Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vlad von Carstein

I was re-looking at my stash of Warhammer Fantasy stuff and came across the Vampire Counts character miniatures of Vlad and Isabella.

Also discovered i still have a force of Undead buried under my boxes. The inventory taking saw me digging up the following:-

Vlad and Isabella

55 Zombies

20 Dire Wolves

20 Ghouls

4 Fell Bats

1 Varghulf

And some skeletons in a box.

Added to this is a recent purchase of the new monstrous Terrorgheist :)
This has also motivated me to paint up my first von Carstein.

So here he is, my version of The Aristocracy of the Night's most infamous Lord Vlad.

Front view. This is the older, more classic miniature of Vlad. I painted him in reds and blues, my color choices subconsciously influenced by Ravenloft's vampire lord- Strahd von Zarovich.

Wanted to go with purples initially, but was afraid he would turn out too much like The Count from Sesame Street lol!

Side view. Vlad shows off the legendary Carstein Ring.

Vlad posing menancingly with his sword Blooddrinker.

Back view. He's got a nice mane of long black hair hehe!

Still gots some highlights to do, but he's mostly done. Finished him today at 1:30 am. Will be moving on the paint up Isabella next ;)

Have a good weekend all!

And sleep tight ;P

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Glade Guard

After reviewing my Wood Elves list, i decided to make it more shooty. I'll be adding more Glade Guard to boost the amount of arrows in the sky :)

Already ran out of the old Glade Guard models so i had to use the ones from the new range. There's a lot more detail on the new Glade Guard model.

I still quite like the color scheme of the old Glade Guards. Plus most of my original Glade Guards were painted in the same yellow-brown and green scheme. I tried to bring it over to the new ones as well.

The cloaks are really cool! and the pose is really dynamic!

The first of many. He's my test model. I kinda like how he turned out. Well 20 more to go haha!
I currently have 50 archers including the old single posed minis. Hope to complete painting the army by mid next year by my current rate of painting ;))

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Hive Mind Stirs...

I've done some packing to my miniature collection and came across my really old Tyranids..again. They looked accusingly at me for putting them in stasis. I did an inventory of my Tyranids and made an attempt to see if i could scrounge up enought points to bring them to 1750 pointage that my gaming group is playing at.

A quick check yielded the following bug count:

1 Hive Tyrant armed with Venom Cannon and Scything Talons

2 Tyrant Guard

5 Tyranid Warriors (1 with Venom Cannon & 4 with Deathspitters) All with a set o' Scything Talons

2 Zoanthropes

2 Biovores

1 Lictor

1 Carnifex (with 2 sets of Scything Talons)

19 Genestealers

30 'Gaunts

40 'Gants

I also wanted to try if i could squeeze in all the different 'Nid minis into a 1750 list. I wanted some variety in-game.

Have come up with the following list:

Ye Olde Tyranids- The Forgotten (by me heheh!)

1 Hive Tyrant 220pts
Hive Commander, Heavy Venom Cannon, 1 set o' Scything Talons

2 Tyrant Guard 130pts
Lash whips upgrade

2 Zoanthropes 120pts

1 Lictor xxpts

30 Gants 150pts

10 Gants 50pts (these are from old starter set. I forgot the name)

27 Gaunts 162pts

9 Genestealers with Broodlord 218pts
Broodlord has Acid Blood, Implant attack and a set o' Scything Talons

10 Genestealers 140pts (old plastic blue ones)

5 Tyranid Warriors 185pts
1 Venom Cannon and 4 Deathspitters, all with a set o' Scything Talons

Heavy Support
Carnifex 220pts
Bio Plasma, 2 sets o' Scything Talons, in a Mycetic Spore (Mycetic Spore bought from Taka toy fair)

2 Biovores 90pts (I look forward to painting the Spore Mines)

So that is actually 1750pts on the money :) Not too sure how this will work out in game, but i think its gonna be fun to play!

Its got all the different models in there and i don't really have to buy any new models. Well ..maybe a Broodlord, but i could just use the one from Space Hulk.

That felt good! Another complete (for now) army back into the fold lol!

Woohoo! Double posts in a day! Its been a while ;)

Comments welcome on strategies for the list.

Lady with Blades

I'm currently on medical leave because of an ingrown toenail incident. The 3 injections needed to numb my toe did not work too well. I felt a goodly part of the pain. Its not something i want to experience again. But the doctor was really professional and tried his best to end the procedure fast and clean :)

So i have some time and decided to paint up the last Viktoria. Hope the owner likes it ;)

Front view. She's done in the red and gold again as requested. Putting her together was a bit of a hassle, and painting her was fun but a tad challenging due to the small strap like clothing she has on.

Side view of the twin swords.

Other side view.

Back view. Just some more highlights are cleaning up the lines, but she's mainly done.

Sisters in Arms

The Viktorias: Bounty Hunter & Sword Mistress!

And i shall finish the post with a quote:

"In thee my soul shall own combined the sister and the friend."
by Catherine Killigrew

Take care all! For the weekend is just around the corner :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lady in Red

Howdy all! No updates in a bit with the same old reason. Lots of work, too tired to paint. But the fires of hobbying still burn strong apparently :)

Painted up one of the Viktorias from Malifaux for gaming buddy Jaeroler. She was quite fun to paint and i kept in mind the fluff that Jaeroler wrote as well as his request for a red and gold scheme.

I tried to stay true to the original scheme as well as adding bits of gold to the mini. I though the black contrasted well with the gold on a backdrop of her red coat.

Other profile view of Viktoria with the silverish hair.

View of the sword.

Rear view.


I finally painted the basic white for all the Terminator helmets. Next step will either be the eye lenses or the chest plates. Good thang BTs are majority in black armor.

I added a Sgt with a bionic face plate to break up the monotony of white helmets.

The Termi Sgt from Black Reach will be this Squad's Sgt.

em4 Troopers
My order of Troopers for my Ultraman Army came in from em4 Miniatures. They have excellent minis with good detail and very reasonable prices!

I got 10 packs of 5 for a total of 50 men. They represent the Science Patrol soldiers of the Ultraman movies. In game, they will be my counts as Pink Horrors hehehe! Will also field 2 GD as Ultraman. Likely one Tzeentch and one Khorne :P

Thats all for the week folks! I wish u all a good October ;)