Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hobby Update: Primaris Lieutenant

I had a really nice Saturday of gaming goodness. I met with Ray and we headed to Games Workshop Red House for a intro game of 40K. We even managed to get a few games of Magic in. I took a pic of the revamped Katong Mall area. I haven't been back there in about 10 years. Much has changed. Looking pretty swanky and upmarket now haha!
Got some loot from the Fate of Konor campaign as well. Great taking part in a global campaign. Only did that once before a long time ago. I lost the game, but had lots of fun trying out the new hotness of the Primaris Marines.

Decided to paint up one of my Primaris Lieutenants today. I already got the main yellow and black on. So it was just filling in the details.
Took the photo just before he fell off the table (hence the angle).
On slightly more stable ground. Side view of the Lieutenant proudly displaying the Scythes of the Emperor chapter icon on his shoulder pad.
I painted him in the same manner of my Primaris Captain in the previous post.
Back view. As with almost all my models. Will need to base them...eventually.
Lookin' good is the first step to greatness. Hope he can achieve more honor on the field of battle in the coming months.

Have a super week ahead all. Looking forward to next Friday. PH!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hobby Update: Primaris Captain WIP

Its been a while again since my last post. I blame the warp storms after the Eye of Terror spilled over into reality. But I have been doing some painting in my little corner of the dark universe. And I finally have an opportunity to paint up another Space Marine Chapter: The Scythes of the Emperor.

I have only a squad of Tactical Marines painted in the colors of the Scythes for the longest time. This was because the fluff gives the picture of a dying Chapter with only very few marines left, fighting to the end, taking as many Tyranids as they can with them before they go out.

But with thanks to the mad Magos Belisarius Cawl, the Primaris Marines have arisen to give new hope to the dying chapter.

I've painted up the Primaris Captain first, to inspire the rest of the Primaris and normal Tactical Marines that I will be painting up. Finally, a fighting battle force of Scythes of the Emperor!

I went with the classic yellow and black colors of the Scythes. It took a while to try out the shade of yellow. I wanted to go for a warmer, more rich yellow. And it was Averland Sunset as a base, with increasing amounts of Yriel Yellow added in. For the highlights, I mixed in Dorn Yellow to Yriel Yellow.
I painted the chapter icon of the twin scythes on his right pauldron. I attempted the gold NMM again on the metal gold areas. I tried my previous gold nmm mix for the Khorne Berseker and it looked really faded and didn't pop. I think it was because of the already bright armor of the marine.
 So I used a base of Skrang Brown. Then washed it with watered down Dryad Bark. Then I layered on Jokaero Orange on the raised areas. The rest of the steps were the same as painting the Khorne Berseker gold. I think the recesses just needed more dark areas to create depth.
And finally the back of the mini. I painted a his cloak blue to signify the chapter's roots in the Ultramarines.

Again fingers crossed. Hope to be able to paint or assemble more Primaris stuff.

Have a great week ahead everyone!