Monday, July 26, 2010

A Necron


I have done up my first Necron Warrior. He is the first to awake on his Tomb World as his alarm clock went off a bit too early :P

Front view. He's not too pleased at being woken up.

Back pants lol!

The Necron warrior is my first test model. He was basecoated in Boltgun Metal.

After that it was 2 washes of Badab Black and one thin wash of Devlan Mud. I also did some highlights using chainmail.

Majority of the time was spent mainly awaiting the washes to dry. I also did some highlighting on his gun while waiting. Quite satisfied with the results thus far. Will attempt to do up the 1K points by this week :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Necrontyr Awake...

Necrons WIP

Spent the day puzzling over the Necron sprues i brought over. Finally managed to finish assembling the robotos :)

It was a lot of work for me. I think its because i'm not used to assembling big number of minis. Most of my past minis have been second hand stuff and already glued. Almost all were painted by their previous owners. My only task was to spray primer over all the existing gunk, and then paint over it, LOL!

Pictured here is the Deceiver with his remote control toy robots.

I found out the Necrons box set does not contain a Lord. So i had wanted to use the Warmachine character Asphyxious the Lich (the name sounds asthmatic hehe). But the model ain't available here yet. So i'm gonna have to use the Deceiver as my only HQ.

Top view of the assembled host.

Heres all my available Necron minis off their sprues. They will have to suffice to game at the LGS. Hope they don't think my Deceiver HQ is too cheesy ;P

I made up a list for 1K points. List was really easy to make due to limited plastics least for the moment. I do have one more Scarab swam, but i only had 4 points left over.

Here be the list:


10 Warriors

10 Warriors

3 Destroyers

3 Destroyers

3 Scarab swarms

I wish i brought more Necron warriors along, but i was packin' my bags too fast too late to notice, so only 2 troop choices for me.

I took another photo shot of Big D. Today was gloomy but i placed him right at the window during daytime.

He always seems to be pointing to somethang. Hope he's not tellin' me he needs to go to the gents haha!

Thats all for now. Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

They'll Be Back...

The Deceiver

This mini had been sittin' around me shelf for the past 5 years. I finally decided to paint him up. And also complete my Necron army. Its up to 1K points now.

Front View

Back View

Side View

The lighting is a tad fuzzy as i took the pics at night. I had initially agonized on how to paint the Big D. I really liked the way that Games Workshop painted him in gold metallics. But i settled for a fast NMM gold instead. My gold metallics had dried up in this dastardly cold weather lol!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Stand of The Mandasar Crusade

Hi all,

I just dug out some really old models of my Tyranid army aka Hive Fleet Mandasar. I posted some snap shots of the unlovely bugs on Anything But Ones blog.

I also took the opportunity to also give some background on my Black Templars army.

Mandasar Crusade Report:

These are the final moments of the last battle that ended the onslaught of Hive Fleet Mandasar:

The Emperor's Champion of the Mandasar Crusade, Brother Egilac facing down the wounded Hive Tyrant.

An Initiate's helmet pic of Neophyte Jon's finest hour.

The following are the only surviving images of the final moments of Brother Egilac and his Crusader Squad. Pics obtained with difficulty from a heavily damaged servo skull.

Pic-cast image01. Frame 04.

Pic-cast image 02. Frame 03.

After battle analysis confirms that the Crusade Squad held off the other Tyranid organisms long enough for Brother Egilac to fulfill his Vow and finally slay the Hive Tyrant in single combat.

Thus was also Marshal Dumalin Basque who fell in battle earlier with the same monstrous beast avenged.

Brother Egilac did not survive his wounds.

Carry the Emperor's Will as your torch, with it destroy the Shadows

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scout's Honor

Black Templar Crusade Update

Haven't been doing much painting this week. But it was great meeting up with my parents and other relatives :)

I did however manage to squeeze in some time to do up a test mini for my Black Templar Neophytes.

And here he is:

Front view. He doesn't look too happy, I wonder why. His open arms pose seems to scream "What u lookin' at?!"

Side view. This view is kinda incomplete. The actual view would include a Black Templar Initiate standing behind him, encouraging him to move forward towards the enemy.

Back view. Probably the view of the Neophtye that the Initiate gets to see the most during a battle, or before they reach close combat with the enemy. Ok, enough of the Neophyte banter already haha!

