Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Eldar WIP

This week was quite a long one, and after a day of rest, hobbying has resumed :)
I decided to work on a model that I've had on the shelf for a really long time. It is the Eldar Avatar of Khaine! He was previously painted mostly blue with some highlights. The paintjob did start to look old and I decided to give him a revamp just in time for 6th Edtion!

This is mostly WIP work. I like to start off with painting the face and fan outwards to the rest of the model. I've had the Avatar miniature for a really long time, and repainting it has given me a new appreciation of the detail it has, which is a lot!

I decided to go for a dark reddish tinge with glowly molten insides :)

Still a work in progress. I'll be finishing the arms and body next before moving on to the legs. I've decided to leave the Wailing Doom (aka the big sword) as the last part to be painted.

Another shot at the semi painted Avatar. He's lookin' fiercer than evar before!

Patterned Wraithguard

Some freehand was done of the Wraithguard's head. Its something I'll shall continue to experiment with.


I'm still taking up commission work if anyone is interested. But due to work, I can only work on individual miniatures. This will mean mostly 28mm single man general level models.

On the left is a converted WIP Imperial Guard general I'm painting up for a friend.

Do send me a message if interested in a commission ;)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Have a Blessed week ahead all!

Monday, August 20, 2012

WIP: Warp Spider

Its been a good weekend. A rather restful one. But it goes by quite fast. I've been setting a target of getting at least some miniatures painted over the week. Most of the minis are not finished completely but works in progress. It still gives me that bit of joy to carry on and look forward to the next weekend :)

I've repainted an Eldar Warp Spider. They are great at their role of flanking and unleashing a volley into an enemy unit. The volume of high strength shots is quite good against vehicles now.

Did a bit of freehand on the back of his armor. I'll be trying a unit of these guys out in 6th Edition. I may not field them often though as they are not fluffy units in an Iyanden army where life is already so precious. The Craftworld can ill afford more losses to the warp lol!

My plan for my Aspect Warriors is to just paint them in their primary aspect colors. This way, I can field them in more Craftworlds ;)

Have a peaceful and fruitful week ahead everyone!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Iyanden Guardian

My quest in re-painting the Iyanden Eldar has seen the appearance of one of the rare sights of the Craftworld: The Guardian. With the Craftworld's population much diminished by the devastating Tyranid attack, the basic Eldar Guardians are seldom seen in large numbers in any Iyanden force.

I will be re-doing my old squad of Guardians. Here's one that I painted in the colors of Iyanden.

I like this scheme better as it is Iyanden's official colors. Its much better than my previous paint scheme which was mostly blue with yellow helmets. Yellow was quite difficult to paint back then and required more than 8 to coats to get a solid yellow.

Iyanden Darksun was used this time as the basecoat. This was followed by a 50:50 mix of Iyanden Darksun and Golden Yellow. Then Golden Yellow was layered on. I think the foundation paint really mixes well with the Golden Yellow, giving it a more solid appearance in terms of opacity.

The final layer was Golden Yellow and Bleached Bone in a 40:60 mix. I added a bit more Bleached Bone to the mix as a highlight.

I have always liked the look of the basic Eldar Guardian. I hope I've done justice to a really great sculpt.

Brave (New Worlds)

I also managed to catch Pixar's newest movie offering Brave. My wife and I both found it a  really visually stunning film. The storyline was also touching and meaningful. The beginning short clip La Luna was also really heart warming.

But what i really liked was the feel of seeing another world. The 'world' of Brave does have its inspirations from Celtic myth and culture. But it is its own World.

It has always been my desire to traverse into other Earth like worlds, especially a world whose makeup has a strong Fantasy theme. Its is the strange excitement and relief of leaving this world behind and finding a fresh start in a place where nature still retains its majesty and magic. It is also in some ways the romance of discovering a new frontier, of being a pioneer and explorer.

The only portals i can find to date in touching such worlds are through movies, books and the world of miniature wargaming. I think access to these places of fantasy and refuge are becoming more vital these days. These tales and stories not only serve to inspire, but they also weave in that bright thread of hope, love and courage into our reality that is increasingly permeated with apathy and pain. These pockets of adventures in time can give us purpose, that there are still things worth fighting for.

