Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Green Hobbying

Some Updates
Hmm..I'm not sure what happened to the comments of my previous posts. Seems to be gone lol!

Anyways, I'm glad to report that the guy whom i painted the Tyranids for loved them! Which was a huge relief :)

More Dryads
I painted up another 'test' Dryad for consistency. And its kinda there. Not much difference from the second Dryad from the first.

Above is the most recent repaint of my forest ladies. They were all brown and bleached bone before their makeover.


I managed to do some basing as well, which is rare as I don't usually base my models.

I used the basic sand for the base. Also added something additional to make the leaves on the forest floor. And the secret ingredient is...

Oregano Leaves!

They smell great and they make a really neat forest/ leaves basing. And its just $3 for a huge bag! I got mine from Mick's Nut Shop from the West End ;) They looked a bit like weed from the outset haha! Not too sure whether to paint over the base or just leave it. The effect is quite natural looking as is.

Coming Up (of the ground)

I also received this Tyranid Mawloc from the same guy to paint. I have not handled or painted a Mawloc before, just saw it in the White Dwarf magazines and other people's games. Its quite the large model and looks really fearsome! Its gonna be fun painting this.

Thats all for the day ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. yea blogger got some outrage, my comments also gone. What I'm worried of organic leaves are they will rot?

    Mawloc! commission job or training model?

  2. Ahh i see, i thought Blogger was behaving a bit wierd heheh!

    The leaves are dried already and won't rot :)) Plus if there is varnish or ink wash on it, they should preserve well.

    Its part commission part training model. I have not painted one before so its training for me ;)

  3. Nice commission! Few months back, Jaeroler (DF) ask me how much you charge for commission painting IG infantry (not really GW IG infantry, similar sized historical infantry from perry/victrix). I told him to ask you when you are back.

  4. Thanks manz :) I have not worked out any price in $ for commission leh...but i will do a 10 man squad for one Eldar Warlock. Any (2) special characters or HQ for a Farseer.

    I don't mind used Farseers or Warlocks either ;)

  5. Oh forgot to add, Warlocks negotiable hehe! I can do 20 for one Warlock too ;)

  6. NO! not the warlocks, the dreaded seer council combo with the wraithguards = indestructible.

    I find the current Eldar book rules very fluffy. It pack a punch but also defensive in a way that you can use their abilities to preserve your units from dying easily. Just like the fluff, where the Eldar a dying race needs to do everything to prevent their race from extinction, preserving every life and minimize losses.

  7. Yeah manz, i really miss my Eldar :)

    I'm secretly collecting Eldar Warlocks and the occasional Farseer. I currently have 12 Warlocks and 5 Farseers. I don't need that many but it'll be grand to have like 100 Warlocks haha! I can then form an entire Eldar 'Jedi' Academy ;)