Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Deathwing

Deathwing Company of the Dark Angels Chapter

Captain Belial of the Dark Angels

Belial seen here in Tactical Dreadnaught Armor, wielding the Sword of Silence.

Belial seen from the rear. The skeleton perched upon his armor sculpted using greenstuff.

Below are members of the Deathwing Command Squad.

The Knights of Bretonnia

Here be the tapestry of chivalry and nobility of the Knights of Bretonnia from the Realm of Bastonne.

The Damsel

The Noble Steeds of the Knights of the Realm, painted in the colors of Bastonne

The above horses hail from the Banners of Duke Bohemond (Left) and Lord Haydon (right).

The above steeds hail from the lands of Sir Rigunth, the Dragon (left) and Sir Jasperre, Slayer of Malgrimace (right)

Above are the steeds of the Knights Errant.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Craftworld Iyanden

The Wraithguard

My first Wraithguard miniature. 9 more to go!

The Farseers of Iyanden

Left to Right: Farseer Delphinion and Farseer Mieraelan

The Spiritseers of Iyanden

The Spiritseers guide the paths of the Wraithguard in battle.

The Wave Serpents

Almost completed painting them. They usually carry my Dire Avengers and Striking Scorpions across the battlefield.

Dire Avengers

My choice Troops selection. Pictured above are 2 Dire Avengers and their Exarch. I have to take at least a squad (or two!) as the Shrine of Asuryan is located on Craftworld Iyanden ;) Still a work in progress.

A Striking Scorpion

This is my Elites choice. As the Iyanden have a diminished populace, the Striking Scorpions are a prudent choice for the army as they have good armor, hence added survivability.