Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blood Bowl: Wood Elves Team WIP

I've been getting back into painting and have started out with Blood Bowl as one of the first things to do up. Blood Bowl is pretty new to me as in I've never actually played it. So getting a team ready in case I get a chance to play a beginner's game seemed like a good idea. Above is a Thrower I painted a few weeks back as a test model.
My Wood Elves Team is from Greebo Miniatures which I got quite a few years back. Above are my Lineswomen. I kept to the green and yellows of the traditional Wood Elves theme.
Some Wardancers. I did not attach the ribbon extension bits as they looked abit flimsy.
Above is my Catcher. Haven't thought of a name of background yet for the team. But it'll be another fun process working out the team's fluff.
I think I'm finally going to do some basing on these miniatures. Some simple gravel and flock to make it look like a football field.

I'll be painting up the Treewoman next, as well as the Human Team from the new Blood Bowl box set. I have chosen the blue and yellow colors of the Bright Crusaders for my Human Team.

Hope to update again.