Friday, November 29, 2013

WIP: More Genestealers

The gaming group will be having an Apocalypse Battle next month, and I am taking my Alien Nids. I'll be taking the Genestealer Vanguard Infestation special menu and am trying to paint up as many Genestealers as I can.
My Stealers have been modified by replacing the head with the Giger-Alien Xenomorph heads from Chapterhouse Studios :)
My Hive Fleet Mandasar has undergone quite a few changes. The fluff behind this being the splinter of the Great Devourer's many tendrils being infected by another alien parasite. Hence the changes in physical appearances of their heads.
Still for to knock back about 29 more of these plus a Broodlord (also converted) which I'll post again once its fully painted.

And we have finally come to the end of another week! I wish everyone a fun filled and relaxing weekend ahead.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WIP: Alien Nid's and The Space Hulk "Voidscream"

I finally got to take a break from work and have dived straight into hobbying. I've been Alien-izing my Tyranids again. I broke out the Tervigon and Hive Tyrant plastic kits I got some time back and went to work with greenstuff.

WIP: Flyrant
Here is a modified Hive Tyrant head. I just slopped on some greenstuff on top of the head and smoothed it out.
Mounted the head on the Flyrant body. I have not stuck on the twin linked devourers yet.
Will be using the Tyrannofex Fleshborer Hive arms for the twin linked devourers.

WIP: Tervigons
I did the same greenstuffing for the top part of the Tervigon head. I had some spare Tyranid Warrior heads and used the jaw area to make the Alien tongue organism.
The simple conversion involves sticking the Warrior mouth to the opposite end of the original Tervigon tongue.
The first Tervigon I assembled. Now with the converted head. I will call it Harry for now.
I'll name this one Sally.
They share an touching moment together.

WIP: The Space Hulk "Voidscream"
Did some work on the deck plating of the Voidscream. Used some knitting squares from Art Friend and glued them onto some plastic board.
This is the very basic result of the deck flooring of the Voidscream. There are six boards here making it 6 feet by 4 feet for gaming ;)
Some terrain I got 2 great gaming and terrain companies. The alien eggs are from Dark Art Miniatures while the strange living artifact (in green) is from Fenris Games. Also shown is Brother Tamryn of the Black Templars. He does not like what he sees.
The Living Artifact! It is yet unpainted, but looks to be a treat to paint.
Me playing with terrain pieces again haha! I got 60 of the alien eggs. The alien aegis like wall at the top of the pic above is a free item thrown into my purchase by the good gentlemen at Dark Art Miniatures.

I can feel Christmas in the air already, and the promise of an impending battle :)

Have a great week ahead all!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

WIP: Dalenion and Ardeshir

I finally managed to get some painting time in! And this will be my 301st post as well. It is also of moment as I am putting this up on my new laptop which my wife bought for me :))) My previous laptop gave up the ghost. It will be missed.

This will be my Wood Elves styled rendition of the Ranger and his Companion inspired by Drizzt and Guenhwyvar.

Dalenion the Ranger 
I decided to go with the green of the wood elves as the main color. Instead of Drizzt's white mane, I gave Dalenion golden flax hair. The ivory sword he wields is also magical and acts as a summoning conduit for his leonine companion.
A view of one of his magical swords which I have named Splinter.
This is the back view of the cloak and the ubiquitous bow and arrow carried by any self respecting wood elf. I drew some swirly patterns on his cloak to show his special status.

I decided to go with an ivory white skin/fur tone for Ardeshir. There are white lions mentioned in the Ulthuan lands. Ardeshir represents the entity inside Dalenion's sword which manifests itself as a young white lion.
Its a bit difficult to see the color of Ardeshir against the white background. I should have used a darker backdrop.
I also painted his eyes greenish to tie into the forest theme and to show that he is a magical being.

