Saturday, March 30, 2013

WIP: Dark Angels

Its been really busy at work and I fell prey to Nurgle's plans, yet again! Just recovered from some flu thingy and am back to painting and some converting. Also plan to draw up some new purity seals.

I did a quick paint up of an old Space Marine I had lying around. Again this marine was previously a Salamander, Space Wolf, Blood Angel and I think Celestial Lion lol!

WIP: Dark Angels Sergeant

Decided to continue my Dark Angel marines from the 5th Company. This one will be my normal Sergeant.
He was primed black and then I applied a layer of Dark Angels Green. Then another layer of Dark Angels Green and Goblin Green mix (80:20).
Highlights were done by adding Scorpion Green to the previous layer mix.

WIP: Ravenwing Black Knights
My Black Knights are mainly just normal Ravenwing Bikers. I'm not too keen on getting the new box set as its a bit too steep for me at the moment. I am resisting temptation..for now ;)
I just added the Plasma Pistols from the Assault Marines sprue to replace the bike mounted  Boltguns. And hey, I got some Plasma Talons.
The Black Knight Sergeant's Corvex Hammer is made from an extra Thunder Hammer with one side snipped off. I replaced it with the tip of a scabbard from the Space Marine Scout sprue.
A bit of a closer shot from the front on how the el'cheapo Plasma Talons look.

Have a Blessed Easter everyone!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Templars Marshal WIP

I found a Terminator model, half assembled and missing his bolter arm and head. Managed to scrounge together some parts as I wanted a Templar Marshal in Terminator armor. All my current Templar leaders are in power armor. So this would give the Templar leadership some much needed protection ;)
I did some painting last night and here he is. I really wanted the armaments of Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield but I have no bitz left for those. So I just ran with what I got, which isn't too bad. A Storm Bolter provides some firepower while the Chainfist does give some reliable anti-tank in melee.
Side view. Probably going to paint a red Templar Cross on this shoulder pad later. I chose the gold for his storm bolter as this seems to be the color for the BT elites.
A clearer view of the Chainfist. I painted the Templar cross on the background. Also added the chevrons on the chain-blade attachment.
I went with simple application of white with his cloak, which I will try out as an Adamantine Mantle. This will give him slightly longer lasting power instead of being doubled out.

Well that's all I got for now. Hope all students and teachers are enjoying the school hols!

Take care everyone, and good tidings for the week.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Themed Terrain: On a Budget

Way-Station HALICON 17-1

I tried to make a space ship themed terrain board some time back but did not really complete it. Too much real life, too little time LOL!

I decided to go with some themed terrain instead. It'll be suitable for space ship-orbital themed battlefield. I made these with a waystation or space station in mind rather than a ship.

I've got a few ideas from visit to Daiso where $2 can get you some really nice stuff. Well here goes ;)

1) Bridge + Tacticum

This is the holo field like thingy where Imperial Strategos plan their invasion or just watch planetary traffic till boredom sets in.
I got these clear holders and a hexagonal pill box. I plan to prime the pill box black and just drybrush on some Boltgun Metal. The clear holders will be for the advanced computer screens with shipboard data painted on. I'm looking for glowy paint. Any recommendations? Inspiration below:
The panels can also be painted in the style of the human control room of the movie Avatar. Nice graphics there.
So this is how the Bridge/Tacticum will look like. Terminator there for scale purposes.
I think it'll look smashing once the colors are on :)

2) Hydroponics
I really like the way plants can be grown even in outer space. Gives an organic touch to the otherwise steel and wire environment of deep space stations.
The general idea. Small plastic containers which I think people use to store beads plus some grassy terrain. Or any type of vegetation terrain. And presto! Hydroponics! It can also double up as an oxygen production piece.
I did some work on Hydroponics during last weekend so there's actually much more to see.
I just need to add some white glue and flock some parts with sand. Prime the base black and drybrush Boltgun Metal again before placing the vege-vats back on. Top right hand corner of above pic is a small air-pump terminal/station.

3) Logic Stacks/ Computer Servers

Nothing much to say here 'cept that every ship and station needs some processing capacity. The Logic Stacks also have great potential to be line of sight blocking terrain.
So these are some pen holders for $2 bucks each. I overturned them and placed them on a base. And you got your Logic Stacks.
I'll probably still prime them black-er and paint some glowy blue lines on 'em.

4) The Cryo-Chambers
I managed to get me hands on some containers for fishing undersea use. $2 for two in a pack.
Bed for six crew members. No breakfast though.
An Imperial Guardsmen getting a rude awakening from the a Deathwing Terminator hehe!