Perhaps one day, one of these paths can lead me to a real portal, and I will step through it without hesitation, for that one last adventure..

Have a fruitful and enjoyable week ahead all!  And keep hobbying through the maelstrom of work and other daily demands ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

WIP: More Wraithguard

I've been looking through my many Codexes and several (Space Marine) armies. Decided to focus on and finish modelling the Eldar.

The beginning work on the lone Wraithguard has really motivated me to redo the entire squad.

The Wraithguard on the left is my second attempt and its got a yellow tone that I really like.

Lonesome No More...
Took the opportunity during this weekend to paint up more of his buddies :)

Got 10 Wratihguard going through the repaint. The base colors are done! Now its just the detailing of the gems and some highlights! Still thinking of a cool way to paint the symbol of Iyanden on these guys. Might paint them on front portion of the heads.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flesh Tearers: Sanguinary Priest

National Day today! And importantly also a holiday :)))

I took the opportunity to paint up the old red and white...I mean Flesh Tearers!

Kit bashed together a Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack. Made sure to give him as many grail symbols as I could find. Wanted to add more grail stuff on his legs as well, but he would look like a drinks stall man if I overdo it lol!

I decided to include at least a Sanguinary Priest in my Jump Pack army list as he adds Feel No Pain and Furious Charge, and so is a good force multiplier.

I also equipped him with a power weapon to take advantage of that higher initiative. I painted him up real fast and the base coat was done just using Scab Red. Its a deeper red and suits the color of the Chapter.

I really like the unusual helmet that he has. Its taken from the Death Company Sprue. Makes him stand out a bit more.

This is a side view of the Narthecium. This baby carries Feel No Pain Pills and Furious Charge shots :P

Back view of the Priest. The Jump Pack better not fail to work, given the number of purity seals on it hehe!

Have a sunny and relaxing weekend everyone!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Death Company Chaplain

I managed to get in another great game of 40K 6th Edition last Saturday with my gaming buddies at crazyrat's residence (welcome back!). It was great fun although I was nearly decimated haha! I was rocking with 1750pts of Iyanden Eldar with 1K Grey Knights played by JaeRoler. We were pitched against Krom (Defu) and Daniel who brought the same pointage of Blood Angels. The Flyers (Stormravens) really made their presence felt in the game!

Counts As Lemartes
I have always been impressed by Daniel's Spartan themed Blood Angels army, as well as his use of Lemartes in his Death Company. The DC are always fun as well as a challenge to fight against. Anyways I had some spare bitz and made a counts as Lemartes from the remaining Death Company sprue. Will pass this to Daniel when we next meet ;)

The head is from the Chaos Space Marines Tactical Squad box set. The crest is a bit from the Hoplite Greek Army I got from Wargames Factory.

The purity scroll at the back is from the Ravenwing Box and the Power Maul is from the Dark Angels Command Set (i think). The wings on the Crozius Arcanum is from the Sanguinary Guard sprue.

And there you have it, a counts as Lemartes with a hint of Spartan theme.

I got him painted up fast in case we are meeting up again this coming Thursday for moar battlez.

Top-ish down-ish front-ish view.

The Blood Crozius in all its glory.

I did not paint the full "X" pattern of the Death Company, opting to paint the lower halves of the "X" so it looks like the inverted "V" of the Spartan symbol.

 Charrggeee!! For Sanguinius! And Leonides!

I really enjoyed painting him. He will assuredly bring more fun and adventure to the games with his daring Death Company exploits ;)

I remember coming across a quote in the Blood Angels Codex of yesteryear which goes like this "For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my Battle Brother eternal." This reminded me of a similar quote in Shakespeare's Henry V, possibly from which inspiration was drawn.

"From now until the end of the world,  we and it shall be remembered.
We few, we Band of Brothers.
For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother."
- William Shakespeare

And lastly, I also wish all friends and fellow countrymen a super week ahead, and a very Happy and Blessed National Day :)