Best Friends
Ardeshir and Dalenion together, ready to take on the evil doers of the Old World. I also wrote a bit of a backstory for them. The background story is still really rough. But I hope it serves to be entertaining ;)

The solitary elf ranger of the Wood Elves. He is rarely welcomed amongst by his own race, but those whom he have saved say that he is a kind and gentle soul who carries about him an air of sorrow.  As the tale goes, Dalenion's clan was massacred in a single night. It is said that their deaths were brutal and not one warrior drew their bow. Dalenion was the only survivor, having been tasked with scouting the northern reaches of his clan's boundaries.

That the attack came from the north was all the more disturbing for Dalenion was his clan's finest ranger. And he swore that nothing passed his watch. But the trial of broken trees leading straight to the great oaken doors of his clan's home spoke otherwise...

Dalenion had taken an oath to track down the murderers of his clan. But even so, he is still distrusted amongst the Wood Elves.

Gifted with the heirlooms of his clan and badge of office as First Ranger of Clan Lorendian, he wields the swords Splinter and Winter's Breath. That the swords possess powerful magical is beyond doubt.

The blade Splinter appears to be made of a a species of wood not seen in the forests of Athel Loren. The grains of the wood appear to shift and change. And a single rune on the hilt glows with a green luminous aura.

The other heirloom is Winter's Breath. It is snowy pale in color, with bluish runes dancing near its hilt. The blade is actually home to a spirit entity known as Ardeshir. And Ardeshir is a forest spirit bound to the sword. It manifests as a white lion and fights at the side of its wielder.

The white lion is no mere spirit, but an intelligent creature. It has formed a close bond with Dalenion and they have become great friends. In later years, this friendship would define them both and prove not only each other's salvation, but also that of wherever they call home.

Dalenion and Ardeshir have traveled far beyond the borders of Athel Loren and deep into the other territories of the Old World.

Have a great weekend all! I leave you a quote from the famed drow himself.

"Goodness, courage, and love is a song. In my travels I have learned one thing, evil creatures cannot sing." - Drizzt Do'Urden

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Ranger & his Faithful Companion

The tale of Drizzt and his companions have ever been one of the most memorable of the Forgotten Realms. The friendship between his companions are also heartwarming and inspiring.

                                                  (Picture from Google Images)
I'm not really a fan of Dark Elves and am not relishing starting a Dark Elves army with the current prices. But I do have an army of Wood Elves, who boast the best Archers and probably the best Rangers in the Warhammer Fantasy world.

So I've decided to model up a Drizzt equivalent for the Wood Elves. The army book does not have much in a sense to represent the model of a Ranger and his trusty companion yet. Hopefully in the new book there can be such opportunities.

I did not want to spend money again on miniatures as I'm currently needing to conserve expenditure on the ol' war chest ;) So I did a super simple conversion using a spare Wood Elf Glade Guard archer and an old miniature of a lion I got many years ago.
I've not really come up with a name for him yet. But I've tried to stick as true to the image of Drizzt as much as possible. He's got the cloak like Drizzt's piwafwi cloak and sporting long hair (green stuff).
I decided to keep the bow and arrows as my hero is a Wood Elf.
He is also armed with two swords just like Drizzt's scimitars.
While not exactly Twinkle or Icingdeath, I'll be writing up a backstory for each of the swords too.
This is the old mini of a lion I found in my collection to represent my Wood Elves version of the famous Guenhwyvar. I have not decided on the base as yet, but that's more for gaming purposes.
But they do look great together no matter the size or type of the base. Can't wait to get them ready for some paintin' :)

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Female Elf Ranger

I did a very quick paint up of this excellent mini I bought from Heresy Miniatures. She will be a Champion in my other unit of Wood Elves Archers. This mini has really nice profiles and smooth areas to paint. I still have highlights to do and as always basing.
I painted her bow white, the same as my previous Wood Elves Champions to denote their status. 

The sculpt of the mini gives her a natural and relaxed feel. I painted most of the colors as close to the Glade Guard colors of her unit. Her bright orange hair also makes her stand out a bit more from the rank and file.
Overall, it took only an hour to paint up the mini. I enjoyed the process and can't wait to paint more Wood Elves. Am quite tempted to work on a Treeman next!

Happy November to All!