Saturday, July 30, 2011


I found another Wood Elves Classic mini! Its a Spellsinger model and also a bit caked in paint. Primed it white and painted over it in my usual fashion haha!

This mini brought back fond memories battling my friend Rowen's Wood Elves many years ago. Their magic was strong then and I kept being bombarded by spells no matter what terrain i hid in. I remember losing an entire Empire Spearmen unit to Fury of the Forest and Master of Stone :P

I still have some touching up to do to smooth out the lines and areas between the folds of her robe.

She's generally done, but more improvements can be made. Still struggling with the base size as she will be mounted on the same base as the Unicorn.

Here's a pic of Caathwen and Starburst the Unicorn, together at last...

I just stacked their bases to see how they look together. I think they like each other lol ;)

And...the JCI audit at my hospital is finally over!! Woohoo! I heard we passed as well which is awesome :))

Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So its been a rather tiring week on the work front. Managed to paint up my old unicorn today.
Did not go for the nail polish remover technique as planned. Went back to spraying primer over the previous paintjob lol!

So here he is. My Wood Elves army Unicorn!

Its still quite a treat to paint. I started with a basecoat of Astronomican Grey and added Skull White with each successive layer. For the mane and tail, i started with some vomit brown. I added a bit more Bleached Bone to Vomit Brown with each layer.

I keep seeing posts on the interwebs that the unicorn base is supposed to be the 50x50mm one cos the model is US 3 when a rider accompanies it. I'll switch to the bigger base later, with a character standing beside the noble steed.

Going to look into my bitz box to see who i can come up with hehe!

Tomorrow's Thursday! Almost to the weekend, and real lookin' forward :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tending the Garden

This week's hobbying is only slightly better than last week. For painting, i only got this lonely Dryad half painted. She does not look happy at all. Hopefully once the audit for the hospital i work at is over, i can pick up the pace...well...after next week.

I did get my 2 boxes of Finecast Treekin in yesterday. Was really happy to be seeing them as they are the last piece of my Wood Elf army :)

Click the pic for a more detail look.

The process of putting them together was quite a breeze once you knew which part went where. Also there were not any (that i have noticed) molding faults with them. And i got 3/4 of a Treekin for FREE! He's the guy all the way on the right in the pic above. I did a bit of conversion work to make him whole hehe!

The Unicorn is one of the most popular icons of Fantasy. I found this one from long ago after doing some packing in my room. I got it secondhand from Perth about 7 years ago. It was already painted and i believe this was the steed of Morgana le Fay of the olde WH Brettonians army.

Anyways i'm going to finally try the nail polish remover method of stripping paint on the unicorn. Also if anyone knows if this the correct base size for the Unicorn?

And....its already Sunday evening...Time sure flies haha!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I found this really old miniature among my collection one evening. It was the Liriel Silverlocks miniature from Reaper Miniatures!

The mini was quite caked with paint by the previous painter. For some reason it was mostly blue and red. I sprayed white primer over the model and just put paint on. Some of the finer details were obscured and I had to guess where some details ended and others began ;) The face does look a bit drawn on hehe!

What i really liked about the mini is the banjo or mandolin she carries. I thought it made a good counts as Rhymer's Harp from the Wood Elves magic item list. This means I might be able to use her as my Lvl 4 Spellweaver!

Its gonna be the mid-week tomorrow, and thusly three more days to the weekend :))

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call of the Wild

I've been a bit busy at work and getting used to the routine again. Did not help that i came back right in the middle of accreditation for the hospital haha! Not much painting done at all last week, but did get to do some hobbying in the form of modelling and putting stuff together.

The above art piece is named The Call of the Wild :p I answered the fruit phone when it rang and it was the Wood Elves! About time i started to put together my WH Fantasy army...

I put together and primed 24 Wood Elf Dryads.

These ladies of the forest will be part of my main Core Units. Possibly 3 groups of 15.

And i finally assembled the Treeman miniature bought many years ago.

The metal bits were a bit fiddly in some areas and a lot of pinning had to be applied. So glad its finally done! I don't find the sculpt particularly inspiring, but its a propa Treeman so..

Wood Elf Noble
I found a Reaper miniature from my time in Brisbane and had plans to convert him to a Wood Elf Scout Noble. I could only do the conversion when i got home to Singapore as my WE bitz are here.

I really like the pose of the mini and did some modifications to his weapons. Gave him two swords to represent the Wildfire Blades.

He'll also have the option to take the Hail of Doom Arrow. I used his setup to good effect during one of my games in Brissie. He worked well in tandem with the Waywatchers.

Well thats all from me. Hope to get some painting done real soon!

Take care all! And have fun ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The weekend has been a restful one, and i managed to paint up my last (at least for now) Xeno Jedi.

