Friday, April 29, 2011


I pried myself away from Dynasty Warriors 2 on PSP. Its quite addictive though the game is old haha!

Managed to paint up a Flesh Tearers Rhino today. It was faster to do compared to my other vehicles as its mostly black and the small areas of red were great to paint as the paint did not pool..much.

Front view. This Rhino will be ferrying the 10 Assault Marines without Jump-packs.

Side view. Storm bolter is the only armament for the transport.

Other side view. I glued the smoke launchers to the sides. They look a bit like vestigial wings ;)

Back view.

The ramp at the rear opens. I also did not glue the top hatch.

Top down view.

Red is done with a basecoat of Mechrite Red and Chaos Black (70/30 mix). Then a layer of Scab Red. Then 2 layers of Red Gore.

The headlights were done using Shadow Grey as a basecoat and then adding Skull White for each successive layer. Highlights not finished as yet, but those seen done using Codex Grey.

Well its Friday again and i think its another long weekend!
Have a good one all :)


  1. Wow your flesh tearers army hitting 1750 fully painted?

  2. I still got an Assault Squad (non-jump pack) to paint. So everythang i got here is 1500pts.

    I intend to add some Sternguard. I'll probably convert from normal Tacticals. But compared to my other FT marines, they will be only squad with some BA sprue bling to denote their veteran status ;)

    But i'll probably be lazy and just chuck a squad of my existing Sanguinary Guard to make up the points bring 1500 to 1750 hehe!

  3. Add stern guards more or less will hit 1750 right?

    long time no see the golden 6 pack and nipples guys.

    Oh yes I was browsing facebook and saw this posted by wayland games.

    WaylandGames Sean, Necrons are the next 40k release and so many of the old versions are in short supply or unavailable. Should be new items listed very soon :)

  4. Yup should be able to hit 1750 by then :) I'm can added a counts as Mephiston, much easier lol! Only one model to paint.

    Cool manz! Looking forward to the new Necron models! Woohoo :))