Saturday, January 30, 2010

Warwalkers of Iyanden

War Walkers!

The call to war abroad has seen the inclusion of more support for Craftworld Iyanden. The Council has deemed a unit of warwalkers be presented to the Strike Force.

Seen above is Guardian Gesene, of the Warwalker Squadron. The Warwalker is being readied for transport, and as such its weapon mounts are not in place. The tactical display also stowed as the squadron prepares for departure. The guardian knows he is unlikely to see his Craftworld again, but is resolute in advancing the purposes of Iyanden.

The Warwalker can be fitted with a variety of weaponary ranging from the Shurican Cannon to the Brightlance. A salvo of firepower unleashed by a full squadron is a sight to behold and to fear.

The graceful Warwalkers also have the ability to scout, and can arrive at opportune moments on the vulnerable flanks of the enemy where needed. The choice weapon employed by Gesene's squadron are the Scatterlasers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Warp Spiders

Right, here is yet another installment of the warrior elites of Craftworld Iyanden.

Seen below is a Warpspider warrior, carrying his rather hefty looking webspinner.

The miniature is made of metal, and he has had a few cosmetic touch ups since his last battle. I do hate it when metal miniatures take a scrape, the paint does flake off so...

Next up is the Warpspider Exarch.

The Exarch shown here is armed with powerblades and twin webspinners. Can you guess where his arms are?

And this final pic is a group shot of the Warpspiders.

I have a total of 10 Warpspiders in my army. Pictured here are just...five, including the Exarch. The rest may have been claimed by the warp. And its all because of those cursed warp generators. Very flashy, but highly unreliable at times. Warpspiders are however, really great for light infantry or vehicle hunting.

"Hero" Glasses

I got meself a new pair of glasses yesterday. Its meant as a backup in case i damage my current pair. The chances of damaging my current glasses are quite minimal (famous last words eh?) I am however quite taken with the new pair of glasses as you will see in a bit.

Below is yours truly in my current glasses.

I had my innocent civilian face on to show how i do not stand out from the crowd.

The next shot is me in my new black framed glasses which i though looked very much like the type of masks that superheroes wear. Like Nightwing or The Green Hornet, hahaha!!

As you can see, i do look a trite more 'heroic' in the new 'black masque kinda glasses'. It may of course have been all the result of an overactive imagination. But does look grand for that brief moment at the shop, heheh!

The author of this blog again in full crime fighting gear, and the heroic stare that can only be the result of that pair of amazing glasses.

Okie doke, i think thats all the narcissism i have for the day. I believe i have suitably embarrassed myself, safe in the knowledge that this will probably be unread. LOL!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Howling Banshees

More warriors of Craftworld Iyanden.

This time the Ladies of Death!

Below is a pic of the Exarch of the Howling Banshees Aspect.

The Exarch is armed with an Executioner, which is a power weapon that adds to the strength of her attacks.

Next up, the Howling Banshee warriors!

These ladies are armed with shuriken pistols and power swords. Like their Exarch, the inner color of their armor and body sashes are painted in the vibrant yellow and muted blues of their Craftworld.

And once again, a group shot of these amazingly fast and agile warriors.

The Banshees often travel in a Wave Serpent to deliver them to the heart of the enemy. They will often be accompanied by a Farseer with the psychic power Doom. The ladies are still a work in progress, their bases still not done and some highlighting to do. Another seven to be painted up :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Wraithlords of Iyanden


Below is the first Wraithlord that i have painted. This is the older metal miniature of the Wraithlord.

He is painted with yellow as the predominant scheme covering the warithbone armor parts of the construct.

Seen below is the second Wraithlord i painted which is similar to the first one. I have painted the armor parts of the construct blue to contrast the first Wraithlord.

I kinda like the first Wraithlord better, but this one actually is closer to the 'true' colour scheme of Craftworld Iyanden.

The last picture below is of my last Wraithlord. This one's different as it is based on the newer version of Wraithlords by GW. It is also made entirely of plastic, which is great when carrying around.

This Wraithlord is equipped with a Wraithsword, which actually allows the construct to re-roll misses in combat. The blade was taken from a Gundam model. All still works in (slow) progress ;)

I really really enjoyed painting the Wraithlords, especially seeing the yellow colors just burst into life once the final coat of Golden Yellow paint was applied. A vital and majestic addition to my Iyanden Eldar army.