Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Map and Minis

I'm currently off work and surprisingly have done little during this time. Got quite a bit of other commitments and lots of distractions haha!

I got to painting just a tile from the WH Fantasy Mighty Empires set.

This be a test map tile. I had to take some time to distinguish some of the patterns on the tile. I'm ok with how it turned out. Still got some more to paint up. I kept staring at the tile after it was painted and it really draws you in as you imagine how the terrain actually looks like when zoomed in. It was a strange moment :)

WIP: Death Company Chaplain

I found this Chaplain from my bitz box. I gave him a quick repaint. He'll be leading the Death Company Marines from my Flesh Tearers.

I did not affix the backpack as this allows me to switch over the the jump pack. May even use him to represent Lemartes.

Flying Stands
More distraction follows as I replace the broken plastic stands for my skimmer flying bases.

I got the above pack of steel flower sticks (i think) from Daiso. It was quite affordable at $2 a pack. There is a rubber sleeve covering the length of each steel stick.

I cut the required length using a pair of plier cutters. I then used a pen knife to cut off the ends of the rod to expose the metal interior.

I then superglued it to the base. I had to use a hand drill to widen the hole at the base a little.

The rod fits nicely into the Landspeeder above. And it will not break off as easily as the plastic stand.

So here's how it looks. I made all the stands a standard height using the GW plastic rod as a benchmark.

WIP: Flesh Tearers Units

I was distracted yet again as i hopped onto another project. Above is the Flesh Tearer Honor Guard WIP. I gave then 3 Meltaguns and a Flamer. An old metal Apothecary i found in the bitz box will be the Sanguinary Novitiate.

Above is the Sternguard Marines of the Flesh Tearers. 2 armed with combi-meltas and 2 with meltaguns. The Vet Sgt is an old miniature as well from the past :)

Many more distractions plague me this 2 weeks as i struggle to paint the map tiles LOL!

Also been listening to D&D Podcasts as well as other 40K podcasts like The 11th Company and my favorite Life After the Cover Save (LaTCS).

I guess the many projects represent my feelings of anxiety as i will be embarking on a new journey and experience next Monday ;)

All the best for the week everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Malifaux: Ikiryo

I was feeling sorta motivated today and decided to try out the ethereal scheme mentioned in White Dwarf 385. The article on pg 100 details how to paint the ethereal section of the Mortis Engine.

I decided to use Ikiryo as an experimental model for the ethereal scheme ;)

I must say the step by step method for the ethereal scheme in the WD was quite helpful, and with some more practice should achieve the desired effects.

I also gave the base some greenstuff work to represent the bamboo flooring.

Also added a half eaten corpse at the base to give the model more character.

I like this model as it has an air of menace to it from the pose. This also happens to be Kira's alternate form, kinda like her soul if what i read in the fluff is correct. Basically i think Kira grabbed a new robe, put on a mask and gave herself a new explosive hairdo ;P

That's all from me today. Here's wishing one and all a great weekend ahead.

Malifaux: Datsue-ba

aka Mdm "I-need-a-dentist"

I watched my friends play a game of Malifaux the other day and learned some of the rules. Seems to be quite a fun game :)

This is probably my least favorite models in the Spirit of Vengeance boxset. The sculpt is suitably creepy, but this one has got just a bit too much hair and grease for my taste heheh!

Couple this with the actual translation of a Datsue-ba which is something like "old woman who strips clothes" and i was like yikes! Good thing I read through the description and in her mythology, she forces souls who want to cross the Sanzu River to take off their clothes. Apparently the clothes weight on the branches is a measure of the soul's guilt or sins.

Back view. She looks like a harmless old lady...i checked out her stat card for Malifaux and she costs one of the most points in the box set. 7 Soulstones to be exact. She must have collected a lot of souls at the river.

I also added some bamboo flooring made of green stuff, and embellished the base with some skull bits from Warhammer Fantasy.

Well, i'm glad she's done. Did not really enjoy painting the model too much, but it was finished pretty fast.

Friday has arrived :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thunder and Lightning!

