Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Fantasy Empire Army

I have managed to recall the scattered remnants of my Empire army. And they are almost here at full strength! All are assembled except for my 5 Pistoliers (still in box lol).

I assembled my Halberdiers just today. They were a bit of a pain to rank up.

As all of the models were painted 3 or more years ago, i am really tempted to repaint them. But they are just sooooo many! Fantasy does seem to have much more models..

The list is as follows for 2500pts. Guys you probably need to help check if the percentages are correct. I'm not good at all with all the new rulez ;P

1) 30 Swordsmen
1a)15 Spearmen detachment
1b) 10 Handgunners

2) 30 Swordsmen
2a)15 Spearmen detachment
2b) 10 Handgunners

3) 30 Halberdiers
3a)10 Spearmen detachment
3b) 10 Handgunners

4) 10 Archers

5) 9 Candied Knights

6) 5 Knights Panther

7) 1 Mortar

8) 1 Mortar

9) 1 Cannon

10) ahem...5 Pistoliers

11) Captain (BSB)

12) Warrior Priestess on Horse

13) Empire General

14) Battle Wizard (lvl2)

My characters come up to 578pts. The Core Units are 1555pts. The Specials are 364pts.

Da Fluff!
I had built this army with inspiration from the struggles of humanity against the undead in the Von Carstien Trilogy by Steven Savile. My vampire hunters army hails from frosty regions of Middenland and Middenheim. This is because the Middenheimers have fought against the undead and lost much, especially the Knights of the White Wolf.

The army was oriented towards taking out zombie and skellie hordes. It may still work in 8th Edition...emphasis on may..LOL!

I also painted up a lot of characters to represent the heroes and heroines who have joined the cause. This also gave rise to the formation of The Council of Light. I hope to give a rundown on the characters and their secret headquarters of Daystar Keep in the near future.

Thats all for today ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back from Beyond

Made it back to my castle in one piece. Did not scatter on the deep strike heheh! Its great to be back home again, and in my room surrounded by plastic minis. Hope to meet up and get some battles in :)

Fantasy Flashback

I painted these up maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I think Ray (enrgie) will remember the Candied Knights lol! They were much neglected due to my new love of Bretonnians. Was a tad miffed when i realized i forgot to bring back part of my Bretonnian army from Brisbane. I could have sworn i packed them in. I really wanted to start my 8th Ed Fantasy with the Brets...

Anyways i did a roll call for my Empire. Had to do a bit of searching due to them being misplaced through the passage of time...I think i might be able to do some Fantasy games with Empire, but i have no idea how to do an Empire list anymore. I lost the old lists i wrote up.

Thus far i have found:

60 Swordsmen

46 Spearmen

30 Halberdiers

32 Handgunners

15 Free Company

15 Empire Knights

3 Great Cannons

1 Box of Pistoliers

And a partridge in a pear tree. A pic of said partridge can be seen below :P

Just kidding, its a converted Lord on Griffon hehe!

Also had some interesting finds, like the GW Fantasy Wizards (pic below).

2 boxes of plastic Empire Wizards from different eras:

The old box has many more wizards. I got these 5 years ago at Comics Mart in City Hall. Nostalgic feelings arise yet again when reminded of Comics Mart, especially the branch at Serene Centre.

Have a fantastic week everyone! Am lookin' forward to Terrain Day where we can meet up again ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chefren of The Thousand Sons

I just managed to do up another Thousand Sons Terminator today. Still some highlighting to go, but its all i'll be able to paint. Am packing up the my troops for the trip home. Yaaayy!! :))) I also notice that have been finishing most of my painting late at night. Maybe its a side effect of painting the dark side heheh!

Chefren here is another test model for a Chaos Termi with tusks and helmet and power weapon. Again photographed using a torchlight from my mobile as the entire day was rather rainy.

Front view. Chefren is the name of one of the builders of Egypt's many pyramids.

Left profile. His left hand wields a power mace.

Right profile. Chefren here armed with a combi-melta. I wish there were more in the Termi box set.

Back view. He also sports a scarab token on the top of his Termi armor.

Have a great end to the week and a super weekend ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Scions of Change

Thousand Sons Terminator

I have started on my Chaos Space Marines! And to continue the terminators in the fashion of my earlier Nurgle-themed Termis, I'm movin' on to the Sons of Magnus the Red.

Front view. Pic taken at night with help from the flashlight of my mobile phone ;) I'm naming him Anhur. There will be four others in the Terminator group. I'm thinking of running 3 groups of 5 with a Termi Chaos Lord for the upcoming Apocalypse game, using the Doombringer Annihilation Force. Should be pretty fun and suicidal haha!

Side view. He is armed with a twin linked Bolter. I also did some highlights for the eldritch bolts. I have plans to convert up a combi-melta. Still experimenting with bitz.

Other view with Chainfist for carving up some tanks.

Back view. I did not put the spikey bits on the top of his armor. Added a scarab made from greenstuff instead to fit with the Egyptian theme.

Thats all for now...

Have a fruitful week ahead everyone :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Troopers

After a night of blazing paintbrushes, the glory boys are table top ready.

I wasn't sure i was gonna do it, but they're done. Well..mostly ;)

Will be workin' on my Chaos Space Marines next. Fabius Bile has arrived in the mail and The Enhanced have to sate their battlelust haha :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Just finished this Storm Trooper today. Its been a while since i painted IG. This one is the Vet Sgt with Power Sword. He does look a bit glum hehe!

I have 9 more Stormies to do up by Friday for a dude i met at GW. Its gonna be a stretch, but i'm still trying for it. Its speed paintin' time ;)

Front view.

Profile view.

Side view.

Back view.

Have a great start to the week everyone! May all your battles be fun and memorable :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Broken But Unbowed

I received another commission mid-week and the deadline is this Friday. I managed to make it tabletop ready though...phew! The Dreadnought is oft used as a Furioso Librarian by the owner.

I had a hard time making out the details as the original model had quite thick layer of Bubonic Brown paint. The body/chasis was also not glued directly and a bit slanted forwards. One of the leg guards was also missing.

Front View. I made the right leg guard (with white skull) out of some bread clips. I has to use a bit of greenstuff to cover up the "Use by 14 Oct" words on the bread clips hehe! Also added a "Psychic Hood" using some tubing and spare bits from the Rhino sprue.

Side View 1: Seismic Hammer with underslung Meltagun.

Side View 2: Blood Talon with underslung Heavy Flamer.

Rear View.

Alternate front view: Different armaments this time round. I'm assuming its Hurricane Bolters and also what looks like a Chainfist.

I hope to have time to finish up the base. But the great thing about the new Dreadnought bases is they are already nice textured and "terrained".

Thats all for now ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Commissar

Sebastian Yarrick: Hero of Armageddon

I met a really nice dude at GW and he plays Imperial Guard army. He's got a really nicely painted Baneblade and Leman Russes. The beginnings of an impressive army! But playing IG means one has lots of troops to paint lol! I received a request from him to paint up Commissar Yarrick, and jumped at the chance to work on a legend :)

Front view. I loved the details on GW's latest version of Yarrick. Its much more characterful and dynamic.

Profile view.

Back view. The Power Claw seems quite heavy, i often wondered how he lugs this around all the time. Maybe he takes it off during break time hahas...It would be a tad hard to bathe in that!

'Clawin' at ya' view.

I'll get round to basing him later. But he's tabletop ready, and just in time for this Friday's Apocalypse game at GW ;)

Have a super week ahead all!