Sunday, September 26, 2010

BatRep: Necrons VS Tyranids

Another battle for Conflict Event..

I played another battle this weekend. This time versus the dreaded Tyranids. My opponent was Chris. He's a great sport and gamer. Although he faced several tough moments towards the end of the game, but he played with much calm and candor.

Be forewarned that the batrep may be a tad messy as I was quite tired ;P

Tyranids Army List 1000pts

1x Swarmlord
Boneswords, Psychic Scream, Paroxysm

1x Hive Guard with Impaler Cannon

3x Warriors
Deathspitters, Scything Talons

3x Venomthrope
Lash Whips

15x Hormagaunts
15x Termagants
Old One Eye
Regeneration, Crushing Claws

I was not too sure of all the Tyranid unit upgrades and biomorphs. Only vaguely remembered the ones that affected me ;)

My Necrons Army List is again unchanged. It can be found here.
Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Dawn of War


Its Dawn of War again. And the sun has yet to rise. We deployed One HQ and two Troops each. We had a whopping 5 objectives. We placed 2 objectives each in our deployment zones. The Tyranid player placed the 5th objective on top of the Bastion which was guarded by his Tyranid Warriors.

Units Deployed

This is an overview of the field of battle kinda looked like after everything walks on from reserve on each of our first turns.

Turn One

Tyranid Turn 1
3 Tyranid Warriors try to shoot at Necron Warriors 1 but cannot see.
Swarmlord deploys next to Bastion and moves/runs towards Necron lines.
Old One Eye moves in and runs 4 inches.
Venomthrope with Old One Eye also moves in tandem with him.
Gants and a Venomthrope move in from reserves and moves+runs towards forest where objective is.
Gaunts and their Venomthrope move a bit closer to their objective.
Hive Guard moves forward and readies its cannon but unable to see due to night fight.

Necron Turn 1
Warriors 1 deploys behind crater and moves towards crater in front.
Warriors 2 moves towards ruins for cover.
Destroyers 1 and 2 line up behind Warrior 1. Destroyer 1 manages to see Swarmlord and do 1 wound to it.
Deceiver moves and runs towards Warrior 1.
Scarabs move forward and into crater.

Turn Two

Tyranid Turn 2
Swarmlord moves forward and casts Paroxysm on Warrior 1. Psychic Scream of 3 inches affect no one.
Hive Guard fires but does not wound Destroyers 1.
Old One Eye and its Venomthrope move and runs forwards.
Tyranid Warriors shoot at Deceiver and wounds him.
Tyrant Guard shoot at Destroyer 1 and one falls.
Gaunts and Gants move forward and contact their objectives.

Necron Turn 2
Destroyer makes WBB roll :)
Warrior 1 and all Destroyers all shoot at Swarmlord and cause 3 wounds.
Warrior 2 shoots at approaching Old One Eye and casue on wound.
Deceiver moves away from Swarmlord towards approaching Old One Eye and Venomthrope.
Scarabs charge Swarmlord and stay in combat!! Only losing 1 swarm and 2 wounds to combat rez for being Fearless.

Turn Three

Tyranid Turn 3
Swarmlord kills of Scarab swarms and consolidate 4 inches.
Tyranid Warriors shoot and cause another wound on Deceiver.
Hive Guard fires cannon and downs 1 Warrior.
Carnifex and Venomthrope move and is now about 8 inches to Warrior 2 location.
Termagants and Hormogaunts do not move, staying on their objectives.

Necrons Turn 3
Necron Warrior makes WBB.
Destroyers 1 and Warriors 1 fire at Swarmlord and take down his last wound.
Warriors 2 fire at Venonthrope and kill it.
Destroyers 2 moves and fires at Old One Eye and cause another wound.
Deceiver charges Old One Eye and kills it.

Turn Four

Tyranids Turn 4
Tyranid Warriors shoot at Destroyers 2 and take down one.
Hive Guard shoots at Warriors but all wounds saved.
No other nids move...

Necrons Turn 4
Destroyers 2 do WBB and unit moves towards Tyranid Warriors in Bastion.
Destroyers 1 and 2 shoot at Warriors and kill 2.
Warriors 2 move closer to objective. Warrior 1 moves on top of crater objective.
Deceiver moves towards Bastion.

Turn 5

Tyranids Turn 5
Tyranid Warrior moves inside Bastion.
No other movement.

