Monday, August 17, 2015

Dark Angels WIP: Ravenwing Biker

Its a brand new week again and I decided to try my hand again at painting a Ravenwing Biker. Did a quick paint up this morning of a test model for my Ravenwing bike squad.
I went with the classic black colors signature of the Ravenwing. This was followed by a highlight of grey on the raised areas of the bike. It was quite fast to complete.
I used Vallejo's Model Colors for the bike highlights. I outlined the bike with Dark Grey and then hit the most prominent edges with Neutral Grey.
I still have some highlights to do and some symbols to paint up. But this will generally be how the Ravenwing section of my Dark Angels movie would be looking.
A view from the top. I've started to give some freehand detailing on the screen of the bike as well.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dark Elf WIP: Kharibdyss

This model belongs to my friend Jaeroler for his Dark Elf army. I finished this model about 4 to 5 months back. But never got to pass it to him. I was going to finish the base with my glue gun to simulate some water effects, but the glue gun broke down.

Anyways, I hope to finally pass it to him by this month lol!
But before that, I might just do some touch up on the model. It's quite an unusual monstrous creature in that it had no eyes or face per se. Mainly gaping maws and lots of teeth. The model is resin and it took a bit to get him even assembled.
I went with mostly turquoise and purple for its colors using Citadel paints. The turquoise part is a base of Stegadon Scale Green. Then it was a mix of Stegadon Scale Green mix with Temple Guard Blue.

The gradual highlight was done with layering on the initial mix with increasing amount of Temple Guard Blue. Then it was a Temple Guard Blue mix with white on the highest parts of the model.
The accent color on the monster is purple hues using a base of Naggaroth Night. Then I layered on Xerses Purple and then a highlight of Genestealer Purple. The final highlight was of Genestealer Purple with white.
I have not played the new Age of Sigmar yet. But hope to get some games in with my Wood Elves :)

Take care, and have a great rest of the week everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dark Angels WIP: Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought

I've been under the weather a lot lately, and the streak has not been stopping. I'm thinking I need more exercise. But hobbying has not stopped much as I paint up one of the few metal miniatures I have in my collection.

The Venerable Dreadnought is finally seeing paint after almost 10 years! And I've painted him in the colors of the Deathwing for my Dark Angels army in celebration of the new Codex.
The large amount of bone white on the armor was a bit of a challenge. I still have some highlighting and lining to do in the recesses. But he is table top ready :) The green was done using Citadel paints. First was a basecoat of Caliban Green. Then I mixed Caliban Green (50:50) with Warpstone Glow. The pure Warpstone Glow. Then a highlight of Warpstone Glow with Moot Green. The most extreme highlight was dine with Moot Green mixed with a bit of white.
I used the Vallejo Non Metallic Metal box set to paint the NMM gold. The color used for the base is Heavy Brown. Then I mixed 50:50 mix of Heavy Brown with Heavy Goldbrown as the 2nd layer. The 3rd layer is a layer of pure Heavy Goldbrown. I then added white to Heavy Goldbrown (50:50) mix. This was followed by a 30:70 mix of Heavy Goldbrown with white. The final highlight was pure white dot at in the highest raised areas.
I painted the interior mechanical parts of the dreadnought with Chainmail and gave it a liberal wash of Nuln Oil when it was dry.
Decided to paint the assault cannon with some red accents in the colors of the Deathwing to give it a bit of contrast.
For the back of the Dreadnought, I went for a blue accent at the centre of its back chassis to represent its power core glowing a white blue.

I'll be moving on the paint the rest of the Deathwing terminators now. Look forward to getting back to them after a short break.

