver himself.

I'll probably be using them to support my Necron Warriors from the back lines. They will help with WBB rolls and provide some distraction in the form of countercharge when needed.

Necron BatRep

Planet Strike!
I had a game at the local GW on Saturday. There was a Planet Strike Campaign going on with the backdrop of a Daemonic Incursion. I was playing my shiny new Necron army. I was going up against IG. It was only a 1000pt game as space and table space was kinda limited in the store.

Mission: Seize and Destroy
I needed to be in base contact with the Bastion (vital objective) without any of my opponent's unit present in order to win.

Opponent's Strategems:
Trench Network

My Strategem:
Darken the Skies (good fluff choice i think)

Opponent's List
I can't remember the specific armaments of opponent's squads but they had a mix of flamers, grenade launchers and meltaguns.

Company Cmd

Guardsman Marbo

Platoon Cmd
Infantry Squad 1
Infantry Squad 2
Infantry Squad 3
Infantry Squad 4
Penal Legion Squad (Gunslingers)


Leman Russ Demolisher w/Lascannon/ Sponson Heavy Bolters

My List:

1x The Deceiver

10x Necron Warriors
10x Necron Warriors

3x Destroyers
3x Destroyers
3x Scarab Swarms

I rolled and got 4 Firestorms. They ALL landed up as 4 craters at the back of my opponent's table quarter LOL! Not one guardsman was injured.

Necrons Turn 1

Necron Turn 1


1 Squad of warriors and 1 Squad Destroyers do not come in. I roll 2 for Reserve roll.

I moved up Deceiver 6 inches and he ran 5 inches to hide behind statue.

Necron warriors walked on 6 inches from hill.

Scarabs and Destroyers move 12 inches to get as close to Ruins 1 as possible for cover.


I shot Destroyers at Infantry 1 and did 3 wounds, all were saved.

Assault: None.

IG Turn 1

IG Turn 1: I informed opponent in advance I will use the Darken the Skies Strategem ahead of his shooting phase.


IG squads and tanks come in left and right. Mainly they come on to my Deployment Zone where most of my troops are at. Opponent rolls mostly 5 and 6 for which Board Edge his forces come in. The Chem cannon on the Banewolf and the Meltas and Flamers on the infantry are bad news. Marbo also comes in!


A shooting orgy from infantry and tanks sees the Necrons down to 3 Warriors. 2 Destroyers are also down. Of the fallen Necrons, only 2 Warriors do not qualify for WBB next turn (they were wounded by meltas).

Marbo and Platoon Cmd squad shoot at Deceiver but fail to cause any wounds.

1 base of Scarabs die. Scarabs amazingly make 3 out of 6 armor saves from a flamer. Flamer caused 3 wounds so I have to take double wounds cause it’s a template attack.


Infantry 4 charge remaining Necron warriors and are wiped out. Infantry consolidates forward to Ruins 1 as does the Penal Legion. Necrons make all morale checks. Infantry 3 charge Scarabs and kills them all with no losses.

Necron Turn 2

Necrons Turn 2: My remaining Necrons all come in from Reserves.

WBB: All Destroyers make their WBB rolls J


Deceiver moves 6 inches towards IG Infantry 1.

Warriors come in behind Infantry 4 and Penal Legion. Destroyers Sqd 2 come in behind Banewolf.

Destroyers Sqd 1 move forward to front of Ruins 1.


Warriors rapid fire Infantry 4, leaving only a single flamer guardsman alive. He rolls double 1’s for morale. Insane Courage!!

Destroyers Sqd 2 behind Banewolf shoot and destroys its Chem cannon (yaay!) and also shakes it. Banewolf can move but not shoot next turn.

Destroyer Sqd 1 shoots at Infantry 3 and only one guardsman survives. He runs.

Deceiver uses Deceive ability on Infantry 2 and they fail moral and run 11 inches towards opponent’s table edge.