Necrons Turn 5
Destroyers 1 move 12 inches and shoot at Hive Guard killing it.
Destroyers 2 move towards Termagants unit and kills 5.
Deceiver charges Bastion and wrecks it.

The dice is rolled and da battle goes on......

Turn Six

Tyranids Turn 6
Tyranid Warrior shoots at Deceiver but does not wound him.
Termagants shoot Destroyers 1 but do not wound.
No other movement.
Venomthrope with Gaunts move backwards deeper into forest.

Necrons Turn 6
Destroyers 2 move to just outside Termagants forest and shoots, 7 Termagants die despite cover save. Destroyers charge Termagaunts and passes DT. Remaining Gants die and were unable to wound Destroyers.
Destroyers 1 move towards Hormagaunts and shoot, killing 5.
Deceiver charges Tyranid Warrior and kills it. Deceiver takes a wound from DT but passes invuln save.

Game Ends. A Necron Win 2-1.

The game was really tense in the beginning. The Swarmlord coming so close was really scary. And when i clarified the rules for the Boneswords, he became even scarier. If he had made it into combat with the Deceiver, i think the Deceiver would have died. I was not too sure about him using two Tyranid characters in a 1K point game, but then again, i was using a C'Tan meself lol!
Also i expected to be overwhelmed by weight of numbers. It was a strange sense of relief when i realized that his Gants and Gaunts were objective campers.

BatRep: Necrons VS Space Wolves


Theres a GW Conflict Event happening at the game store. I was there for casual games but was entered into the event as I was going to be playing games anyways haha!

My first game was to be against the Space Wolves. His army list also consisted of small and higher points cost units. The battle was bloody but brief, ended in only 45 minutes instead of the 1 hour time slot given ;)

Space Wolves Army List 1000pts

1x Logan Grimnar 275pts

Dreadnaught w/ Multimelta 130pts
Extra Armor
Heavy Flamer

5 Wolf Guard with Termi Armor 285pts
3x TH/SS, 2x LC

10x Grey Hunters 165pts
1x Flamer
Power Weapon
Fast Attack
6x Skyclaws 138pts
Mark of Wulfen
Power weapon

Total: 996pts

Necron Army List remains unchanged. List can be found here.

Mission: Seize Ground (3 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle



The Battle Unfolds:

Turn One

Necron Turn 1
All Warrior Squads move 3 inches forward towards objective.
All Destroyers move up 6 inches. Deceiver moves towards left side of board.
Destroyer 1 & 2 shoots Logan and his Termis. Only 1 Termi fails save and goes down.
Scarabs move in front of Destroyers.
Space Wolves Turn 1
Logan and Termis move and run forward towards Necrons.
Dreadnought moves and Runs as well.
Grey Hunters move up to building and sit on objective placed on 2nd floor.
Skyclaws move towards Warrior 1 and runs.

Turn Two

Necrons Turn 2
Deceiver moves in ruins and runs a might 1 inch.
Destroyers 1 fire at Skyclaws and kill 3.
Destroyers 2 and Warriors 2 fire at Dreadnought and destroy its CCW arm. Its also stunned.

Space Wolves Turn 2
Logan and Termis move and shoot storm bolter and an assault cannon at Necron Warriors 1. No casualties as all saves made.
Dread continues move and shoots at warrior 2 but misses.
Skyclaws fly into ruins avoiding Scarabs and charge Destroyer 1. Skyclaw with Mark of Wulfen and Power weapon misses all attacks!!

Turn Three

Necrons Turn 3
Deceiver charges and kills Skyclaws.
Destroyers 1 and 2 shoot at Logan and Termis again and kill another Wolf Guard.
Warriors 1 shoot at Logan and Termis but do not damage.
Warriors 2 shoot at Dreadnought now in rapid fire range and destroy another weapon, its also immobilised.

Space Wolves Turn 3
Logan and Termis move and shoot assault cannon and storm bolter at Destroyers but the 2 wounds inflicted are saved.

Turn Four

Necrons Turn 4
Scarabs move 12 inches to 1 inch of Logan and Termis. Deceiver also moves and runs towards Logan's squad.
All Destroyers fire at Logan and Termis but do no damage.
Warrior 2 moves and runs towards own objective. Warrior 1 moves towards direction of Logan's Termis.

