Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

A new year approaches.And i've been really slow in painting up my minis since i started my holiday job. Bad mistake to get back to the grind is all i can say heheh!

I will live to regret my decision for the next one month and 2 weeks. Its been great catchin' up with my colleagues though ;)

I struggled for 2 weeks and only managed to come up with a mostly painted up mini. As i'll be headin' back to Brisbane next Feb, i've decided to bring a small compact army. The Deathwing!

So i've painted up a new version of the Master of Deathwing with Lightning Claws.

And here he is:

Belial, Master of the Deathwing. I have lost count of how many times he 'died' in me battles lol!

Hopefully the new look heralds a new age of increased survivability on the battlefield ;)

Rear view.

I added some bits from the Dark Angels Veteran sprues.

Have a great week ahead all!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Dues

Back to Work
I managed to get back to work. And man its a really busy time! So not much painting done except some dribs and drabs lol!

It was quite a challenge to be back in the grind after being away for a year. I was scared stiff the first day i stepped into the workplace. Second day today and its a bit better. My knees no longer feel weak haha!

I found a Dryad amongst the boxes of minis i packed away and did a quick paintjob. Mostly painting at night now, so the pics do look a tad darker.


Dryad with a little friend on the branch.

Side view.

Back view of Dryad and friend Sprite. I had much fun painting the gossamer wings of the Sprite.

You Will Believe...
I uncovered a box of Alien Greys from Griffin Miniatures. I remembered my plan for them as well! They were to be my counts as Eldar or Footdar army :) Yup all Guardians walking forward. Its gonna be a fluff army centered around the theme of "Alien Invasion". My opponent will have a great time pwning them alienz ;)

Grey Alien

Front view.

Side view.

Other side view.

Skinny @$$ view lol!

Mid week tomorrow, and closer to the weekend :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Tzeentchy Stuff

A Little Horror

I had planned to do up some supernatural followers of Tzeentch, and the Pink Horrors were one of the first choices :) I plan to do a batch of 9 in flesh tones. They were originally meant for an Apocalypse game where i was going to try out the The Changeling's Grand Dissimulation formation. The flesh tones were to represent newly transformed Horrors shedding their human disguise.

Side view of Horror. Too many appendages lol!

Other profile. He's got a really long tongue.

Back view.

El Cheapo Gunship
I went to Takashimaya mall and there was a toy fair thingy at the basement again. I remember buying the dinosaur egg toys with Ray (enrgie) to represent Nid Pods couple months back. I went looking for 'counts as ' stuff again.

Found this rather affordable wooden toy that looks a bit like the IG Valkyrie. It was going for $5.90 and i bought two for the fun of it. Assembly was really difficult for the first one as the instructions were quite bad. I managed the second one in 10mins as i figured out how to assemble the first one.

The measurements are almost the same as the original Valkyrie. The only thing shorter is the wingspan by one to two inches. Catachan dude there for scale.

I did not assemble the copter blades as they appeared flimsy. The assembled chasis (pictured above) is quite solid though, and a bit of PVA glue should make it even more durable.

I reckon that after some conversion, it should look like a nice transport for deep strikin' guardsmen ;)

December is upon us! And Christmas is near :)))

Have a great first week of the month all!