Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nid a Change

I had a real fun game yesterday with a nice guy at the LGS. He played Tyranids and was sporting an amazing list. I really liked how he made the list work. Anyways he had a couple of unpainted models that i was eager to paint.

Its a nice change from painting so many marines heheh! And it reminds me of my own brood back home :)

Got the following models to do up:

From left to right: A Pyrovore (i think), Lictor, Zoanthrope, Gaunt and a Genestealer.


The above pics reminds me of the Tyranid profiles in the older 'Nid codex showing the guardsman where to shoot at to cause most damage. I cleaned and primed them soon as i got home.

Above is the owner's paint scheme. He wanted something Catachan green and also greenish and bone carapace. The Gaunt has Catachan Green flesh. Its carapace is a mix of Gretchin Green and Bleached Bone. Red Gore was used for the eyes.

Test Subject 001
I did a test model and tried to get as close to the owner's theme as possible.

I tried to also make the carapace the same green as the body but the model seemed too flat. I'm guessing 'Nids still look better with a contrasting color between the flesh and the carapaces.

Front view. Did a quick test model last night after i got home.

Other side view. I used the Gretchin Green on the interior parts of the flesh.

Back view.

Top view. The camera flash is back on again :))

I gotta check with the dude if he likes the current scheme. Just a slight change in the carapace colors, but retained the Catachan Green flesh.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. comparing the stock gaunt with the ones you painted, yours looks much better. I think the highlights really bring out the model.

  2. Thanks man :) I hope he likes it. The Zoanthrope is up next.