Space Wolves Turn 4
Logan and Termis sense last turn may be near. They move backwards and run towards objective on Aquila as Wolf Guard are troops. They shoot at Deceiver and wounds once, but he makes his save.

Turn Five

Necrons Turn 5
Deceiver moves towards Logan and charges. Wolf Guard Termis all killed. Logan does not manage to wound Deceiver despite all attacks hitting.
Warriors 1 try to move but roll poorly for DT and run 1 inch lol! Unable to contest objective on Aquila.
Destroyers forget to fire lol!

Space Wolves Turn 5
Nothing moves. Logan fights Deceiver again and suffers 2 wounds. Deceiver takes no injury again.

Game Ends. Its a Draw.

I was impressed by amount of shots those Destroyers could pump out. And the shooting of the gauss weapons also made glancing hits really good as they were so many of them. The time limit on games made the atmosphere a bit more tense as all the guys wanted to finish their game ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

BatRep: Salamanders Space Marines VS Necrons

I managed to get in last night for Games Night at the local GW. Met lots of people and had a great time :) Also got a game in vs Salamanders Space Marines which was great!

Onto the Army Lists:

Space Marine Salamanders List

1x Space Marine Chaplain 130pts
Terminator Armor
Storm Bolter
Crozius Arcanum

5x Assault Terminators 200pts
2 LC/ and 3 TH/SS

Dreadnought 105pts
Dred CCW/ Storm bolter
Drop Pod 45pts
Locater Beacon
10x Tactical Space Marines 175pts
Plasma cannon

10x Tactical Space Marines 175pts
Missile Launcher
Fast Attack
5x Vanguard Veterans 190pts
Sgt with free Power weapon
1x Vet with Power weapon
Jump Packs
Heroic Intervention

Grand Total: 1020pts

Necrons List

The Deceiver 3**pts

10x Necron Warriors 18*pts

10x Necron Warriors 18*pts

Fast Attack
3x Necron Destroyers 15*pts

3x Necron Destroyers 15*pts

Grand Total: 960pts

The Setup:

Mission: Capture and Control

Deploy Forces: Pitched Battle

Salamanders won starting roll but elected to allow Necrons to deploy and take first turn.

Salamanders placed objective on 3rd storey of a Ruined Building.

Necrons placed objective on ground floor next to the exterior of a Ruined Building.

Necrons Deployment:
Warrior Squad 2 deployed behind ruined building almost at edge of board.
Deceiver deployed on the right of Warrior Squad 2.
Warrior Squad 1 deployed behind barrier on the side of ruined building to the left.
Destroyers Squad 1 and 2 deployed spread out behind Warrior Squad 1.

Salamanders Deployment:
Tactical Squad 1 deployed on second and third floor of ruined building.
Tactical Squad 2 deployed behind barrier.
Chaplain and Termis & Vanguard Vets all Deepstriking.
Dreadnought with Drop Pod will Deepstrike in on Salamanders Turn 1.

Turn One

Necrons Turn 1
All Necron Warrior squads did not move.
Destroyers shuffled slightly forwards 2 inches and shot at Tactical Squad 2. A total of 5 Salamanders go down.
No Assaults.

Salamanders Turn 1
Dreadnought Deepstrike into courtyard of Ruined Building via Drop Pod.
No other SM movement.
Dread fires Multimelta at Destroyer Squad 2 and downs one. Will roll for WBB on Necron turn.
Drop Pod fires at Destroyer Squad 2 but all saves made.
Plasma cannon fire from SM Squad 1 shoot and down for 2 Warriors from Warrior Squad 1. WBB rolls for the Warriors next Necron turn.

Turn Two

Necrons Turn 2
A Destroyer from Squad 2 and 1 Warrior from Squad 1 fails WBB.
Deceiver smiles and moves behind Dreadnought.
No other movement.
Warrior Squads 1&2 shoot at Dreadnought. It is Shaken, Stunned and CCW arm is destroyed.
Destroyers Squad 1 & 2 shoot at SM Squad 2 again and wipe them out.
Deceiver charges Drop Pod and destroys it. Explosion of 3 inches hurts no one.

Salamanders Turn 2
Salamanders player rolls for Deep Strike. Only Vanguard Vets come in. They managed to land only 4 inches away from Warrior Squad 1. A good Deepstrike roll :)
SM Squad 1 fire Plasmacannon again and 2 Warriors from Squad 1 fall. Missile launcher from SM Squad 2 fire at Destroyers of Squad 2 but is armor save is made successfully.
Vanguard Vets roll difficult terrain to charge Warrior Squad 1, but rolls a 1 and 2 !?! Vanguard Vets fail charge....

