Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celistophel, Elf Ranger

I got this really unique looking elf from Heresy Miniatures. He looks really haughty and aloof. As an elf should be hehe! I'll be using him as a unit Champion in my unit of Glade Guard. He really looks serious about archery.

He's got a really strong side profile too. And his long elf ears are really prominent!
I really like the details on the model. Full of small pouches and gems. The red ribbon I painted could be a prize from an archery competition.
He's one of the few male elf miniatures I've seen with really long hair. Maybe it serves as a counter weight when he's firing the bow lol! Also like the little ribbons and leaves to tie up his long golden locks.

It's been a rough beginning to the week for me. Lots of work and deadlines for discharges. Hope the week has been better for everyone else ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wood Elves: Female Elf Hero

I found this really good looking miniature from Reaper in my collection. I bought this one during my time in Brisbane. The model has a lot of wood elf imagery on it. The wolf pelt and the falcon on her arm really brings home the feral feel to it.
I'm not too sure yet what character I'll be using her to represent. Maybe a unit Champion or even a Mage.Am also hearing the Wood Elves will be getting a new book next year! Can't wait!
I really enjoyed painting her. I've also got 2 more models I bought from Heresy Miniatures which will get the wood elf treatment soon :)

Till next time everyone. Cheers!

Wood Elves WIP: Standard Bearer

More Wood Elf models being painted this weekend! Work has been pretty busy again. Looking forward to the next holiday. I did get the new Wood Elves banner painted. This will be a generic banner for my archers.
I used the new GW greens, namely Warplock Glow and Sybarite Green. I find Wood Elves need bright striking colors balanced with warm tones to look good.
As usual, I still gots highlights to do and the bow to paint up. Am planning to use this to represent Aech-Banner of Springtide. Allows me to Stand and Shoot even if the enemy is less than half my bow range :)

Have a restful and fun weekend everyone!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Eat Yer Greens!

I recently managed to get in a game of fantasy with the guys. It was fun playing the Wood Elves again. I've been neglecting them for a while and the trees and archers look a bit dusty.
I did some experimenting again with the colors and found a quick way to paint them Dryads. I essentially just layer the colors on small areas on the model. This way I'm letting the basecoat show and I don't have to 'fully' paint every inch of the model.
So the highlighted parts are the only areas I paint up. It was helpful in batch painting.
This one had more details like the green skirt and bluish runes.
I managed to get the base colors and highlights on all 24 Dryads :)) Now its onto the details like leaves, eyes, runes and a couple of sprites.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sword Brethren WIP

The Space Marines have received a new Codex! And with it, some Black Templar updates as well! I have celebrated this occasion by painting up an old metal Sword Brethren mini :)
The mini above was given to me by a really nice guy John from Brisbane. The marine is mostly completed except for some highlighting. The sword is from the Dark Angels Ravenwing sprue.
I'm just glad there is still use for the Sword Brethren models. I kinda like the idea he acts like a Sgt for the Crusader Squad.
With the combi melta, I can actually get 2 meltas in the squad. Three if I include a Multi melta as well :)

Hope everyone has had a good day of rest today. Have a great week ahead all!

Riptide WIP

It feels like such a long time since I've touched a paint brush lol! Work and personal life again have been a hammer and anvil. I think I only managed one tabletop game all these months...Thought I'd post a work in progress Riptide up :)
I'm still going with the Turquoise colors. Keepin' it simple with only 2 major colors. Its been far easier to paint and the uniform color helps bring the presence of the model together.
I used Asurmen Blue as a wash to give depth to the model. I applied the wash by running the wash with a fine brush through the grooves and lines of the model.
I did a wet-brush of the model. Added a drop or two of water into the mix to make the brushing over of the model easier. I found t could cover more surface area with every brush stroke.
Back view. Still work in progress. I painted the interior of the legs black only after the outer turquoise armor was mostly done.
A closer look at the head of the Riptide. It's the only part I've fully completed haha!

I've not been too motivated to paint up the Tau as they are now quite impressive on the tabletop. I usually play armies which are from the older codices haha! I did went on to paint some Black Templars, but the new Space Marines were announced to be released. I think the Space Marines are quite balanced and may turn my attentions to the Templars again ;)

Sometimes there are so many things going on that I find it difficult to focus. But i think courage is needed in just trying to concentrate on one thing at a time. I find myself in fear at times of missing out on other things if I focus on just one thing first. In the end, I worry about all things, without managing to complete even one task lol!

Above was more for work and life struggles rather than miniature painting. But it could be applied as well, sorta.

I leave you with the inspiring words of Helen Keller:

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." - Helen Keller