Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP stuff

I did some more work on the Tyranids today and commenced on the Genestealer. He's still a work in progress. Got the main colors all on.

WIP: Genestealer

Front view. I think its running..or leaping. One of the legs is raised in a funny way.

Side view. It looks like it just kicked a football lol!

Other side view.

Back view. I painted the back carapace bone as well.

All that painting using the greens have inspired me to try something out for my Dryads. I'm quite happy with the results so far. And found out the power of Gretchin Green foundation paint from GW :) Its my new favorite paint.

WIP Dryad below:

I've been waiting for a long time to find a way to paint my Dryads in a way i liked. I may have cracked the code hehe! Will keep workin' on it.

Assembled: Multi-purpose mini
I also glued and pinned the arms and torso of the Infinity mini. He has great potential and can be used for a variety of unit choices.

I was thinking (with some stretch of imagination) that he could be used as an Ordos Xenis Inquisitor with Conversion Beamer.

Xenos tech are known to be light weight, small and insidious. The spines on his armor can be rods that draw in energy from the surroundings and beam it through the rifle-like convertor:)

Will probably paint him in red and whites.

Gonna take a break now. Its been a long day ;)


  1. Was playing my youtube playlist and billie jean came up when I was browsing this page.

    The side view picts of the genestealer looks like its doing the moonwalk, the last picture (back view) look like the genestealer is doing a billie-jean dance move - before MJ start his "free style"/"break dance" whatever its call at the end of the song.

    watch this video and u know what I mean around 1:30 - 1:33 timing.

  2. the genestealer side view pictures look like its doing moonwalk haahha.

    The last genestealer pic looks like its doing a billie jean dance move at the end of the song before the "free style/break dance" part.

  3. Haha! Too true man! I can see the resemblance now that u mentioned it. It really is a jean stealer :P