Turn Three

Necrons Turn 3
1 Warrior from Squad 1 does not make WBB roll.
Deceiver again displays a predatory smile as he moves towards Vanguard Vets.
All Destroyer Squads move 6 inches forward.
All firepower from Warriors and Destroyers directed at Vanguard Vets, and wipe them out. Deceiver runs forward towards direction of SM Squad 1.

Salamanders Turn 3
Assault Terminators with Chaplain Deepstrike in successfully behind a ruined building.
No other movement.
Termis run into ruined building.
Plasmacannnon shoots again and targets Destroyer Squad 1. A Destroyer goes down, but will make WBB roll next turn.

Turn Four

Necrons Turn 4
The destroyer from Squad 1 makes WBB roll :)
Deceiver moves and Runs further towards direction of SM Squad 1 and Termis.
Warriors Squad 2 moves to secure Necron objective and shoots at Dreadnought, Stunning and Shaking it again.
Warrior Squad 1 moves forwards 4 inches and Runs 3 inches.
Destroyers Squad 1 and 2 move 12 inches closer to get in range of SM Squad 1.
Destroyers are in range and all fire at SM Squad 1. 3 Salamanders go down, and they fail moral on a 2D6 roll of 11...SM Squad 1 moves 7 inches downwards and auto-rally next turn.

Salamanders Turn 4
SM Squad 1 moves back 6 inches onto 2nd floor of Ruined Building they were earlier in.
Termis and Chaplain move and charge Deceiver. Deceiver decides to engage in combat and down 2 Lightning Claw Terminators. Chaplain hits but fails to wound Deceiver. Deceiver takes 3 wounds from Thunder Hammers but saves all but one. Deceiver at Initiative 1 next turn.

Turn Five

Necrons Turn 5
All Destroyers turbo boost towards enemy objective.
Warrior Squad 1 moves and Runs toward direction of enemy objective as well.
Warrior Squad 2 does not move but shoots Dreadnought again immobilising it twice and blowing off its Multimelta. Dread unable to contest Necron objective as its just 5 inches away.
Chaplain does nothing to Deceiver. Only 2 Thunder Hammer strikes wound Deceiver but all wounds saved. Deceiver targets 2 attacks at Chaplain, one attack wounds and kills him. The other 2 attacks wound and account for 2 TH/SS termis. Remaining Termi falls back 6 inches and the Deceiver does not catch him.

Salamanders Turn 5
Remaining Termi moves towards 6 inches towards Destroyer Squad 1's direction.
SM Squad 1 fires rapid fires bolters and Plasmacannon at Destroyer Squad 1 but only down one.
Termi charges at takes out Destroyer Squad 1, he consolidates towards SM table edge.

Roll of 5 on Turn dice and Turn 6 ensues.

Turn Six

Necrons Turn 6
Deceiver moves towards SM Squad 1 and uses Deceive but they pass morale.
Warrior Squad 1 moves and Runs forwards for fun.
Destroyers move to ruined building and shoot at SM Squad 1 and kill another 2 Salamanders.

Salamanders Turn 6
SM Squad 1 fires everything at Deceiver but do no wounds.
Remaining Termi moves further towards ruins.

A '2' is rolled on the Turn dice and the Game Ends. It is a Draw.

After battle musings...
Salamanders really need to assault or shoot the Deceiver en masse, not piecemeal.
I forgot to include my 3 Scarab Swarms on the table. They could have boosted with Destroyers and acted as speed bump to the remaining TH/SS termi and maybe prevented him from charging my Destroyers Squad 1.

Also not sure if on Salamanders Turn 5, if the Thunder Hammer Termi wounds the Destroyers from Squad 1, am i still eligible for my turbo boost invuln save?

A really fun battle with Big D providing the most entertainment again ;P


Thought for the Day:
A wise man thinks it more advantageous not to join the battle than to win.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crusade of the Twin Swords: Some Origins

Fluff changes and additions to my Black Templars army:

The Fall of Castigna

The world of Castigna is home to a mighty Black Templars Chapter Keep, an indomitable symbol of the Emperor's Light. But such was not always the case. Castigna was invaded by the forces of Chaos made up of different members of the Traitor Legions. The Chaos Battleship Ularax home to at least two hundred of the Traitor Marines.
Though the Keep itself was empty save for human retainers and servitors, many of the citizentry remained loyal to the Black Templars and had gave their lives in protecting the Chapter Keep. They put on the panoply of the Templar Cross and stood before the fury of the traitors. It was a brave but futile attempt as the forces of Chaos were numerous and the Keep was taken. The defenders who were captured were executed, but not before a distress beacon was sent.

