Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blood Bowl: Wood Elves Team WIP

I've been getting back into painting and have started out with Blood Bowl as one of the first things to do up. Blood Bowl is pretty new to me as in I've never actually played it. So getting a team ready in case I get a chance to play a beginner's game seemed like a good idea. Above is a Thrower I painted a few weeks back as a test model.
My Wood Elves Team is from Greebo Miniatures which I got quite a few years back. Above are my Lineswomen. I kept to the green and yellows of the traditional Wood Elves theme.
Some Wardancers. I did not attach the ribbon extension bits as they looked abit flimsy.
Above is my Catcher. Haven't thought of a name of background yet for the team. But it'll be another fun process working out the team's fluff.
I think I'm finally going to do some basing on these miniatures. Some simple gravel and flock to make it look like a football field.

I'll be painting up the Treewoman next, as well as the Human Team from the new Blood Bowl box set. I have chosen the blue and yellow colors of the Bright Crusaders for my Human Team.

Hope to update again.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Malifaux WIP: Monk of High River

I got some time on me hands again and decided to do a quick paint up of a Monk of High River. He's from the Ten Thunders faction. And also my practice piece before I paint the rest of the crew :)
I decided to got for the classic browns and orangey look on the cover art of the box. I gave the mini a brighter orange look though. The brown was already a darker color and I wanted something abit brighter.
I basecoated the cloak in Rhinox Hide. Then added Troll Slayer Orange to the Doombull Brown (50:50). Then I layered on the previous mix again, but adding more Troll Slayer Orange with each layer. I then highlighted with pure Troll Slayer Orange. And then added Yriel Yellow to the mix as a final highlight. I think I washed the final product with a mix of Rhinox Hide with Troll Slayer Orange into the recesses.
For the body armor, it was mainly done using black and grey highlights in an attempt at metal/silver NMM. The inner clothing was done using Rhinox Hide as a base as well. Then Skrag Brown was mixed into it for the highlights. Final highlights saw addition of some Flayed One Flesh to the mix.
I added some greenstuff and spare plastic bits to the base to simulate rocks. Wanted to give the look of him skipping over rocks on water. 
I painted the water part of the base blue and then when it dried, poured in Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics. I bought the Realistic Water like 4 years ago, and it still works!

Look forward to painting the rest of the crew, especially Shen Long. I'll probably save him for last.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Malifaux WIP: Izamu, The Armor

The last month has been one of transition and change. Am currently in a new workplace, and still gettin' used to the job haha! Anyways, here's to hoping it works out,

I managed to get the new Resurrectionist Arsenal Deck for Malifaux 2nd Edition (or M2E). Decided to paint up another model that I bought from a friend last year.
I went with black, gold and reds. The accents for the ghostly effect of the armor was done using turquoise.
I practiced some Gold NMM effects on Izamu's armor. Still need lots of practice lol!
I used Vallejo paints this time round instead of Citadel paints. I think Vallejo paints are comparable, if not better in some of the colors used. The Vallejo colors used for the NMM basecoat is Heavy Brown. Followed by Heavy Goldbrown. Then highlights were done using white mixed with Heavy Goldbrown. I also used Sepia to darken the recesses of the armor for some contrast.
I based him quite simply, using just sand and glue. I'll be looking to add more stuff on the base. And more highlights on the model itself.
Izamu will be my go to model to bring my list up to 50ss. He also really fits in with my Kirai crew.

I'm planning on getting a box of Gaki models as well for more crew options. Looking forward to painting them up when they arrive.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Malifaux: Spirits of Vengeance

Its been an eventful but also restful weekend. I've finally painted up all 4 of the Seishins that I own. Its been a long time coming.
These are painted in similar colors to the two previous Seishins of different sculpts. I like both sculpts but find this pair more dragon-like.
This pose looks like a Valentine's Day pic. They look like they are in love :P

And finally, a group picture!
Kirai and her crew! Together at last with all their make up on :)

The above miniatures are from the original Kirai Spirits of Vengeance box set. I bought a couple more Seishins back then cost I really like the sculpt. Also because when I opened the starter box after I got home, I found the only Seishin missing from the box! Now I'm just overcompensating haha!

Its great to note the new plastic Kirai box set comes with TWO Seishins! That's just super!

I still have a Shikome which I assembled but sadly did not have time to put paint on during this weekend. Maybe the next one then.

Have a great week ahead all!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Malifaux WIP: Lost Love

Its the weekend again and after some work stuff, I was able to paint up another of Kirai's crew. This time it is the Lost Love- who represents the tragic love story of Kirai.
I like this model more than the newer plastic one. I feel this one conveys longing and pain more than the plastic counterpart which looks kinda heroic in its pose. I undercoated the model in black before giving it a basecoat of Fenrisian Grey. This was followed by a coat of Ulthuan Grey. Then a final layer of Ceramite White. Applied some glue and basing, but still waiting for it to dry.
I then washed the model in Nihilakh Oxide twice. Then neatened the model with a mix of Nihilakh Oxide mixed with some Ceramite White. /I then applied some Biel-Tan Green wash into the recesses of the model. For the eyes, I used Drakenhof Nightshade. I decided to keep the eyes dark for creepier effect.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Day, Another Seishin

The weekend draws near. With lesser hours at work, I was able to paint up another Seishin. This is the same sculpt from the one I painted a couple of days back. But I decided to try the body of the Seishin in a slightly different color.
I'm actually liking this shade of greenish turquoise more. Its closer to Kirai's robe colors. For the green, I mixed 50:50 of Sotek Green and Warpstome Glow. Followed by highlight of Warpstone Glow mixed with Temple Guard Blue. The final highlights done using the previous mix, but just adding white.
The head of the Seishin is painted in the same manner as the last one. I used a basecoat of Doombull Brown and then a coat of Khorne Red. I added Troll Slayer Orange to the Khorne Red for layering. And for the highlights, a layer of pure Troll Slayer Orange, and then I mixed it with some Yriel Yellow.
I think this greenish turquoise color looks more like sea water than the previous one I painted. Maybe that;s why I like it more.
Double Dragons!
Above is the rest of the crew which includes my 2 remaining Seishin of different sculpt, a Lost Love and Shikome in the back. I find the Shikome model a bit disturbing and comical at the same time lol!

Hope to get more painted soon ;)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy New Year!

Its been a long while since I posted. My gaming group has been bitten by the MTG bug, and I with it. Been spending way too much on them cards lol! But the experience of  playing the card game after all these years really brings back fond memories.

Anyways, I'm trying to get back into painting, and decided to finish up my Malifaux crew. My wallet has activated its salvation protocols and a brief switch back to painting miniatures may work, or I may end up buying more of both haha!

 Here's a Seishin I painted today as part of Kirai's crew. I've had this model for ages. I've got 3 more to go.
I like the oriental dragon gaces and the spirit like water swirly thing the sculpt has going on.
Back view of the Seishin. I'm trying to paint them up in Kirai's original color scheme of orange and turquoise.
This one's a bit blurry, but I'm posting it anyways cos I'm too lazy to take another pic lol!

Hope to have more stuff painted again soon for the blog. I've assembled a Shikome (finally). Those wings are fiddly. And look forward to recalling how to play this game again.

Meanwhile, I will look to recharging my mana and casting some spells ;)

Have a great week ahead all!