Sunday, April 30, 2017

Malifaux WIP: Temple of the Dawn

Its been almost 2 months since I last posted anything. Been really busy, and tired at work. But I did get some painting done this long weekend :)

I got the Malifaux Temple of the Dawn last year after playing an intro game at Ray's previous castle. The legend of Shenlong was born in my mind during that battle which involved a desperate rush to an outhouse in the inner slums of Malifaux where good sanitation can be a rare thing.

Shenlong is mostly painted. I am deliberating how to paint on the dragon tattoo. The way the dragon tattoo is situated on the box art is a bit awkward. From the box art, the tail of the dragon tattoo seems to start from the side of Shenlong's left eye, and the dragon's body somehow also ends on the left side? A 'blue steel' dragon? Lol!

Sensei Yu is like the jovial monk of the group. His facial expression really contrasts with Shenlong's moody and a tad evil look. On the other hand, Sensei Yu may be laughing at Shenlong's 'high tide' situation and acute need for the outhouse facilities.
Sensei Yu's abs on the art box looked a bit weird to me, unsure why. I painted his abs abit lower so he has a rib-cage haha!

Some Peasants. They clean up after themselves. And Shenlong.

The High River Monks. Two are very dynamic figures. Took a while to position and pose these fellas.
I still want to add more details to the bases. Maybe some water running through the sand for the whole team. But not sure how to do it as yet.

The monks of the august temple in a first WIP photoshoot. A long time in coming for sure.
I'll be adding more highlights and have also realized the Sensei also has tattoos on his arms (faint). I don't have a clear picture of Sensei Yu's tattoos so its going to be a challenge to make up something.

But all in all, I am quite happy with the way they turned out. The Monk with the blue watery base was done at beginning of the year as a test model. I ended repainting him to fit the rest, except the base.

Hope to get some games in too!

Have a good weekend, and great week ahead everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

WIP: Black Templars

It has again been awhile. The warp storms have been pretty crazy in my hobbying region. It was already turbulent before Cadia fell haha! Its a good thing that my gaming group has decided on a painting goal for the year. I'm going to be taking my time, cos I'm really tired every day after work.

I decided to work on my Black Templars again after reading the Fall of Cadia codex. The burst of inspiration from Marshal Amalrich's valiant efforts during the Black Crusade was all I needed.

Marshal Amalrich of the Cruxis Crusade
I kitbashed him using the new Deathwatch marine sprue cloak and legs. For the chest I used the Ravenwing box set cloak chest bit.
The right arm is from a standard Space Marine sprue with bolt pistol. I painted the Templar cross for Amalrich a bit differently to make him stand out more.
The bottom half of the sword arm is from the Black Templars Chapter Upgrade pack I got many years ago. I cut off the chainsword and attached a power sword on top. The power sword is also from the Ravenwing sprue. I used greenstuff to sculpt some chains to connect the two.
The backpack is from a really old Space Marine Captain sprue. I added red in the Templar cross to also show his elite status as formerly part of the Sword Brethren. The other colors were the standard black and white synonymous with the Black Templars chapter.

Chaplain Nikolai
I had a really old metal Chaplain sitting for more than 6 years on my shelf. Finally got him painted today!
I wanted to practice some NMM Gold again after a long period of not painting in this style. But was kinda concerned that the bone white of the chest plate and scrolls would look too similar. Still went ahead anyways haha!
I added the Templar cross motif and squggles on the long scroll on the front. Without the squiggles, it looked kinda like the Chaplain had a toilet roll cascading off his groin area. Lol!!
Tried to squeeze in the Templar cross in between the winged gem of his shoulder plate.
Still got more purity seals to add holy squiggles on. Hope they help him make more armor saves. I was half thinking of writing Roll 4+ save on the seals.
Didn't add squiggles to the purity seals on the back. Kinda looks like toilet paper stuck in the butt somehow. I cannot seem to get that imagery out of my head hahaha!

Brother Templars
Below are some standard Tactical Squad/ Crusader Squad marines I am still working on. My earlier Black Templars were all armed with Bolt Pistol and Chainswords. Assault used to be quite feasible a few editions back.
Well not anymore. I got some new Tactical Squads and Devastator Marines, and started painting the black and whites again. I'm working mostly on the shoulder pads. Paint the background white, and then paint on the Templar cross.

I'll also be planning to paint the Templar cross motif on all the Marines who are wearing their helmets. This is the Cruxis Crusade, or Crusade of the Cross. So this will be their main identifier.

Am painting up enough units for a Battle Demi Company. In the works are also 2 Storm Talons. I had to do some conversion to the cockpit as I lost the plastic canopy cover...sigh..

Well that's all I got for now. Have a great week ahead all!