Sunday, May 22, 2011

LOTR: Wood Elf Banner Bearer

This be my first time painting a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) miniature. The mini belongs to Silas. He's another nice dude I met GW. He's also from Singapore and but is now living in sunny Brissie :)

I must say the LOTR minis are smaller than the usual WH 40K and Fantasy ones. But still interesting to paint with nice details.

Side view. Did some basing and still waiting for the sand to dry.

Back view. Last highlights to be added after paint is dry.

If I was to collect a LOTR army, it would definitely be the Riders of Rohan. I am still very much enthralled by the inspiring charge of the Rohirrim at the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Also Theoden's battle speech just before the mass cavalry charge really stokes the fires of battle :)

"Arise! Arise! Rid­ers of Théo­den!
Spears shall be shak­en, shields shall be splin­tered!
A sword-​day! A red day, ere the sun ris­es!
Ride now, ride now, ride! Ride for ru­in and the world's end­ing!
Death! Death!
Forth Eor­lin­gas!"

And on that note, I'm glad all of us are still around and the world has not ended hahaha!

May we all have many more weekends of joy and laughter to come ;)



  1. Speaking of riders of rohan, that time PS GW close, heard from the staffs that they destroyed whole armies of riders of rohan... stomping and crushing them with their feet. Its painted very nicely also.

    What a waste... donate to charity or sell on ebay then donate to $$$ to charity better.

  2. Yeah manz, its such a loss to crush models. Maybe they were doing a Mumak scenario lolz!

    I got to know from the guys who game at Aussie GW that when GW moved their shop down the street, they gave away some nicely painted models to their customers. I think that was really cool thing to do :)