5) The Locker Room
The ol' Locker Room. A confined pace where many have found that they could actually fit into with some 'help'.
Some more pill boxes. $2 for two in a pack.
I just turned them on the side to represent lockers. Will have to prime and boltgun metal them before mounting them on a base. Guardsman Joe here again, anxiously trying to get out of the locker room before being stuffed into said locker.

Its been a rough Monday for me. Hope its been better for all you folks out there.
And I hope you have been entertained by my post ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

40K Narratives On the Battlefield

Its been quite an eventful week with much happening at work and the wife going for an operation. All has turned out well, and its just been a tremendous relief. Anyways, I did remember a conversation with Ray (aka enrgie) about combining our Tyranid forces for a battle. This sparked off a tangent for me as I kinda imagined how awesome it would be to do it Aliens-style ;)
I used the existing 6th Edition Missions to play around with a narrative battle. And this is the strange result of my mind.

The narrative and victory/loss conditions are made from the perspective of the Space Marine rather than the Tyranids due to my lack of understanding of Tyranid psyche lol!

Outpost Station Halicon

Missions Used (all from 6th ed):
Purge the Alien
Big Guns Never Tire
The Scouring 

The Emperor's Will
The Relic

Chapter 1: Into the Breach

The Black Templars make entry into the Halicon via a breach in the lower decks and arrive using Drop Pod insertion.

Mission: The Emperor's Will
Synopsis: Your forces have made entry into the Halicon. You need to establish a beach head for further reinforcements to arrive.

If Victorious,

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Synopsis: Having established a secure base, your forces reinforce the staging point with formidable weaponary.

If Loss
Mission: The Scouring
Synopsis: Your forces may have failed to secure the staging point. But fortune favours the bold as your remaining forces use speed to secure remaining viable staging areas for the coming battles.

Chapter 2: The Jaws of Death
Terminators of the Dark Angels find themselves surrounded by foul xenos while trying to recover some information from the Halicon's logic stacks.

Mission: Purge the Alien
Synopsis: The alien menace is now fully aware of your presence. They come for your strike force in vengeful bloodthirsty waves of teeth and claw. Blunt their attack and make the enemy fear your might.

If Victorious:
Mission: The Relic
Synopsis: Within the ship is an artifact of great power and of xenos origins. You must secure the artifact for you sense it will aid your cause.

Note: In the case of The Relic, maybe the artifact would really contribute to in-game usage. Like increased WS for the squad in possession of it, for example.

If Loss,
Mission: Crusade
Synopsis: You have lost the artifact...for now. You will need to retreat to more defensive positions and secure supplies for your wounded. You also inadverdently stumble upon a monstrous evil.

Chapter 3: The Brood Mother
Last pict-image sent from Brother Marciel's suit of Squad Feran's encounter with a monstrous Tyranid beast.

Mission: Purge the Alien (modified) 
Synopsis: Your forces have discovered the source of this taint. The foul beating heart of the Voidscream. An immense beast, a Tyranid Dominatrix! You muster your forces for war! This is it. Purge the Alien!!

Note: The final battle is always expected to be a dramatic one. And its ok to add some interesting rules and creatures/ characters to reflect its conclusion.

Primary Objective: Slay the Brood Mother

Creation of a nice 'Boss Type' monster or leader at the end of the narrative should also be quite the treat. But care methinks must be taken not to overdo it. I have created my version of a Dominatrix just for laughs.

Tyranid Dominatrix
 6    4  8 7 6 5 4 10 2+
Special Rules: Monstrous Creature, Rending Claws, Bio Acid, Rage, Fearless, Psyker, Synapse Creature, Implant Attack, Armored Shell, Shadow of the Warp.

Broodmother: Roll a D6 on Turn 3 onwards, on a 3+ the Dominatrix detaches herself from the birthing sac. She is now free to move, run or assault. When immobile, she can choose to spawn D6 Warriors every alternate turn. She can no longer spawn Warriors if detached from birthing sac.

Special Rules:

Note: You can also add Special Rules into the narrative to give it that added challenge.

Prepared Assault
Tyranid Organisms able to Infiltrate or Outflank can do so on any terrain piece. They can also assault the turn they come into play if they pass an Initiative test.

Without Number
As per the rule. Troop choices can be recycled. Coming in at random table edge next turn if destroyed in current turn.

Hope you have enjoyed the read ;)

Have a  good weekend all!