Monday, May 16, 2011

More Dryads WIP

The Handmaidens of the Forest
Managed to finish the primary colors and majority of the shading for the Dryads. I also did some basic basing with some sand. The sand was still drying at the time the pic was taken. I'll add on the oregano leaves after the sand has dried.

I am quite enamoured with my Dryads at the moment. Finding a color scheme that i liked and able to paint was a huge factor. Above pic is of a group of 12 Dryads.

First rank of the Dryads below:

The brownish Dryad can represent the unit champion if i do field one.

Second rank of 6 Dryads in below pic:

They are ready to Skirmish!

All the Dryads were painted with GW paints.

First layer was a foundation paint called Knarloc Green.
After the foundation has dried I gave the ladies a Thraka Green wash. When dry, this was followed by a wash of Thraka Green+Badab Black (60/40 ratio).

I then mixed Knarloc Green with Gretchin Green (60/40) for the first layer on most raised areas of the model. This is followed by a layer of Gretchin Green.

Highlights follows next. I added Bleached Bone+Gretchin Green (70:30 ratio) and layered it on. This was followed by Gretchin Green+Bleached Bone again (30:70 ratio). The last layer of highlight was just adding a bit of Skull White to the previous mix.

For the eyes and inner mouth, i wanted to go for a bluish glow. I used Regal Blue for the base of the eye. Then a dot of Enchanted Blue on the eyes. This was followed by a highlight of Enchanted Blue+Skull White (20:80 ratio) dotted onto the centre of each eye.

Blast from the Past
Below are some pics of my Glade Guard archers. These guys are from the older range of Wood Elves minis from GW.

They were painted 5 or more years ago. Don't think i'll be re-painting them haha! I got 20 painted here and 5 more lying around.

Side view.

Back view.


The above mini is from Reaper Miniatures. Her name is Seoni. I plan to use her as my Spellweaver. She's an excellent mini. There is an excellently painted version of the mini on the Reaper website with tribal tattoos. I'm holding off painting her at the moment till some inspiration strikes :)

Hope everyone had a good Monday. All the best for the rest of the week!

Edit: Added Glade Guard Archers and Spellweaver


  1. Looking at the trees remind me of something way back in sec sch.

    "Macbeth shall never vanquish'd be, until
    Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill"

    got wood elf?

  2. Wow! You still remember the quote haha!

    WE somehow reminds me of the Forest of Arden in As You Like It.

    I only brought my Glade Guard Archers along. But they are all the really old ones. Only got one position, standing with bow at the side lol! They were painted 5 years ago i think.

    I'll post them up maybe later ;)

  3. @crazyrat

    Updated the post with Glade Guard archers ;)

  4. WOW they look very imposing painted & rank up like that, looks like they are going to fill every charging hordes with arrows. Make me want to paint up mine hahaha.

    Hey Skanwy, got bad news regarding buying from UK online stores... sad day for our hobby.

  5. Thanks man :)

    Yeah, the old models look do good ranked up. I think it could be because they are all in the same pose, so look quite uniform.

    I was afraid the news for the UK online stores was gonna be true...sigh...

    On the other hand, I'm definitely gonna be checking out other alternative games & miniatures more :))

  6. I bought Malifaux, The Guild Lucius, Governor's Secretary Box Set.

    I got the rulebook as well.
    Its an interesting miniature skirmish wargame since it doesn't use dice but cards(poker cards also can). You use the cards in your hands to augment the close-combat/shooting/magic/armour saves etc...

    Theres the usual tactics of deciding where to move to get better cover, LOS and charging distance. You also got to have a "poker face" to play surprise cards out to cheat fate.

  7. Nice! I like the Malifaux minis. Had my eye on the Spirits of Vengeance for a while. I'll get that one and we can have a game :))

    The tactics you describe sound interesting. And also dun have to paint so much as fewer minis are required for a decent game.

    I like the Japanese theme hehe! I think they will go well with my collection of Kabuki Dolls from Urban Mammoth.