This here be Xarquil, a Stingwing from the gas giant of Vespid. The miniature is the Vespid Stingwing Strain Leader. I did not give him an activated Lightsaber, but rather an unactivated one attached to his waist.

I think he is a really fun model to paint. I went for a sea green color as i have other characters who sport green cloaks. I initially intended to paint him up in green like a grasshopper :)

Xarquil will be my counts as Vet Sister Superior Seraphim. The other Vespids in the box will be used to represent the Seraphim Sisters in-game.

A clearer view of his Lightsaber at the waist. After some deliberation, i think i'm just going to call the power weapons Lightswords instead haha!

Back view. Still some fine detail work and basing to be done, but he's mostly finished. And ready to take to the skies!

"Xarquil's path with the Jedi Ancient crossed during his foray in the Damocles Gulf wars. His discovery of his own Force powers saw him take out an entire squad of Imperial Guardsmen who had earlier took down his Strain Leader. He retrieved the communion helm of his predecessor and proceeded to provide covering fire for his retreating Tau allies." -by Mr Fluffy

Blast from the Past: Imperial Assassin

This is a miniature i converted using lots of various bits and models. I based him of a metal Dark Eldar Wych. He was supposed to be my multi-purpose Assassin. I converted this guy when the Witch Hunters Codex came out and is based on the famous Predator movies.

I only painted the body and armor, and he stayed in that condition for many years. I just finished adding some touches to the head trophies, so he looks more 'complete'. I have not completed the fluff for him yet. But generally, it surrounds a disillusioned citizen of the Imperium who chances upon an alien suit of tremendous power...

I primarily wanted to use him as either a Callidus or an Eversor Assassin. Callidus as he can make himself invisible and infiltrate like the Predator in the movie. And Eversor because he is a close combat beast who self destructs if killed.

I guess i could use him as a Vindicare as well, but its a stretch. And as for the Culexus, the only thing close is the weapon on his shoulder which could be treated as an animus speculum :P

I had a restful weekend and am slightly apprehensive at the coming work week. Am contemplating trying my hand at other types of jobs, maybe still in the social service sector.

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kroot Jedi: T'Kree

Its the end of my first week back at work. Somehow i managed to paint another mini! Hooray!

This mini is the Kroot Jedi T'Kree.

"T'Kree hails from the aboreal world of Pech. Like most Kroot, his Kindred swore allegiance to the Tau. T'Kree is an accomplished hunter, although he shuns the company of his fellows. However, he is oft seen in the company of Kroot hounds, who respond supernaturally to his every nuance and command. It was not until he met the Jedi Ancient that a revelation of his powers from the Force caused him to choose a different, and higher path..." by Mr Fluffy
Left-side view. T'kree still wields the hunter's blade in his left hand. A weapon whose use he has trained all his life, to deadly effect.

Right-side view. He wields a yellowish energised Light Saber.

Back view. He wears the hunter's cloak which keeps him protected from the elements and reminds him of his homeland. He also carries a modified compact firearm.

Land Raider Crusader WIP

Also managed to assemble and prime the main portions of the LRC for my Black Templars. Finally managed to use the BT icon doors after all this time! I bought the BT upgrade kit 4 or more years ago haha :)

The weekend is finally upon us again!

Have a fruitful, fun filled weekend everyone :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Black Cross

Inspiration has shifted my path to the Black Templars once again. These zealous and devoted servants of the Emperor have received new and much needed reinforcements. In other words, i received my orders from Wayland Games. A Land Raider Crusader and a box of Assault Terminators enabled me to add on to my existing and rather used Terminators.

I did not have much time for painting, and only did one Termi with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.

Hammer time!

Clobberin' time!

3+ Invulnerable save time!

Saturday Night Fever time!

Assault Terminators WIP

Here is a unit of Assault Terminators assembled and primed. The unit consists of 5 TH/SS Termis and 2 with Lightning Claws. They'll probably get the Furious Charge vet skill.

The Rest of the Brethren in WIP mode..

Also assembled and repaired enough to make 2 squads of Terminators. Each squad also boasts 2 of their brethren armed with the new and improved Cyclone Missile Launchers. I'll be giving them the Tank Hunters veteran skill.

Some More Xenos Jedi

The model on the left was used as it is to represent a SoB Sister Superior Seraphim. He is from the Tau Vespid box set. I've just added small unactivated Light Saber to his waist. The model on the right is assembled using the Kroot plastic mini. I added an activated Light Saber to his hand.

Back view. The Kroot Jedi has a bit more conversion. I added a plastic Fantasy Wood Elf Glade Guard cloak to his back. I also snipped the arrows off and added the handle from the Kroot Rifle.

I'll name the Vespid Jedi Xarquil and the Kroot Jedi T'kree :P

That's it for today folks! Have a great week ahead all!