Only Deceiver charges into Infantry 1 and deal 4 wounds. Infantry fails moral and runs, but is wiped out due to sweeping advance. Deceiver consolidates within 3 inches of Infantry 2, who will have to continue fleeing.

IG Turn 2

IG Turn 2:


Marbo and Platoon Cmd chase after the Deceiver.

Hellhound moves to position to flame Necron warriors. Penal Legion moves and turns around to be in position for rapid fire. Banewolf moves downhill.

Infantry 2 flees off the table. Com Cmd earlier tried orders for Infantry 2 to “Get back into the Fight” but fails on a roll of 10.

Lone guardsman from Infantry 3 continues fleeing.


Hellhound, Penal Legion and Lone guardsman from Sqd 3 flame and shoot Warriors but only 4 drop. The 4 warriors can go for WBB next turn.

Melta, Krak grenade shots and Bastion Heavy Bolters result in 1 downed and 1 permanently dead Destroyer from Sqd 1 (in front of Ruins 1).

Deceiver takes a wound from Demolisher cannon, but saves the Lascannon shot.


Penal Legion and lone guardsman assault Warrior squad but did not deal any wounds to Warriors. Warriors strike back and account for 5 guardsmen from Penal Legion. Penal Legion fails moral and flees. Lone guardsman also runs.

Warriors consolidate downhill.

Necron Turn 3

Necrons Turn 3:

WBB: Destroyer from Sqd 1 makes his WBB roll. 2 out of 4 Necron Warriors make their WBB roll. 8 Warriors left.


Deceiver moves towards Leman Russ Demolisher.

Destroyer Sqd 1 moves into contact with Bastion and survive the Las-maze.

Destroyer Sqd 2 moves behind Hellhound to shoot later.

Warriors shuffle down the hill towards Penal Legion.


Destroyer Sqd 1 shoots Bastion but does nothing.

Destroyers Sqd 2 scores 2 penetrating and 1 glancing hit on Hellhound, destroying its flame cannon, immobilizing it and it can’t shoot next turn.

Warriors kill all of Penal Legion.


Deceiver charges Demolisher and wrecks it.

IG Turn 3

IG Turn 3:


Marbo and Platoon Cmd moves forward toward Destroyer Sqd 1.


Com Cmd, Platoon Cmd and Bastion Heavy Bolters shoots Destroyer Sqd 1. Destroyers all die and as a result have with no WBB rolls.


Necron Turn 4

Necron Turn 4:


Warriors move forward full 6 inches.

Deceiver moves towards Bastion.

Destroyers Sqd 2 moves into contact with Bastion. One Destroyer falls to Las-maze. Will be able to attempt WBB next turn.


Destroyers shoot Platoon Cmd and wipe them out.

Deceiver Runs five inches and is now only 3 inches away from Bastion.

Warriors fire on the Banewolf and destroy its frontal flamer and it cannot move or shoot next turn.



IG Turn 4

IG Turn 4:


Marbo moves to within 6 inches of Destroyers.

Lone guardsman from Infantry 4 halts his retreat and moves back to position to flame Necron warriors.


Combined shooting from Bastion and Demo charge (a hit!) wipe out Destroyers in contact with Bastion.

Lone guardsman with flamer flames Warriors but scores no wounds.


Lone Guardsmancharges and dies heroically in the ensuing close combat. Warriors consolidate 4 inches forwards.

Necron Turn 5

Necron Turn 5:


Deceiver moves to within one inch of Bastion. 8 remaining Warriors move forward a few inches.


Warriors shoot Marbo and he goes to ground for a 4+ cover save. Marbo survives with 1 wound left.


Deceiver assaults Bastion and explodes it. 1 Guardsman from Bastion dies.

IG Turn 5

IG Turn 5:


Opponent informs that Marbo will be moving next turn to lob another Demo charge into warriors.

Other than that nothing else moves.