The Black Templars returned to Castigna and found their retainers scattered or dead, though some loyalists still fought a guerilla war of resistance under the name 'The Iron Cross'. Their Chapter Keep had been occupied and defiled by the forces of Chaos now rampant across the planet. Great was the fury of the Black Templars, and the Marshal of the Crusade, Enduin Valent launched a devastating attack on the forces of Chaos. In less than 2 months, they were victorious. The world of Castigna was liberated and the taint of Chaos purged. Members of the citizenry who formed the resistance were honored by Marshal Valent. The attack on the Chapter Keep also revealed something that would shape the Crusade.

The Twin Swords

The Chapter Keep was built on ancient foundations and it was here that the Twin Swords Durendal and Sauvagine were found. The swords were presented to Marshal Valent and he had them reforged into instruments of vengeance on the enemies of the Emperor. The swords also became incorporated into the heraldry of Marshal Valent's banner, and is still used to this day by the current Marshal.

Castigna today...

Although the Black Templars are a Fleet Based Chapter and recruit from a hundred worlds, Castigna holds a special place in the heart of Marshal Valent's Crusade, as recruits heavily from this world.

The Twins Effect
There has also always been a genetic prevalence of birth-twins on Castigna. As a result most Neophytes are twins and many have passed the trials of initiation to the rank of Black Templar Initiates. Almost all children on Castigna are trained in the use of swords from a young age and as such are excellent swordsmen.

Twins are often found fighting and training together, their genetic proximity appearing to give them the ability in anticipating each other's intent on the battlefield. This advantage was also clearly capitalized on by the Templar recruiters.

Just finished up some highlights for another two of my Black Templars twins. Pictured above are Initiates Arduino and Beltran.

Armageddon Vets.
The Crusade currently under Marshal Amantus also consists of veteran brethren who had participated in other campaigns. The most notable being the Armageddon Crusade. There veteran brothers of Armageddon are not numerous, but they are no less respected and valued for their prowess and wisdom.

Marshal Amantus has allowed these veterans to adorn their helmets with the Templar Cross as recognition to their valor as well as a rememberance to their brother marines who had fallen on Armageddon.

I have done some highlights for the Templars. Pictured above are (left to right) Brother-Initiates Gaetan, Santino, Stephan, Raimon and Ezio.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today's Templars

The Emperor's Finest

Just to share a few pics of the boys today who acquitted themselves in battle quite well ;)

My 1000 point footsloggin' Templars pictured above. Most of the force is still being painted. The Dreadnought at the back is still primed black.

Some of me robed Templars. They do look good standing together. I may use them to represent my Command Squad is i ever run one.

Possibly my two fav robed Templars. They bear a striking resemblance to Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the latest Alice in Wonderland movie. The twins of course played really well by the talented comedian/actor Matt Lucas ;)

Some of my other Templars with the Templar Cross emblazoned on their helmets.

Have a great weekend ahead all!

And happy Terrain makin' to my gaming buddies in S'pore ;)))

Thought for the Day:
Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.
by Khalil Gibran

BatRep: Black Templars Vs Thousand Sons

Today is Sept 11th. The last time i was in Australia on this same date, the twin towers were under attack. Still remember watching the live images with much sadness.

I did go down to the LGS for a game though. My Templars were far from completion, but i have been itchin' to have a game with them haha!

My opponent today was Peter. He's a really nice guy and very sporting. A real pleasure to game with. I could tell he just loves playing the game and is just happy to be rollin' da dice :) I also like his lists as he experiments with different unit combinations, not just the ones that are competitive and known to work well.

Let us proceed then, into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!

Chaos Space Marines: Thousand Sons List

Chaos Sorceror (190pts)
Mark of Tzeentch
Melta bomb
Termi armor

Squad Alpha
9 Thousand Sons (282pts)
Aspiring Sorceror
Melta bomb

Squad Beta
19 Thousand Sons (527pts)
Aspiring Sorcerer
Bolt of Change
Melta bomb

Total: 999pts
Black Templars List

Marshal (151pts)
Twin Lightning Claws, Iron Halo, Frag Grenade, Terminator Honors

Emperor's Champion (140pts)
Vow: Accept the Challenge, No Matter the Odds.

