Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP: BT Masters of the Chapter

" Rawr!!! For the Emperor!! Purge the Heretic! Abhor the Witch!!"

I managed to do a bit of work on the"Masters of the Chapter". I sprayed them all with the black primer and they were then well on their way to becoming Black Templars :) I tried to give the expression of the frothing madman look in the above pic, hehehe!

I usually paint the faces first as the expression can sometimes inspire the rest of the model. Pictured above is Obermas the Master of the Fleet with a plasma pistol and wielding the Thunder Hammer Isael which is the badge of his office. The marine on the right is Brucal, the Master of Recruits. He is armed with a Storm Bolter and the Power Sword Glorious.
Next up, we've got on the left Yabon the Master of the Watch with his Storm Shield and the Power Axe Ansvar. On the right, we have Turin,the Master of the Arsenal with his Power Sword Morglay.
Here they are together in all their WIP glory. I hope to have some time to work on them during the weekend.

Have a great week ahead everyone! Press on and be not discouraged :)

And Happy All Hallow's Eve!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Black Templars WIP: Masters & Termis

Its coming to the end of another month. I've had 2 games in with my Black Templars in 6th edition. They have been doing quite ok in games. The higher amount of Tactical Dreadnought Armor has helped in many ways :)

I've added  the Templar Cross to the Sword Brethren Termis who do not have the plastic BT shoulder pads from the upgrade pack.
They form a nice conga line hehe! Forward! Kill the Heretic!!
I also tried out different patterns of the Templar Cross with black and white backgrounds. Also added a bit of red for the first Termi. Not sure I like it though, may change it back to black.

Masters of the Chapter
I recently came across a picture showing the Masters of the Chapter and was inspired to create a BT version. I have some old miniatures and most are from failed start up Chapters I tried to start in the past.
Its interesting to note that most of the BT Termis and Tacticals were once from Blood Angel, Salamanders, Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Celestial Lions.

So here's me version of the Masters of the Chapter :)

I found these 2 classic miniatures in the box. The one on the left will represent the Master of Recruits, while the one on the right will be the Master of the Fleet. As you can tell they were once part of a Salamanders army hehe!

The ones above are made from more recent bitzs. The one on the right will be the Master of the Watch, while the other is the Master of the Arsenal.

I'll be adding more BT iconography on them before the actual black primer and paintjob.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far :)

Take care and game on!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP: Templar Marshal

I have been using my Black Templars again of late. And they have performed quite well on the field of battle which was a bit of a surprise. My current BT list consists of a mix of units that used to be from other chapters. Now they are all Black Templars :)

I decided to paint up my Marshal as he can be easily confused with my Emperor's Champion Esymond in game.

I got most of the base colors on and finished some parts. But still got lots of highlighting to do.

Well here he is...Marshal Hadrian of the Twin Swords Crusade!

I'm using the Captain model from the Assault on Black Reach set. Its a really cool figure with lots of detail.

I've equipped with with the Power Sword and a Storm Shield. I've thought up a really nice back story to his sword and character. He wields the blade Dyrnwyn, named after a famous sword. I painted the sword as true to its inspiration as possible. Dyrnwyn also meaning 'White Hilt'.

I also added a flame motif to the blade to represent the inner fires of the sword, a sign of it judging the worth of its wielder.

Back view of the cloak. I opted to go for a bone off white color to represent its age.

Here's a closer and hopefully brighter pic of Marshal Hadrian's Storm Shield. I enjoyed painting the different colors to the usual black, grey and white of the Templars. Reds are a really good accent color!

Well, thats all for now. Its another day at work tomorrow. Work has been real brutal of late. That and I think I'm either gettin' older or more workshy LOL!

Have a great rest of the week everyone. And deepest apologies to all my friends who I have not really called on or spoken to for a while.