Monday, May 23, 2011


Fantasy Wood Elf Battle Standard Bearer

Or Back Street Boy as Ray calls it hehe! This is my conversion using a Reaper Miniature. Added Wood Elf banner, bow and some arrows. I found that the Wood Elves benefit from a brighter color scheme. Tried darker greens like Catachan Green and Dark Angels Green and they were not too good.

Back view. I did not fancy sculpting leaves on his cloak , so I just painted them on :)

Stop! Don't run away!

Ready to re-roll those morale checks :))

Have a successful and vibrant week ahead everyone!


  1. Incredible! I must say this is your best painted infantry size model I ever see. Easily Golden Daemon finalist standard IMO.

  2. Thanks guys!

    It was super fun painting this guy. The excellent sculpt by Derek Schubert also helped lots :)