Have a super week ahead everyone!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dark Angels WIP

Its the month of August and I'm focusing this month on my Dark Angels army. Not much green armor in this force as it will be mainly Deathwing and Ravenwing Formations. I've been quite under the weather for a while with Nurgle's Blessings. Now back in the saddle to assemble and to paint :)
I finally got my Deathwing all basecoated in the bone white armor they are so very famous for. I started with painting the helmets/face of the models first. This has been a point of origin for me when I start to detail the model as the face provides inspiration for the rest of the model.
I mixed in and converted some of the Terminators from the Dark Vengeance box set. I'm slowly replacing my metal Terminator minis.
Basecoat work all done on the Deathwing Knights as well. They will be quite a treat to paint. I had to include a unit of them as they are now also part of the Deathwing.

Despite my love of the newer plastic miniatures, there are some metal classics that I have difficulty letting go of.
And this metal Venerable Dreadnought is one of them. I really like the detailed gothic patterns on his armor. Here he is primed black.
Did a first layer of Baneblade Brown and also painted the metallic areas with Chainmail and then washed with Badab Black. I'm using up some of the older paints and washes as they are all expiring lol! And quite fitting for a old mini.
Base color of bone white armor also up to speed with the Terminators. Man, this mini is quite heavy lol!
Still got a ways to go. But I am putting finishing touches on the head/helm, and then work will start proper on the main body.
Tried to do some NMM gold on some of the areas of the Venerable Dreadnought. I used the NMM Box Set of paints from Vallejo. It comes with a step by step instruction. I rate the box set 8/10. Its got really good colors and I'm glad I got it. The instructions were clear. But I felt advice on more gradual blending of the colors would have made the NMM transition between the layers much better.

And the army would really not be complete without the Ravenwing!
Mainly because I can't really field a CAD pure Deathwing list anymore due to the Reserve restrictions on the Deathwing Redemption Force.
So I'm taking 2 Ravenwing Attack Squadrons. One Squadron consists of the 6 Bikers while the other consists of 3 Attack Bikes.
And a Land Speeder Typhoon for each of the Ravenwing Squadrons to top it off.

I leave you with a metal miniature which I have had for more than 9 years.
I have been fielding him as my counts as Belial in my Deathwing army. I painted him many years ago and he brings back a lot of good memories and tough battles.
I did a conversion for the top of his Terminator armor to symbolise his vigilance and unending mission both night and day. He actually represents the previous Grand Master of the Deathwing, Gabriel aka Broken Knife.

And this is my army list for the Deathwing/ Ravenwing:

The Hunt (1850pts)
Dark Angels: Codex (2015) (Formation Detachment)

Deathwing Redemption Force

Storm Bolter and Sword of Silence

Deathwing Command Squad
Cyclone Missile Launcher, Deathwing Apothecary, Deathwing Company Banner, Deathwing Sergeant, 5x Deathwing Terminators, 2x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Deathwing Knights

4x Deathwing Knights, Knight Master

Deathwing Terminator Squad
Cyclone Missile Launcher, 5x Deathwing Terminators (incl. Sergeant), 2x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Deathwing Terminator Squad
Cyclone Missile Launcher, 5x Deathwing Terminators (incl. Sergeant), 2x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Venerable Dreadnought Squadron
Venerable Dreadnought
Assault Cannon
Drop Pod
Storm Bolter
Power Fist
Storm Bolter

Ravenwing Attack Squadron
Ravenwing Bike Squad
2x Plasmagun, 5x Ravenwing Biker
Ravenwing Sergeant

Ravenwing Land Speeder
Heavy Bolter, Typhoon Missile Launcher

Ravenwing Attack Squadron

Ravenwing Attack Bike Squad

Ravenwing Attack Bike

Ravenwing Attack Bike

Ravenwing Attack Bike
Heavy Bolter

Ravenwing Land Speeder
Heavy Bolter, Typhoon Missile Launcher

The Ravenwing allows me to place something on the table on Turn 1 so I don't auto lose haha! The force has nice fast moving elements for Maelstrom objective taking. And a nice hammer in the form of the Deathwing.

Have a very happy August everyone! I would also like to wish everyone good health.

For the Lion!