Company Cmd uses bring it down on Deceiver and wound it with Meltagun shot. Deceiver has 3 wounds remaining.

Things look bad for Company Cmd.

Nearby Lone Guardsman from Infantry 3 turns back to rapid fire lasgun at Warriors but fails to wound.



Game continues on a roll of 5…

Necron and IG Turn 6

Necron Turn 6:


Deceiver moves into wrecked Bastion and smiles at Company Cmd. He takes 2 Las-maze tests and passes.

Warriors stay put.


Warriors afraid of Phase Out and Marbo’s demo-charge. They shoot Marbo and he goes to ground again but he did not make any of his saves. Marbo falls.


Deceiver assaults Company Cmd and wipes them out.

IG Turn 6:


Remaining guardsman runs.





Game Ends as opponent rolls a 2.

I had only 8 Necron warriors left and the Deceiver. Had I lost 1 more Warrior, I would have Phased Out. It was a close fight.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some WIP Updates...

Assembled Goodies (from the day before)

The Space Marine Dreadnoughts are fun to assemble. The Tomb Spyders, not so fun haha! Had to pin a lot of the parts like all the legs, arms, claws and head. The contact points were either small in area or challenging in terms of angling. Glad its done! The Spyders look quite good in an ugly sort of way ;P

WIP Destroyer Lord

I used the 4th Necron Destroyer to double up as my Destroyer Lord if needed. I just need to adjust the spine on the Destroyer body so i can mix and match. For the Lord upper torso, i have selected the mini from Privateer Press Warmachine. He is the Lich Lord Venethrax from Cryx. The mini is really nicely sculpted and looks really aggressive. He will add a bit of character into a largely robotic army :)

WIP Necron Lord with Rez Orb

This mini is also from the Warmachine and is also from the Cryx range. He is excellently sculpted and a great alternative to the codex lord. Again he adds a bit of eye candy to a rather uniform army.

BT Scouts Update

Heres some updates on my beloved Black Templars army. They have not been forgotten amidst the Necron frenzy haha! I'm trying to follow Ray (enrgie) and Melvin's (Beef Nuggets) suggestion/tip of blotting out the main colors. Its working out well as BT's are mainly black and white :))

Where Sleeping Elves Lie...

A pic of the Mantic Elves (the dead ones). I placed an old S'pore 10 cent coin for scale. They are really well sculpted for dead elves. Thats quality right there man! I'm tempted to get more elves from Mantic Games hehehe!

Thats all for now :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reinforcements Arrive

My online orders arrived today! So the Christmassy feeling is quite keenly felt again :)))

Pictured above are 2 Space Marine Dreadnoughts (for my Black Templars), 4 Necron Destroyers and the Mantic Elves (Hail of Arrows Detachment).

The Elves
The Mantic Elves look really good (20 in all plus a War Machine). Although slim, they give the impression of an unearthly grace. They are however slightly shorter than their GW brethren.

There is a goodly amount of detail on each Elf. And the extras like the soldier victims and Elven cat are of also great quality. I really like the different poses of the Mantic Elves as they remind me of the Melnibonean Elves of Dragon Isle. The poses are subtly different but at the same time allows them to be ranked up nicely

The Warmachine looks quite petite compared to its GW counterpart. But still quite nicely crafted. The design is also quite different yet refreshing to the eyes.

Heres wishing everyone a fruitful week ahead!

Edit: Oops! Forgot to mention that pictured above are also 2 Tomb Spyders for me Necron army ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Necron Scarbs

Just finished up these cute little buggers :)

Front view. I didn't notice it at first, but they have cute little bunny teeth below their single eye.

Top view of the Scarab swarm.

They'll be used to tie up or distract the enemy. They are fast and can also gain good cover saves. I'm talkin' about 3+ in buildings. I reckon they'll be great at tying up Devastator squads, or if equipped with Disrupter fields can even stun tanks. Not too shabby for small beetles ;)