Monday, May 30, 2011

An Olde Sarge

I stumbled across this old metal Blood Angel miniature in my collection. I think I got it 7 years ago when i was doing me studies in Perth. I decided to paint him up quick to complete the 9 man Flesh Tearers Tactical Squad that has been patiently or impatiently awaiting their sergeant ;P

"Looky there! Charge!" Gotta do up his banner soon. Still workin' on a design.

Side view of the Vet Sarge. He's sending a message to aspiring Scouts of the chapter.

Other side view of chapter symbol.

Back view. Kinda reminds me of John Travolta dancing in Saturday Night Fever haha!

Monday's almost to a close as is the last minute online orders for GW toys. I can just imagine generals across the galaxy calling in vital reinforcements before the mother of all Warpstorm erupts..

Well here's to the good times! And never stop gaming ;)


  1. Nv seem this model before. The chest got the BA insignia very unique. Another pointing model hahaha

  2. Its a really old Blood Angel vet sarge i got 6 years ago :) He finally got painted lol!