Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Festivities

I went down to the local GW today for the launch of their Finecast minis. Also managed to get a game of 40K in! Nice!

Seriously Brief Batrep
I was using a Flesh Tearers list versus a Blood Angels list. It was closely fought.

His list as i remembered:


10 man Tac
Multimelta, Sgt with Power fist Plasmagun

10 man Tac Plasmagun, Missile launcher, Sgt with Power sword

10 man Assault (Jump pack) Infernus, Sgt with Power weapon

Storm Raven Hurricane Bolters, Plasmacannon, Multimelta

Mine was:
Chief Librarian Phoston 2**pts
(counts as Mephiston)

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought 175pts
Smoke launchers, Storm Bolter

Assault Squad 260pts

10 Marines (1 Meltagun, 1 Flamer, Sgt w/Powerfist)
Rhino (Extra Armor/ Smoke Launchers)

Tactical Squad 205pts
10 Marines
(1 Plasmagun, 1 Missile Launcher)
Sgt with Powerfist

Tactical Squad 110pts

5 Marines
(1 Meltagun)
Sgt with Power weapon

Grand Total: 1000pts

I wasn't allowed to use the cool converted Mephiston counts as in store, and my opponent graciously loaned me his for the game haha!

The game setup was table quarters with 3 objectives.

Mephiston killed his 10 man Assault Squad and managed to wound the Sanguinor twice before going down. I also lost the 10 man Tac to shooting and assault.

I managed to luckily wreck his Storm Raven on Turn 3 and my Furioso Dreadnaught tied up/ got tied up with the Sanguinor who was on his last wound.

We both held an objective each and we contested the remaining one. My 5 man Tac squad held one objective in the open while opponent held his in a building. The contested objective had his 10 man Tac vs my 10 man Assault Squad. The game ended there with a roll of a 2 on Turn 5.

It was a really fun game and we had quite a few laughs. Really enjoyed the game!
I later realized he was using his tourney 1250 point list. I could have added my Death Company guys, they may have made the difference....or not ;P

New Stuff!
After being caught up in the excitement, I bought a Wood Elf Lord with Great Weapon made from the new resin materiel. I must say I'm really impressed by the quality of the resin. Was kinda skeptical at first, but now I'm sold :)

I'll be using him as he is, i.e. a Wood Elf Lord. The clean crispness of the mini allows me to clean up the model better as I can see where the extra bits I'll need to trim off.

The packaging is also sealed in, so you would need scissors or hobby knife to cut it open.

A closer view of the fine miniature. I'm pretty happy that it will not chip the paint once its on, and its really really light as well.

There were alot of other miniatures I saw done resin as well. I saw the Farseer with Warlocks box set, the Marneus Calgar with Bodyguard, Chaos Raptors box set and Plague Marines box set as well as other Space Marine characters. They included The Emperor's Champion, Terminator Libby and Hive Guard.

Have a happy weekend all!


  1. I personally feel that the new material is something to be celebrated for rather than all the scorn it has been getting even before ppl have seen it in the flesh.

    I know that this will greatly improve our hobby experience!
    Well except for the part where the prices go up but thats part of life!

    You have already answered the question. Now it's my turn.

    As the GW cliche goes "What will be my first Finecast Mini?"
    It's either gonna be a commisar lord or Empire caption with hammer and handgun!

  2. Agree with ya man :) The first time i saw the finecast was almost magical. It drew me in with all its detail so starkly exposed lol!

    But i too also wish it was cheaper, or at least no increase in price.

    I saw the Commissar Lord as well as the Empire Captain too. Both are excellent! You may have a difficult (but fun) decision there to make ;)

  3. WOW 1k vs 1.25k and draw, nice! Handicap games in OZ really train you well hahaha.

    Spend almost an entire day in spore con 2011. Lots of amazing conversions and a lot of very well painted armies.

    Anyway saw many kinds of players, some serious some emo (maybe losing) and some freaking hilarious players - hello kitty/Paris hilton nids, LOL everytime I see that army I feel like laughing! and that nid player likes to do crazy moves with his hello kitty nids, everytime I pass-by that table sometime epic is happening. The last player against Enrgie was also a funny guy.

    Jedi mind-tricks on Jaeroler to start warmachine/hordes was successful!

    Didn't know they gave out commemorative dice to participants... I want the dice!!! I will confirm join next year with my GK, well for the dice mostly hahaha!

  4. @crazyrat

    The points diff wasn't intentional, but it made for a really cool backdrop to the battle. It was the noble Blood Angels trying to stop the excessive violence of their successor chapter ;) We strangely did not get Red Thirst at all for all our units lol!

    I forgot Sporecon is this month man! Sounds exciting! Did u get pics? I very much want to see the hello kitty nids hehe!

    Ooohh nice! Which faction will Jaeroler be playing?

    Hey if u going next year i also go :)) I went for a Sporecon previously and got the door package. Inside got dice but got the community centre logo i think.

  5. Sadly no... my friend borrowed my camera last wk for his gf graduation. I think Enrgie took some photos - including the freaking hilarious hello kitty nids.

    There was 1 very good conversion of "orktimus prime" in a display.

    He say he is interested in skorne. Lets hope he don't start using lame proxies again...
    this was the dice they (participants) received.

    I like to collect all this commemorative items hahaha. I used to go Magic the gathering pre-release draft tournaments just for the special commemorative cards. The commemorative cards have dates and different art from the normal cards.
    Had stopped going as entry fee more expensive and need to wake up early on saturday morning to "snatch" places... HC MTG players camp outside suntec city 7am+ just to register (1st come 1st serve...)

  6. Thats cool man!

    Also followed the link to see Orktimus Prime. Superb work on the conversion man! It inspires me to create something too hehe :)) I'm a collector of Optimus Prime figures. A close and clever following of the design of the toy.

    Wow! 7am! Thats real early to queue up haha!

    The dice looks nice. I like the cute mushroom on it :)