Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP: Of Tyranids and Elves


The Mawloc is still in the early stages of painting. I just managed to put the major colors onto the model, mainly Catachan Green and Khemri Brown.

I estimate most of the detail work to be done on the carapace and bone areas. My plan for the green fleshy areas will be mostly be drybrushing, and in some areas layered.

Some of the interior areas of the carapace were a bit difficult to reach as the model came fully assembled.

Wood Elf Noble: Battle Standard Bearer

This is my recent conversion of a Wood Elf BSB. Still WIP, waiting for the glue and greenstuff to dry.

The miniature is from Reaper Miniature's Pathfinder range. The name of the model is The Scribbler. Not sure why he's called that. But I was drawn to the model's feral look and he also kinda reminds me of a Waywatcher.

After snipping off the two swords, I placed a banner in his left hand and a bow in his right. Tucked in the interior of the cape at his waist is also a bunch of arrows. In game terms, he will be armed with a Battle Standard and the Hail of Doom Arrow (represented by the arrows) if points allow. Also Asyendi's Bane (a magical bow) to shoot the arrows.

A Dryad-a-Day
I'm also planning to paint a Dryad everyday. Hope i can maintain it.
Anyway, here's today's Dryad :)

If i can paint another 12 i'll have another unit ready. Then i'll do the details and basing all at once.

Also watched a historical drama of Emperor Nero of ancient Rome on TV today. It was quite interesting. The film ended with him declared Emperor. I guess it was a happy ending for the film. It was not until i did some research and found that he didn't do very well after that. What is it with Emperors that they don't usually make it haha! I guess running a country ain't that easy.

Right! Thats all for today.

Will be giving the Mawloc a wash of Thraka Green to kick start the paintjob.


  1. hey man! :D wow thats an awesome mawloc! hahaha i hate the way he opens his mouth. It's god damn sick! >< haha! i love his scythes though :)
    haha awesome Nid!
    Try painting/finding a swarmlord man! he's a rarie i think. Its a dude that looks pretty much like a hive tyrant just that his 4 arms are loaded with swords. damn thats wicked :P

  2. Cant wait for the finished Mawloc.

    BSB nice conversion there, HAIL OF DOOM ARROW POWER!

    I also watched that Rome historical drama a few years ago, Nero is 1 insane/sadistic emperor.