Dreadnaught (143pts)
Twin-linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

Squad 1 (235pts)
10 Initiates & 5 Neophytes
1 Meltagun, 1 Powerfist

Squad 2 (235pts)
10 Initiates & 5 Neophytes
1 Meltagun, 1 Powerfist

Squad 3
5 Initiates (96pts)
1 Missile Launcher, 1 Plasmagun

Total: 1000pts
Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Dawn of War...(no surprise there lol)

2 Objectives only. We each placed an objective close to our deployment area.


Thousand Sons:
Chaos Sorceror deployed behind building near own objective.
Squad Alpha deployed on second floor of ruin building.
Squad Beta deployed in other ruin building.

Black Templars:
Marshal and Squad 1 deploys next to ruin building.
Squad 3 deploys half in cover of ruin building and 1 inch away from BT objective.

BT won first turn. 1kSons tried to Seize the Initiative but failed.
BT Turn 1:
Night Fight

Squad 1 with Marshal moves forward towards ruined building in front.
Squad 3 remains stationary.
Squad 2 with EC walks in 6 inches from table edge.
Dreadnaught also walks in 6 inches from table edge.

Crusader Sqd 3 rolls for distance and is able to shoot at 1ksons Sqd Beta. Frag missile misses due to scatter.
Crusader Sqd 1 with Marshal run forward to edge of building ruins.
Crusader Sqd 2 with EC also runs forward 2 inches.
Dreadnaught runs forward 4 inches.


1kSons Turn 1:
Night Fight

Not a single model moves.

Due to night fight rules, 1kSons unable to roll high enough to see BT. No shooting.


BT Turn 2:

Crusader Sqd 1 with Marshal moves into ruin building with a good DT roll.
Crusader Sqd 2 with EC moves 6 inches forwards.
Dreadnaught also moves 6 inches forwards.

Crusader Sqd 3 shoots at 1kSons Sqd Beta. Frag missile kills 2. Plasmagun overheats, but Initiate makes his save.
Crusader Sqd 2 with EC Runs forward through ruins.


1KSons Turn 2:

Sorceror moves forward into ruins for a better cover save.
All other 1Ksons do not move.

1Ksons Sqd Beta opens fire with their eldritch bolters on Marshal’s Crusader Squad. 1 Initiate and 1 Neophyte die. The rest make cover saves. Marshal’s squad passes Morale and does Righteous Zeal of 5 inches.

1kSons Sqd Alpha opens fire on Crusader Sqd 3. 3 Initiates fall to the eldritch bolters and flee back into building after failing moral.


BT Turn 3:

Crusader Sqd 3 rallies.
Crusader Sqd 2 with EC moves forward 6 inches.
Dreadnaught also moves 6 inches.

Dreadnaught fires all weapons on 1KSons Sqd Alpha and 1 traitor marine dies.
Crusader Sqd 2 with EC runs 1 inch.
Marshal’s Sqd fires pistols and a meltagun. 2 traitor marines die.

Marshal’s Squad charges into combat with 1kSons Sqd Beta. Marshal is gravely wounded by Aspiring Sorceror’s Force Weapon. Marshal takes 2 Traitor marines down before he collapses. The rest of the Crusader Squad 1 account for another 2 traitors, but the reprisal from 1KSons sees 2 Neophytes and 2 Initiates die.

BT loses combat but as they are Fearless only take one wound from the combat result. BT loses another Iniatiated from failed Fearless save.
Crusader Squad 1 has eight initiates left.

1KSons Turn 3:

Sorceror moves towards combat.
Sqd Alpha moves back down towards objective.


Sorcerer casts Warptime but fails. But he still charges into combat to assist 1KSons Squad Beta. Sorcerer does not do any wounds to Templars.
Templars take out another 2 traitor marines and only loose 1 Initiate due to poor rolling from opponent.
1Ksons Sqd Beta pass fearless roll.

BT Turn 4:

Crusader Sqd with EC move 6 inches.
Dreadnaught moves 6 inches as well.

No viable targets in line of sight.
Dread runs 4 inches.
Crusader 2 with EC runs 6 inches!

