Monday, May 9, 2011

Tyranid Lictor

I'm putting the finishing touches on the lictor. The new model is again really nice. Much better than the old one, especially the face and the long taloned appendages. The tentacles look more natural and the entire model looks very menacing as well.

The Tyranid Lictor has the potential to be the center of fluff especially for Imperial Guard. My Catachans have been surprised by this hunter many a time in the past. Its also known by many cool names like Spook and Mantis Stalker.

Here it is, the Tyranicus Chameleo:

Front view. The face really reminds me of Lovecraft's Cthulhu.

Side view. Those mantis-talons are really long. Imagine the reach if such a thing was real!

Other side view. From this perspective it looks like its saying "Boo!" to an unwary prey. LOL!

Back view.

Top view. I did some freehand patterns on the top part of the carapace.

All in all, it was great painting the Lictor. I remembered a few techniques i used many years ago. Some are still coming back to me.

All in good time :)

Have a fantastic start to the week everyone!


  1. holy crap ! a lictor! hahaha! i love lictors man! really! i have this thing for lictors, pyrovores, biovores, hive tyrants, carnifex and a few more! hahaha. I love the talons man! Nice combi of colours too! Makes it look really real too!
    I think if this lictor was real, it would have made human kebabs with its wicked talons man! wickedly awesome! :D

  2. Oh no!

    (hiding in my rhino)

  3. @Pierce
    Thanks man! Its sporting the latest design on Hive fashion hehe!

    That sounds like a quote from Aliens :)

    Yup, that'll be two kebabs comin' right up lol!

    Lictor is not mine, belongs to a dude i met at the LGS. Am painting it for him. U still gaming?