And no, i'm not referring to my left and right biceps :P

I came across an article on White Dwarf 387 (pg 56 to be exact) depicting Chaos Wolves! I did do a search on the net and found them to be Christian Byrne's Blood Wolves. He has amazing conversion work and his army was really well painted. Absolutely beautiful!

I have been wondering what to do with my remaining minis from the Chaos Space Marines range and a whole lot of Space Wolf bits. I was inspired to do my version of the Blood Wolves and in the process try to create an army that could utilize both Codexs, Space Wolves and Chaos Space Marines. Not together but with models to field lists from the respective codex.

I wrote up a basic CSM list. And like Christian based them on Khorne :)

Svane Vulfbad
Below is my version of Svane Vulfbad the renegade Wolf Lord. I gave him red armor to represent the blood in the Blood Wolves lol!

My continuation of the fluff involves Vulfbad not dying but being spirited away by Khorne or whatever mysterious higher power. This happens just as the lightning bolt hits when Harald Deathwolf was about to strike the deathblow to Vulfbad!

I paid homage to the original paint scheme by Christian in retaining the verdigris encrusted bronze metal of the armor through the chains and shoulder pad areas.

I also gave Vulfbad the lightning motif to represent that significant event.

This shoulder pad retains the verdigris bronze of the original Blood Wolves scheme.

I had also chipped Vulfbad's axe to show the missing piece as a result of the lightning strike. The missing piece now no doubt forming part of Icetooth's formidable jaws :)

Back view. I added some skulls dangling from chains to make him more Chaos-sy. Also this adds to show his allegiance to Khorne the Lord of Skulls.

More WIP Blood Wolves
I also added some Space Wolf heads, sometimes arms and heads to Vuldbad's Great Company.

Keldon's Kinslayers

These are his personal bodyguard and if he were still with the Space Wolves chapter, this would be the Wolf Guard. In the CSM Codex, they will be the Terminator Champions.

Valthuk's Reapers

Above are the normal Chaos Terminators.

Odenfang's Daggers

They will represent Chaos Chosen Space Marines. I'll probably give them the 4 Meltaguns and a Rhino setup.

Emissaries of Blood

I decided to add a unit of 'pure' Khorne Bezerkers to represent Khorne sending Vulfbad his warriors to show the Blood Wolves how to kill, maim and burn haha! And in the process draw the Blood Wolves deeper into Khorne's bloody ways.

Baelor's Crimson Claws

If i'm using the Space Wolves codex these will be Blood Claws. But in the CSM Codex, they will be used as Khorne Bezerkers.

Halfdane's Razers

Same for Halfdane's gang, they too will be Bezerkers in my CSM list. They will all be mounted in a Rhino to help them along the way to chop things up.

Tactical Marines

Some standard tactical marines for usage in both codexes.

Other Stuff
I still have some unassembled Chaos Possessed. I'll probably be using them in CSM as Summoned Lesser Demons or as Possessed. In the Space Wolves codex, maybe they could be represented as having the Mark of the Wulfen ;)

Thanks lots also to my friend who provided me with some spare Space Wolves heads :))

I hope everyone has had a good week so far. Onward to the weekend then!

Monday, March 5, 2012

WIP: Drop Pod and Ironclad Dread

I did some hobbying during the weekend and finally assembled the Drop Pod bought almost a year ago. Also assembled an Ironclad Dread.

I'm thinking of gluing some of the doors of the Drop Pod shut as they can't seem to close. May need to do some filing and cleaning up of the joints. Its a nice piece and I really like the design.

The Ironclad Dread was fun to assemble as well, but I did come away with the feeling that the arms are really chunky, especially the seismic hammer one.


Also did some work on a High Elf banner for a friend. Not much space on the banner so had to squeeze the phoenix in lol!

Back view of the banner.

Painting Flames
I did some experimentation with the flames and found the method i liked best was to start with a Blazing Orange basecoat. I then added 70:30 mix of Blazing Orange and Golden Yellow and layered it on. This was followed by 30:70 mix of Blazing Orange and Golden Yellow. Then this was followed by Golden Yellow as highlight toward the tips. I then added Skull White to Golden Yellow (80:20) as final highlight right at the top.

Here's wishing all a great week ahead! May your days be fruitful and full of joy :)