Crusader Sqd 1 takes down another 2 traitor marines before being wiped out.
Sorceror and Sqd Beta consolidate only 2 inches backwards.

1kSons Turn 4:

1kSons Alpha move forwards slightly to get better view of approaching EC with Squad 2.
Sorceror and Sqd Beta fire everything at EC’s Squad. Only 2 Neophytes die. They zeal forward 6 inches vengeance burning in their hearts.


BT Turn 5:

EC with Squad moves close to 1kSons Sqd Beta.
Dread moves up Statue.

Dread shoots all weapons and kills off some more traitors.
EC and Squad shoot and only 5 traitors are left. The Sorceror took a meltagun hit on himself and failed his Invuln save and died.

EC with Squad and Dread charge remaning 1k Sons of Squad Beta and wipe them out. Consolidating 5 inches towards enemy objective after combat.

1kSons Turn 5:

Sqd Alpha moves only 3 inches backwards.

1kSons rapid fires EC’s Squad. As they shot through the ruins, the BT’s got cover save and only 2 was Loyalist marine were felled. However EC and Crusader Squad zealed 5 inches forward.


Roll for game to end made. A Roll of 5. Game continues….

BT Turn 6:

EC and Squad move towards 1kSons. Dread also moves to charging position.

Combined shooting of EC’s Squad and Dread fell another 3 traitors.

EC and Squad assaults remaining 1kSons with the Dread and wipe the squad out.

Game Ends

It was a close and bloody battle.

A Victory for the Black Templars!

Again a long BatRep, hope you enjoyed the read ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black Templar WIP: Updates

One squad of Initiates almost done :)

The Black Cross still needs to be reflected on the shoulder pads. I'm thinking of going with the waterslide transfers. Basing and other stuff will have to wait for when i return to S'pore.

Squad Molay

Squad Molay is a 5 man squad and will be mainly utilized for securing the home objective, and providing some long range fire support. I have armed the Initiates with Bolters. One is armed with a Plasmagun and one with a Missile Launcher.

Squad Vichiers

I painted up the 2 more outstanding members of Squad Vichiers, namely the Initiates armed with Powerfist, and the other a Meltagun. They will be part of the 20 man squad (10 Initiates, 10 Neophytes) who will have the honor of footslogging it to the enemy lines. I will probably cut the squad size down to 15 men (10 Initiates and 5 Neophytes) in games of 1000 points.

Painting Robes & Shoulder Pads:
For the robes and shoulder pads, i used a basecoat of Scorched Brown and Bleach Bone. This was followed by Bleached Bone (watered down). And then 1:1 of Bleached Bone and Skull White. A final highlight of Skull White was added to finish up.

Spring is upon us in Brisbane. The temperature is rising and as a person used to much warmer climes, this is a welcome change indeed :)

Have a great week ahead all!

Though for the Day:
The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.
by Gilbert K. Chesterton

Friday, September 3, 2010

Templar Highlights

Veteran Sergeant- A Close Up

I am trying out the zooming function of me camera. It appears me camera can only focus on one model. I tried for all but it turns out really blurry....

I have used Codex Grey and a bit of Fortress Grey (from GW paints) for the highlights.

Front view (click da pics for a bigga view).

Back view.

I didn't highlight all the areas as yet. I got about 15 more Templars to paint, so speediness is preferred ;)

Marshal's Banner

I also done up a banner for my Marshal. Actually it'll be the same banner that every subsequent Marshal will from my Crusade force.

I did the banner using MS Powerpoint. The shapes options were really helpful.

The twin swords symbolise the badge of office for the Marshal, reflecting the tradition and legacy of the blades Durendal and Sauvagine. The stars represent their focus on the Emperor for divine guidance as the Templars sail the Sea of Stars. The color of the four shields are to represent the 4 previous Marshals who have passed on and are now sitting at the right hand of the Emperor :)

The 6 six Templar crosses signify each of the major Crusades the Templars were part of, namely: Vinculus, Second Purging of Lastrati, (the famous) War on Terra, Nimbosa, Jerulas and of course Armageddon.

The black cross signifies the pride and symbol of the Black Templars. The circle around the black cross signifying the Eternal Crusade, unbroken for 10,000 years.

The words 'The Light Eternal' reflect the Templar's perspective of the Emperor's Light strengthening their Will, and with it to Destroy the Shadows.

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