Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Haze Clears

A nice piece of blue sky is always much appreciated. Its been a hazy past week and I'm glad to see the ol' white and blue :) Also met up with Krom (Defu) and it was just great catching up again.

I did some hobbying with the minis Krom passed to me when I was not sleeping (mostly) during the weekend. It's tiring when I feel as if I've been chain-smoking for the past week haha!

WIP: Hydra
I managed to put together the old metal Dark Elves Hydra.
It was a real challenge to pin. I kept imagining that I was sent to the asteroid as part of the drill team in the movie Armagaedon lol! Still got lots of green stuff work to do on the gaps on the miniature. Should be fun!

WIP: Eldar Avatar
The Avatar was missing a limb and some hair. And no Wailing Doom! The only weapon I had in me bitz stash was the Furioso librarian force weapon. The top of the arm was from an old Gundam mini fig and the lower arm from a Wraithlord.
Primed it black and the applied a coat of Red Gore and Abaddon Black (50:50 mix).
Side view.
View of the new arm.

More Crisis Suits
Also basecoated some more Crisis Suits. I found Knarloc Green to be good foundation paint as the first layer after the black primer. Hopefully it'll make the layering much easier.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Green Tea Taufu

A rare post this, cos its on a weekday! I had some time today after work and decided to finally bite the bullet and use a real Tau unit as a test model. I selected the Crisis Suit lol!
I have been trying to find a color scheme for my Tau army. I think I've finally settled on a rather odd scheme. I wanted something green. 

And inspiration came from a rather weird looking figurine toy as well.
Don't ask me what this is as I have absolutely no idea. It looks both disturbingly plant like, yet sad and alien lol! But i really like the different hues of green and some turquoise and yellows.

And well here's the final result of the test model. I did not paint all the details as its a stab in the dark. I'm also trying to use only paints from the new range.

I thought the greens, blues and yellows strangely go well together. I think I'll stick with this and see where it takes me haha!
I enjoyed mixing in the fixed colors of yellow, green and turquoise a bit at random.
I may cut back on the pedicure toe nail job a bit heheh! The paints used are Warpstone Glow, Sotek Green and Yriel Yellow. And Abaddon Black.
I'm still getting to know the model. The back is just the base color slopped on. There are a few layers beneath. I'm may be subconsciously equating thickness of paint equates to a 2+ save.
A bit of a top view. I may go with red lenses for the head. Make it kinda Mantis like. Also reminds me a bit of Salamanders haha!

Well the fluff for his army is generally this. The Tau are on this tribal world. Make it a Kroot tribal world fighting Chaos Space Marines. The Tau are devastated by Chaos but aid comes unlooked for in the small remnant force of Eldar. They manage to stem the dark tide but at high cost. To remember the survivors and courage of the natives, they took on the tribal color scheme.

Anyways its a good excuse to incorporate some new Eldar elements ;)

As its also been real,tempting to try out the new eldar and field my converted farseer on jetbike, I'll be going with a mixed list.

Taudar it is? Maybe!

Hope everyone has had a great week. Push on through the haze ladies and gentlemen.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Samurai and Eldar

My new job feels quite challenging and going into it tired from the dust of the road was probably not a very good move. Will try to keep chugging along and hope for the best ahaha!

I did manage to finally finally settle on a color scheme for my Samurai themed Warhammer Fantasy Empire army. Yep, it's another of my long list of projects on the back burner.This fella (aka test model) has been through at least 4 different coats of paint. I went for the deep red and bone color scheme.
The test model took about 8 minutes to complete. I reckon the ones after that should be much faster. I'm opting for faster paint time now as there will be another 150+ to paint, on top of everything else from 40K and other random minis hehe!
This excellent miniature is from Wargames Factory's Rising Sun series. He's an Ashigaru trooper with gun.
Red Gore for the armor and hat. Dheneb Stone for the cloth areas.
He's from a detachment of 10 handgunners for the Empire army. It'll be a long road to painting up the army. But then it always is. I do promise to enjoy the process. Especially when painting the Lords and Heroes choices.

Eldar Wraithknight
So I gave in and bought the Wraithknight model. It does cost quite a bit but it is undeniably a beautiful model. I had the time and strength of will and mind to assemble it today. It was a fun process as I was also listening to the podcasts from Life After the Cover Save (hilarious) and The 11th Company (insightful).
I just did some pinning as I have no experience with magnets. Maybe one day..soon. The Wraithknight is a really tall fella. I opted for the Wratihcannon configuration with a Scatterlaser thrown in for extra dakka and some re-rollable goodness.
Above pic is a size comparison with a Wraithguard and a Fire Prism for scale. Impressive model. I also had an extra set of arms after the assembly along with the other weapon options.

Here's the new list I updated from my previous Iyanden list. I made some modifications for the new rules and some space points wise to include the Wraithknight.

Iyanden Eldar 1750pts

1x Prince Yriel xxxpts

1x Spiritseer xxpts

5x Rangers 6xpts

10x Dire Avengers 145
Exarch w/Twin Shuricats

5x Wraithguard 1xxpts
1x Wave Serpent (Holo-field) 130

5x Wraithguard 1xxpts

10 Striking Scorpions 210pts
Exarch w/Scorpion's Claw

3x Warwalkers 210pts
2 Scatterlasers, 4 Brightlances

1x Wraith Knight 260pts
1 Scatterlaser, 2 Heavy Wraithcannon

1x. Fireprism 140pts

Total: 1685pts

I got a few points left to play with, but this is generally the list at the moment.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wood Elves: Wardancer WIP

It's been two weeks since I touched the ol' paint brush. I'm finishing up work at my current workplace and transitioning to another adventure in life. Been really busy and having not much time at all to finish handover of work to a colleague.

But a recent battle did give some impetus to paint again. I played my Wood Elves again after a long time. We lost the battle, but had a really great time with the Wood Elves. I remembered why I enjoy fielding them. They are really fluffy and the play style is different given that they do not have effective large blocks of infantry that can take a charge.

I did find a metal Wardancer miniature and decided to give it a quick paint job to get the painting juices started :)
I like using Wood Elves to explore the types of green colors I can achieve by mixing and matching of colors on the green spectrum. I find Wood Elves look better with brighter colors.
None of the greens used are exact colors straight from the pot. The colors are all mixed with some other green-ish colors.
A bit of a top down view of the Wardancer. He's wielding two hand weapons. I have not fielded them in a while, so am tempted to give them a go again. I really like their Talismanic tattoos rule. Its so entertaining as part of in game narrative! Imagine a tattoo warding off a cannon ball lol!
Back view, and more tattoos. He's well warded from all sides. I don't think the Elves tattoo faces of their heroes or loved ones. That would be a bit weird haha!

Well, have a great week ahead everyone.