Friday, May 20, 2011


Some Progress Made...

It is a huge model and my brushes were now gettin' frayed. I'm gonna to have to get new ones soon :) Still got highlights to do and some cleanup work.

Side view.

Other side view.

Back view.

Top-front view.

Back view from the top.

Am also going to have to hand the Mawloc back to the owner soon, like today haha! Will do the best i can in the next few hours ;)

The internet connection really sucks with Vodafone...and i'm living in the heart of the city! Can't seem to type much these days before the connection goes to heaven lol!

Have a good Friday and a great weekend ahead everyone!


  1. Hey very nice mawloc, esp the "insect pattern" camo.

  2. Thanks man :) I handed it over to its owner today and he liked it too haha!

    Its partly inspired by the glowy alien creature in the movie Outlander, specifically the part of the spines of its head.

  3. well that is simply beautiful

  4. @RhydPedr

    Thanks lots mate :) Glad you liked it.