Saturday, May 7, 2011

WIP: Zoanthrope

The new brain bug is so much nicer than my old ones! I must get a few for myself too.

Anyways i'm putting the finishing touches on the model. It was a real treat to paint! Still got some fine highlights and basing to do. But its generally ready for the tabletop...sort of ;)

Here it is:

Side view.

Other side view. More light for this pic.

Back view.

Front view.

This Zoanthrope and two of its fellows wrecked the Furioso Librarian Dreadnought. My psychic hood tests were really poor. Out of 6 tests, i only blocked 1 LOL!



  1. wow thats fast! I just came from lunch just now and another bug done.

    Really painted very well with the correct colours used. Look very organic.

    You can learn dice rolling from Daniel, my last game with him, he stop like 90% of all my GK psychic powers lol... with 1 BA librarian. *the force is strong with that librarian*

    I also find Big brain bug scary but it have its limitations like range and mass bolters and chainsword can take it down easily. If I used them I will just suicide spore with them to eat those leman russ or LR or my arch nemesis - melta vets in chimera!

  2. Hey! wow thats a quick change of mind! hahah. Nice Zoanthrope there mate! :D

    OHHH! i have a box of gaunts and gants. I'll pass it to you when youre back home? I dont really paint them. :))

  3. Thanks guys! The last time i painted Nids was 5 years ago. Its been awhile..

    Woah! Daniel's Librarian is one powerful dude. His psychic hood has Energizer batteries hehe! In my game i also played Mephiston, but he went down on Turn 1 to a charge by a Broodlord and its entourage of about 8 Genestealers lol!

    Yup the model belongs to a dude i met at the game shop. Am painting it for him.

    Wow! u have Nids too? Cool manz!