Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tyranids WIP: Hive Fleet Mandasar

It's the weekend once again! I was quite sick for the past 2 days and had to take time off work. Just had enough strength to crawl out of bed today. Decided to assemble and base color some of my long neglected (dormant) Hive Fleet gribblies. I'm not sure if I can get it all done, prolly not, but will give it a shot. I'll be fielding my Nids for an Apocalypse game on the morrow. I hope my health holds up.
Had to do a test model to remember how to paint my warlock purple or warlord purple Nids, depending on which company's paints I am using lol! It was fun painting the Nids again.

Managed to convert up and assemble more Hormagaunts. The Xenomorph heads are from Chapterhouse Studios. An excellent product.

Assembled and greenstuffed 4 Carnifexes with Twin Linked Brainleach Devourers. STILL weapon of choice for the Hive Mind's monstrous creations.
I included 2 of my classic Screamer Killer Carnifexes whom I will name the Children of Shelsee. They look like giant crabs with their huge claws hehehe! Have to find some way to get new bases though.

Also assembled and greenstuffed a Tyrannofex. Decided to go with the Rupture Cannon as it looks cool! 

Have a great weekend everyone! Wishes of good health especially to all!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flesh Tearers WIP: Assault Squad Sergeant

It's 2015! Another year has passed and I'm glad to be alive and still wargaming and hobbying. :)

With the release of the new Blood Angels Codex, it is also time to redo my lists. My friend has been encouraging me to try out the new Assault Squad which is still good even though they've been moved to the Fast Attack section. Of note is that the Sergeant can dual wield pistols! I really liked the image of a dual pistol wielding Marine. Reminds of the Cypher, a really cool looking miniature I painted a while back.
And so I formed the Cult Helios in my Flesh Tearers army. The fluff is that the cult consists of Flesh Tearer brothers who have a death wish and are willing to sacrifice all for their Chapter. They have not succumbed to the Black Rage, but are barely holding it in check. As such, they volunteer for some of the most dangerous missions. Their hope to have one last glorious battle without succumbing to the Black Rage.
I assembled these from spare Space Marines and added on some bitz from the Sanguinary Guard sprue as well as the new Blood Angels Tactical Marines sprue. I gave the Meltagunners the Legion meltaguns as well as the shoulderpad with the Chalice. I'll be painting the Chalice with a flame at the top to show their preference for melta and fire.

I could not believe that 3 five man squads of these guys in a free drop pod only cost 135 points per squad! That's 2 marines with meltaguns and the sarge with an Inferno pistol or two.

I quickly painted up a dual Inferno pistol wielding sarge first to get an idea of how he would look with some color.
I gave the headgear some gold-ish looking effects to represent the golden flame. The cross patterned ropes on the armor are painted white to represent their mission of self sacrifice rather than the Black Rage.
Each Assault Squad sarge from the Cult Helios also sports the double winged shoulder pad to represent their dual armaments of fiery death. I may replace one Inferno pistol with a Plasma pistol as the BAs have a cool winged plasma pistol.
I got this Inferno pistol bit from the Sanguinary Guard box. The wrist mounted version looks much cooler!
The backpack is from the new BA tactical marines box set. Again the motif of the wings to represent the Marine's armaments.

It was real fun painting him up and as its also a new miniature, not painted over like my other minis, I could do more detail work.
Also did up some base layers on my Deathwing Terminators! They look a bit like cookie dough at this stage haha! That's all I did for the weekend.

Have a great first week of 2015 everyone! Keep gaming and hobbying :))