The Armor of Initiates ;P

I got a couple, 19 i think, of these brave lads to paint up. I haven't really put a lot of effort into painting Space Marine scouts before. But they are pretty good models and have a range of expressions on their faces :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 12, 2010


After two games with my Black Templars, i was very much motivated to get them painted up.

They play wonderfully! And i always get the opportunity to play out their fluff alot, so thats a huge draw for me haha! Even though this makes my battlefield actions are not too tactically sound at times ;P

Anyways, I was initially going to paint my Marshal and Reclusiarchs, but got distracted and finished up my budget version of the Emperor's Champion instead :)

I'm quite pleased with his performance thus far in both games. He managed to completed his oath as Slayer of Champions on both occasions. He took out a (weakened) Ork Warboss and an IG command squad in the last battles. He also managed to see off a Psyker Battle Squad.

He was converted with parts from the Black Templar's Upgrade Kit.

Front view. I haven't thought of a name for him yet. I am however tempted to name his black sword Courtain :)

Emperor's champ with a buddy.

I'll be returning to Brisbane in a week or so, and will be definitely bringing my BTs back. I'll definitely be missing the guys from my gaming group. Also lots of fun times and battle humor i'll be thinkin' of fondly :)

But the Crusade will continue and be back in a couple more months ;)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Imperium Heroes Update

Arjac Rockfist

Here's my take on the Anvil of Fenris, mostly completed except the base (as usual) haha! He had a bit of detail and took longer than usual because of a slight accident. I spilled almost half a pot of blazing orange paint on him. Took a bit of repair work, but i think he survived the ordeal like a true warrior of Fenris ;)

Size Comparison

The Man Mountain does look bigger and stands much taller in scale as compared to a puny Scout!

Black Templars

Here's a peek at my BT Marshall still very much WIP. I have given him two swords for counts as Lightning Claws. The Black Templars are really into swords and sword iconography, so i thought i would play on that emphasis here :)

I'll also be naming the swords Durendal and Sauvagine respectively, in honor of the famous swords in the tales of Sir Roland and Ogier the Dane. Durendal i think means 'The Inflexible' and Sauvagine meaning "The Relentless". Quite fitting descriptions of a Black Templar ;)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


The Man Mountain

Am having fun doing another conversion. This time its Arjac Rockfist of the Space Wolves. Majority of the materials provided by Krom (Defu).

I took my inspiration from the Space Wolves codex, and tried to model him as close to the art as possible. Still some work to be done, but he is almost complete and ready to prime.

Front view. Chest plate from Space Wolf power armor. Pouch and hammer/mallet on his left leg from Bretonnian peasant sprue. The hammer/mallet could be a memento from Arjac's past as an iron smith. The anvil on his Terminator armor is from the Fantasy Dwarf warriors sprue.

Side view of Hammer. There is a drinking horn on his hip for storage of Fenrisan brew ;)

Back View. Some greenstuff done one the pelt.

Shield side view. Also gave him a wolfy mustachio hehe!

Thats all at the moment. Will post updates again, hopefully soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Traitor Dudes

My Misguided Catachan

I re-painted this Catachan jungle fighter i got from years back. He already had like three maybe four coats of paint on him. Being the lazy git that i am, i just sprayed him white and painted on top of that. Hopefully this will give him a 3+ save in battle heheheh!

Side profile.

Back view.

Other side view. He's got lots of muscles. I will use the muscles for counts as flak armor haha! My traitor guard infantry is low on funds, but high on treason. Hence the lack of proper uniforms.

The Voice of the Emperor aka (one of ) The Fallen

I did some modification on the Cypher model. I found this quite appropriate as Cypher is notoriously hated by the Dark Angels. He will be my counts as Colonel Straken.

Straken does have a 3+ armor save and Toughness 4. So he's already Space Marine-like. The Strength 6 will be represented by the sword. Maybe one of the old Dark Angel Sword of Secrets ;P

Side view showing the Dark Angel iconography and pre-heresy black power armor.

The Traitor IG list will probably be mostly foot based with lots of heavy weapon teams. It won't be a game winner but will provide exceedingly good fluff for Dark Angels and successor chapters who Hunt the Fallen.